I was going to cover the Hall of Fame ceremony but I think it would be disrespectful to cover this abridged version and not the whole thing. So if/when I cover this it will have to wait for the DVD to come out.




Triple H’s music hits and he comes out to his typical entrance. I think HHH missed where the hard camera was, he spit water with his back turned to it. Haha. He gets a decent ovation from this crowd but then we get a “you tapped out” chant. He says it’s the most tired and beat up he’s been in his life. He talks about last night and how he felt when Taker’s gong hit, how he was nervous as hell. HHH brings up even wrestling him before at Mania but how it was nothing like last night. He said he beat on Taker harder than any other person in his life and he just kept coming. He mentions how they both left everything in that match last night and how for him it wasn’t good enough and how he is struggling with it. He then says that what he saw stretchered was a man who will fight to keep that streak alive. HHH says people say Taker wont be back but he’s not buying it. Somber Triple H then says thank you to the Undertaker for giving him the fight of his life. HHH says Taker will be back but if he comes back he will be waiting. Triple H makes his way back to the stage and poses one last time.


Good promo for Triple H I thought, putting over his match and Taker, ok and himself as well.


JR says Cole is going to challenge The King to another match. So good to hear his voice back on RAW. After the break JR asks Lawler about his match and of course that brings out Michael Cole in his orange wrestling singlet. He says Team Cole was victorious and fought against the odds. Cole says the world was talking about him and how he stole the show and how he is 1-0, undefeated at WrestleMani, how he is now Mr. WrestleMania! Lawler gets on the mic and tells him to shut up while Cole poses his… muscles? Ha Lawler said a stupid computer beat him last night not Cole and how he was tapping out like a little girl. Lawler then calls Cole a worthless jackass. Cole wants a rematch tonight, Lawler agrees to it and wants it right now. Cole stops and says he wasn’t talking about a rematch with him but with Jack Swagger.


Jerry “The King” Lawler vs. Jack Swagger w/Michael Cole

-collar and elbow into the corner leads to Swagger punches on Lawler.

-Lawler fights out and corners Swagger with punches.

-Swagger with shoulder blocks to Lawler in the corner but Lawler fight out again.

-“Jerry” chant

-scoop slam by Swagger who misses the leg drop.

-stiff clothesline by Swagger

-Swagger misses the Swagger bomb in the corner.

-series of punches by Lawler and a dropkick.

-Lawler goes for the fist drop but Cole distracts and Lawler chases him into the ring and starts beating on him.

-Swagger locks in the ankle lock and Lawler taps.

Winner: Jack Swagger

Swagger wont break the hold after the match and the ref reverses the decision.

Winner: Jerry Lawler by DQ

Michael Cole is pissed and pours BBQ sauce on JR! Jr then chases Cole to the back while he keeps pouring BBQ sauce on him.


WrestleMania 28 in Miami commercial.


Great, now Michael Cole is back on fucking commentary after the break in his glass box and Booker T and Josh are at the commentary table.


Randy Orton & Rey Mysterio vs. CM Punk & Cody Rhodes

-Rey comes out in all white looking like El Santo.

-Orton and Cody start it off with a collar and elbow in the corner which Cody gets the best of.

-irish whip which sends with an Orton Thesz Press.

-tag to Rey who fights off Cody and goes for the protective mask but Cody rolls to the outside for the commercial break.

-back from break and its Orton and Cody back in the ring with Orton hitting a knee.

-tag to Rey but Cody makes the tag to Punk.

-forearms by Punk and a tag before hitting the double elbow.

-Rey makes the tag to Orton but Cody corners Orton.

-Orton fights back and whips Cody into the corner and hits a clothesline.

-Orton tries to go after Punk but Punk hits goes to the arena floor.

-Punk tries to take advantage but Orton kicks him off which sets up Cody taking out the knee then tagging Punk back in.

-Punk lands several kicks to the leg of Orton then gets him up for the G2S but Orton slides out and tries for the RKO but Punk fights off and takes out the injured leg and we’re out to another break.

-back from another break and Punk and Orton are throwing fists until Orton hit a belly to back.

-hot tag to Rey who lands the seated senton on Punk then a springboard moonsault for a 2 count.

-Punk launches Rey into the turnbuckle where Cody landed punches. Orton then runs over and sweeps Cody off the ropes.

