Smackdown Thoughts & Review [4. 1. 11]


Chicago, IL

IC Title Rematch
Wade Barrett and Kofi Kingston wrestle to a no contest

  • Kofi starts off hot but gets booted off a springboard attempt to the outside.
  • High Cross Body from the top by Kofi for two.
  • Kofi goes for Trouble in Paradise but Barrett boots the hell out of him in mid-flight.
  • Kofi actually hits Trouble in Paradise again but the Borre enter the ring.
  • Santino and Kozlov come in but get served.
  • Big Show and Kane come in the ring to play Giant and Big Red Captain Save-a-Ho’s.

~ It was what it was. They had to promote their Wrestlemania match. I’ve been looking forward to seeing the Borre getting plundered for weeks now. I’m also expecting to see a Wrestlemania Cobra sighting.

Cody Rhodes interview

  • Cody Rhodes is wearing a black towel over his head.
  • He says that Rey changed him from handsome to what he is now.
  • He’s a bitter man now.
  • Last week’s beating was only the beginning.
  • Rey is going to have to contend with his hard mask and his knee brace.

~ Greatness. I have just witnessed greatness. Cody is re-interpreting the Mankind character and evolving his own character to greater heights. If it’s allowed more than ten minutes, Rey vs. Cody is a sleeper for match of the night at Wrestlemania.

Tuff Enough commercial

Wrestlemania Axxess promo with Hornswaggle

Undertaker vs. HHH video package

~ This was excellent. The whole thing had a sepia tone with aged film effects. This won’t be ‘Taker vs. Shawn parts I or II, but I’m looking forward to it.

Randall Orton vs. CM Punk video package

~ I loved the “TWO YEARS EARLIER” title being flashed before the cut of Orton punting Punk’s skull. Thanks to CM Punk’s phenomenal mic work, this feud has just as much build up and intrigue as this Sunday’s main event matches.

Legion of Doom Hall of Fame Induction video package

~ So stoked for this. This might be one of the best Hall of Fame induction ceremonies ever.

Jerry Lawler comes out to the ring and cuts a promo on TOOL. Booker T and Josh said that Cole TOOL left before Lawler got there.

  • Lawler recaps what Cole has done to him.
  • There are consequences to pay when you say hurtful things.
  • TOOL needs to realize that he needed Swagger to do everything he’s done up to now.
  • Stone Cold will be taking care of Jack Swagger.
  • It’s going to just be himself and TOOL.

“I promise I’m going to shut your mouth.”

They showed the NYC Wrestlemania Press Conference where John Cena put every wrestling fan over the age of 11 to sleep. It’s true.

They showed the final confrontation between ‘Taker, HHH and HBK on Raw.

~ This is the grown man’s storyline of Wrestlemania. If each feud were a movie, The Cena, Miz and Rock triangle would have Michael Bay at the helm.

Undertaker vs. HHH would be directed by Martin Scorcese. The emotional interplay between ‘Taker, HHH and HBK was more powerful than any story of a poor man’s wrestler (Cena) being humbled by a greater talent (The Rock).

In this segment, HBK holds resentment towards HHH, while having regret and anger towards the Undertaker. HBK couldn’t choose a side here due to a wounded pride and hurt feelings. My inner film geek marked out here along with my inner wrestling mark. This segment was probably one of the most emotionally charged moments I have seen a long time. Bravo, WWE, bravo.

They showed Miz’s awesome interview on Conan.

~ The kid smashed it. Kudos to Miz. I sense a face turn in the future.

Sin Cara video promo.

They show Sin Cara doing his thing in a ring surrounded by Mayan pyramids.

~ Wow. I was expecting to see a baby black jaguar. Great stuff. I still say the Sin Cara logo looks like it belongs on a beer bottle.

Alberto Del Rio vs. Edge video package

~ It’s a shame ADR has lost a lot of steam since the WWE has decided to go full throttle on the other main events of Wrestlemania. I’m still looking forward to this match and I hope ADR remains in the main event scene and continues to be this relevant one year from now.

Cody Rhodes pins Chris Masters

  • CR comes out with black tights, black boots and a black towel over his head. Taz homage!?!
  • Chris Masters gets control early.
  • Beautiful Disaster kick by Cody.
  • Masters counters the Cross Rhodes and follows with a Samoan Drop. Nice.
  • Rhodes hits Masters with a Mask-Butt, Cross Rhodes and it’s over.

Rey comes in, shows his knee brace and misses a 619 as Cody rolls out of the ring.

They show Chris Jericho on DWTS highlights.

~ Jericho killed it last Monday and earned the top score. If he works hard, I think he can go far. Don’t forget to vote on Monday night!

VOTE FOR TEAM CHERICHO: 800-868-3409 / 800-VOTE4-09

They replay the Rock’s visit to last Monday’s Raw.

~ I loved Miz’s ‘O-Brothers’ line; the Rock is Over hyped and Cena is Over-rated. Awesome.

End of show

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