WrestleMania 27 Rundown – Part 1


Part 1

Mascara De Fuego: Welcome everyone to FightHayabusa.com’s WrestleMania 27 Rundown!
Great Puma: That’s right brother! I’m ready to dazzle and entertain like Team Chericho on Dancing with the Stars! Don’t forget to vote 800-868-3409!!! Oh wait…
Mascara De Fuego: Good work getting that in sir, definitely not watching but I did vote! Did I mention to you Puma that I saw Jericho over the weekend buying bow ties on Melrose? He sends his regards.
Great Puma: That’s awesome. I hope the guy gains a lot of new fans. Alrighty…
Mascara De Fuego: So Puma here we are for another WrestleMania Predictions & Opinions show! Where would you like to start, main event down or vise versa?
Great Puma: Main Event is last…
Mascara De Fuego: Alright so that means we start with the just announced,

The Corre vs. The Big Show, Kane, Santino and Vladimir Kozlov

Mascara De Fuego: This match was rumored to have Christian and Kofi but apparently they went with Kozlov and Santino. I think they finally realize that although Santino is comedy he is in fact MONEY! It’s not going to be the best match on the card but it might have a few highlights. I’m going with Kane, Show, Santino and Kozlov.
Great Puma: This reminds of when Ahmed Johnson teamed up with the Road Warriors to defeat the N.O.D. at ‘Mania 13. The faces always take this sort of giant tag team match up. Show, Kane, and Cobrazlov take this. After all, what’s a Wrestlemania without the COBRA!!!
Mascara De Fuego: Next we have…

Trish Stratus, John Morrison and Snooki from the Jersey Shore vs. Dolph Ziggler with Vicki Guerrero and LayCool

Great Puma: It’s Lawrence Taylor all over again. The WWE doesn’t bring in “celebrities” to job them. Trish, Morrison and Snooki take this in an entertaining match. I’ll be happy if Morrison and Trish get to pull their finishers off.
Mascara De Fuego: Yeah this isn’t going to get any awards but at least they they will get more mainstream media coverage on TMZ etc. It’s all set up for Snooki to his a Thesz Press on Vicki it seems.

Check back tomorrow for part two of our WrestleMania coverage!


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