-Rey goes for the 619 on Punk but Cody is in and hits the flash kick for a Punk 2 count.

-tag to Cody who’s putting the boots to Rey in the corner.

-stiff irish whip into the corner by Cody and a tag to Punk.

-Punk locks in the rest hold arm lock which Rey fights out of and hits the Hurricanranna in the corner.

-Hot tag to Orton and Cody.

-rolling powerslam by Orton

-horizontal rope DDT on Cody

-Angle slam on Cody for the pin but Punk stops the count.

-619 to Cody into the RKO…1…2…THREE!

Winners: Orton & Mysterio


Good match that got a lot of time, crowd was definitely into it.


Stone Cold does the walk in the back when he runs into Triple H. He congratulates Triple H on a good match last night before he keeps walking.


Stone Cold Steve Austin’s music hits and he makes his way down to the ring, crowd is going nuts again. Austin’s got a better t-shirt now than the crappy SCSA shit he got when he came back. He gives us an “oh hell yeah” and shills Tough Enough after RAW tonight. He then brings out the TE cast to the ring, oh shit is that M-DOGG20? A lot of people in this cast, male and female. Austin goes on to talk about the trainers and the show and how he gets to pick one of them to be a WWE Superstar or Diva. He lets these kids introduce themselves, my money is on the kid from Cali. The crowd chants “Stun them all” when all of a sudden we get the WWE Champion The Miz and Alex Riley. Michael Cole is losing his shit, asking “I wonder if he saw me” haha! Fucking Cole! Miz comes out and says when he was on Tough Enough people kept telling him to go back to the Real World but after last night no one will tell him where to go ever again! Miz then shows footage of last night when his head hit the concrete giving him a concussion. He said he went on to finish the match. He tells the TE contestants they will never get to do what he did. Miz then comes into the ring and tells the kid from California “move buckwheat”! haha Miz then eye fucks all these kids and tells them this is as close as they will get to a WWE Championship. Miz then turns to Austin and asks him if he wants to hold his championship. Miz then asks Austin if he has one more run and asks him if he is tough enough. The crowd then chants “one more match”. Miz brings up what they are saying and asks Austin if they should clear the ring and have one more match. Austin asks for the ring to be cleared!


Riley then jumped Austin and lands a flurry of punches in the corner while Miz watches from the ramp. Austin turns it and stomps a mudhole in the ass of Riley. Riley goes for the eyes then bounces Austin off the ropes but Austin hits the Thesz Press before landing a stiff elbow to Riley. STUNNER! Riley rolls to the outside and Austin asks for beer. Austin is now passing out beer to the TE kids. Austin leans out and cheers the TE kids while his music hits and Austin celebrates on the corner with beer and middle fingers.


Austin goes over to Cole’s glass box and he pours beer all over Cole who was begging him not to do it.


Maybe a little long of a segment but good none the less and it pushed Tough Enough.


Ricardo Rodriguez is out to intro Alberto Del Rio who walks out from the stage, no expensive car tonight.


Alberto Del Rio w/Brodus Clay vs. Evan Bourne

-Bourne gets no TV intro.

-ADR goes right for the leg of Bourne and corners him choking him with his boot. Very aggressive ADR tonight.

-spin kick by Evan but its cut short with a big boot from ADR.

-Evan sent to the outside and sent into the barricade.

-modified chin lock by ADR but Evan fight out.

-roll up by Evan for a 2.

-stiff knee to ADR for another 2 count.

-Evan to the top for the shooting star press but ADR with the flash kick to the top!!

-arm breaker for the tap out!

Winner: Alberto Del Rio

Vicki Guerrero interrupts Michael Cole and says LayCool lost the match last night and Ziggler had nothing to do it. Ziggler says Morrison got his WrestleMania moment or should he be congratulating Snooki.


Dolph Ziggler &Vicki Guerrero vs. Trish Stratus & John Morrison

-Ziggler and Morrison start it off with Dolph landing punches to a downed Morrison.

-Morrison corners Ziggler for a series of his own punches.

-Ziggler tags in Vicki.

-Vicki tries a cartwheel and fails badly, she gets rolled up for a two.

-Vicki with the clothesline but Trish does the matrix and Vicki gets rolled up again.

-series of chops by Trish but Vicki pulls Trish’s hair behind the refs back.

