WrestleMania 27 Rundown – Part 4


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Part 4

Mascara De Fuego: Ok so our next match is for the World Heavyweight Championship…

Edge with Christian vs. Royal Rumble Winner, Alberto Del Rio w/Brodus Clay

Great Puma: Why do I get that horrible feeling of a possible Christian heel turn? They wouldn’t cheapen this title match with a heel turn would they? I hope not. Alberto Del Rio needs to win this and become World Heavyweight Champion for the first time. He’s worked his ass off in developing his character ever since he stepped in a Smackdown ring. He’s a top 3 heel behind the Miz and Vicky Guerrero and his in-ring work has been impeccable.

Mascara De Fuego: I think after having Del Rio lose clean to Christian twice in a row, they really need to have him come over strong but I have a feeling its not going to be a heel turn but a miss queue that causes Edge to lose the title. Something like Christian will be on the ropes trying to get the refs attention because Alberto is doing something illegal. Edge goes to whip Alberto into the ropes, but he reverses, Edge and Christian butt heads and Alberto capitalizes with the arm breaker for the tap out. Christian and Edge will argue which will lead to a match at Summerslam… and yeah I just pulled this out of my ass just now. haha

Our next match, is for the streak…

The Undertaker vs. Triple H

Great Puma: Props to the WWE writing team and production team for making compelling video packages and promo segments that actually make you have some doubts about Undertaker improving to 19-0. They’ve done a great job of convincing the fans that HHH is going to finish the job that Shawn Michaels started two years ago. All that said, Undertaker takes this and continues the streak. The streak is now just as important as Wrestlemania itself and it should never be stopped.

Mascara De Fuego: Although I don’t think anyone REALLY thinks that the streak is ending they have done a good job in making it believe that it is a possibility. Production has done so much in so little time from the beginning with a segment that had no words to this week with Taker, HHH and HBK in the ring. Solid work on their end and its a damn shame they don’t treat more of the roster like this. I think the match will be better than anyone excepts.

And finally without question on if it should finish the show…

WWE Champion The Miz vs. John Cena

Great Puma: What I want to happen: Miz goes over. Cena turns heel and gets his ass beat by the Rock and the show ends with Rock giving Cena a People’s Elbow. What will probably happen: Cena goes over big and is attacked by the Miz and Alex Riley. The Rock HELPS Cena fight them off, but then Rock Bottoms Cena and gives him the People’s Elbow to send the crowd home happy. I hope that the Rock gets his receipt at Wrestlemania. It has to happen.

Mascara De Fuego: I hope Cena and Rock don’t end the show all huggy/kissy. I want to see Miz getting the win to retain and have Cena and Rock have a pull apart that lasts 10 minutes and finally ends with Rock hitting the People’s Elbow. After continuously thinking on how this match will end, this is the scenario that I think makes sense and plants the seeds for Rock vs. Cena down the road. I think Miz as champion benefits the company because he has that cross over appeal with a broader group of fans. Having Cena in that roll can alienate fans who won’t want to stay up late to see Cena on Fallon because they aren’t a fan of his. Miz although playing a heel can be very personable and is the best spokesman the company has.

Great Puma: From a business standpoint that makes the most sense. I don’t think this should be the Main Event since its ending is somewhat of a loose end. I’m thinking HHH vs. Undertaker should be main event since that match will end on a high note.

Mascara De Fuego: I went back and forth with this one but I think what makes this match the main event is the promise that The Rock is getting involved some how. As strange as it sounds the match I REALLY think needs to go last is Cole vs. Lawler! It’s had the best build of them all.

Great Puma: I respectfully disagree. I think Taker vs. HHH has the best build up. Manias always end on a high note…well except for 2000 and 17. Taker winning is as good of a high note as it gets.

Mascara De Fuego: As Ron Burgundy would say, “When in Rome.” Ok folks that brings us to the end of another WrestleMania rundown. Any final thoughts on this card gentleman Puma?

Great Puma: I think we covered it, sir de Fuego! All the Snooki hate needs to stop. She’s bringing in business and it’s not like the WWE is going to put the Divas title on her. Which reminds me, will the Divas Title be defended at ‘Mania? Outlook not so good.

Mascara De Fuego: Doesn’t look good for the Diva’s Title unless they do something out of the blue or a dark match. I think this card came together well and will be a solid show overall, I’m excited!

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