Sting on the WWE.


“I wouldn’t say it was utter nonsense, that’s not true! It’s a dream match that fans would want to see. It was close. I’m glad things turned out the way they did. There are so many variables. Let’s just say that I turned it down for the same reasons I always have. Something in me never trusted what would happen up there, based entirely on the track record with other WCW guys and everything that went on after Vince bought WCW. I wont be watching but I’ll be asking what happened between Undertaker and Triple H.”Sting on why he didn’t go to the WWE. (credit:

I find it funny that Sting was worried what the WWE would do to him considering what TNA has done for his career in the last couple of years… which is nothing when you aren’t being noticed in this second rate company. Yes, you are a main eventer in TNA and have held their World Title multiple times but don’t you think someone with so much history in wrestling would want to end his career on the biggest stage of them all?

Sting has a valid concern but he isn’t just any other former WCW talent.Yes, Ric Flair didn’t have a career like he did in WCW/NWA but look at the send off that man got at WrestleMania! It was like no other. Flair might have gone on to taint is WWE farewell but all in all it was a momentous event none the less that will live on.

Just think of where we would be right now, just days away from WrestleMania and the hype what would be going on right now to building Sting vs. Undertaker. Make no mistake that would be huge, even if the WWE found a way to fuck up the build word of mouth would have put that match over. Unfortunately its all for not, Sting is still with TNA and the WWE has built Taker’s streak match against Triple H.

I have to say, after these last couple of episodes of TNA IMPACT!, Sting has made a bad choice.


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One Response to “Sting on the WWE.”

  1. Ryan James Says:

    Kick him in the back of the head ‘Busa

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