-Vicki fails at the leg drop and Trish makes the tag.

-missed flash kick by Morrison.

-over head belly to back suplex by Ziggler for a pin attempt that Trish breaks.

-Trish slaps Ziggler which sets up the flash kick on Ziggler.

-Starship Pain is hit! 1..2…THREE!

Winners: Stratus & Morrison


After the match Vicki throws a fit at ringside while Trish and Morrison celebrate.


United States Champion Sheamus vs. Daniel Bryan

-Sheamus is wearing red white and blue now. Haha

-Sheamus corners Bryan, then hits a stiff clothesline.

-irish whip into the corner by Sheamus.

-Sheamus pounds on the chest of Bryan then hits the high knee on the ring apron.

-chin lock by Sheamus while the crowd chants “Daniel Bryan”.

-Bryan fights out but Sheamus hits the spinning back breaker for a 2 count.

-stiff kicks by Bryan to the chest of Sheamus, then a series of sit down clotheslines.

-running knee by Bryan for a 2 count.

-Bryan goes for the LaBell lock but Sheamus fight out of it and it’s the back breaker and the bro kick for the 3 count.

Winner: Sheamus

After the match Sheamus continues to beat on Bryan and Sin Cara comes out to the stage then runs to the ring! He jumps over the top rope (but almost fucks up) Sheamus charges but Cara jumps off the ropes and hits the hurricanranna! Cara hits the dropkick which sends Sheamus to the outside. Cara off the top rope with a HIGH cross body onto Sheamus on the floor! Sin Cara then heads up the stage and poses for the crowd as Sheamus looks on shocked and pissed.


Please stop burying Daniel Bryan! Maybe they will move him to Smackdown so at least he can be dope there. Good debut for Sin Cara even though I would have preferred a match.


John Cena comes out to what sounds like more boos than anything. Fucking funny to watch the dudes in the crowd give Cena the finger while they focus on the chicks cheering for him. Bitch has a Cena-Girl license plate, wow. Cena brings up Rock putting on his Twitter that he is coming to whoop some candy ass. Cena said it would have sucked donkeys if the Rock didn’t come out and restart the match. Cena then congratulates the Miz for walking in and out of Mania as the champion. Cena says we’ve all earned Miz’s respect. We get a “Rocky” chant. Cena says he hasn’t earned Rock’s respect and he doesn’t like Cena very much. Cena says he was suppose to be the host of WrestleMania but then got into Cena’s business which they have to settle right now… Cena stands and waits until Rock music hits and the Rock b-lines for the ring eye fucking Cena. Rock poses on the ring posts while Cena watches on.


They finally go eye to eye and circle each other. Cena has a shit grin while the crowd chants for the Rock and then start chanting “fruity pebbles” haha! Rock ask Cena what he thought was going to happen because payback was coming. Rock said he talked trash on Cena because that’s what he does. Rock then says Cena is wrong about respect that the Rock respect him and knows what he has done and knows everything he’s done. He says he knows Cena breathes the WWE and that because of that drive he’s become one of the greats. Crowd isn’t liking this kiss ass. But the Rock admits he just doesn’t like Cena. Rock points out how opposite they are but they are similar because both will do things the absolute best. Rock says he shops at department stores while Cena shops at baby gap. Cena comes back with “fashion advice from the tooth fairy”. Cena says the time for the talk is over and for Rock to listen to the people. Cena says people are standing because they want a match and not just a match, John Cena vs. The Rock. Cena says its obvious this is what they need to do so is he going to talk about it or bring it. Cena takes off his shirt while Rock stares at him. Rock then says Cena has no idea what he just asked for and how the Rock will bring it. The Rock says they do this at WrestleMania 28!!! Wow they are planting seeds NOW! DOPE!!!! Cena looks around as the crowd doesn’t like this shit cause they aint seeing it tonight. Rock extends his hand while Cena looks around then shakes it and they both do the stare down!


The Corre surround the ring now and they jump Rock and Cena! Rock fights back as does Cena. Cena hits the YCSM fist on Slater and the Rock hits the spinbuster on Wade then hits the peoples elbow! Both stare down before Cena hits the AA on Slater for Cena’s music to hit… the Rock Bottom on Wade! Both guys are trying to outdo the other. Rock extends the hand again which Cena shakes and he bounces while Rock’s music hits!





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