NWA Hollywood Thoughts & Review [March 26, 2011]


Johnny Goodtime is in the ring with his RockNES partner, Johnny Yuma

  • He calls out Natural Selection but the Cutler Brothers run in and wreck shop.
  • The Cutlers hit their Six Second Abs double team, an inverted backstabber from the wheel barrow position, on Yuma.

Natual Selection come out. Brian Cage has a mic.

  • He says they come out to answer the challenge but RockNES is nowhere to be found.
  • Young Hollywood, Todd Chandler and Brandon Parker, come out.

Shaun Rickers grabs the mic.

  • He tells Young Hollywood that their ‘skinny asses’ are going get crushed. Okay then.

~ Great promo by Natural Selection. Rickers can rock the mic.

Young Hollywood defeats Natural Selection via pinfall

  • Rickers hits a DTP, a belly to back into an elevated uranage on Chandler.
  • Rickers dominates Chandler with some high impact offense.
  • Chandler pushes Rickers against the turnbuckles and gets a quick rollup for the WIN!

~ Natural Selection are sports entertainment worthy.

Chandler and Parker can definitely go and are two young up and coming talents from the Southern California wrestling scene.

I’ve said time and time again that NWA Hollywood needs to announce their matches for their upcoming tapings weeks in advance, and then build towards those matches in a linear and coherent manner.

Natural Selection and RockNES haven’t been seen together or cut promos on each other in weeks. All of a sudden, this episodes starts off with a tease that ends up with Natural Selection against a team that is barely known by wrestling fans outside of the Southern California wrestling scene.

Watching the NWA Hollywood midcard is a like watching early Rob Zombie films, tons of characters with no plot in sight.

Colt Cabana interview with Dave Marquez

  • Colt says it’s the biggest match of his career.
  • He’s not going to let his antics get to him.

~ It should be said that Colt Cabana is a top shelf performer on the mic. They could have given him an extra five minutes and it would be just as entertaining or more than the usual five minute midcard match. It’s not a diss on the NWA mid-tier roster, it’s just a testament to Colt’s ability on the mic to entertain.

The WWE gives extra time to folks like the Miz, John Cena and CM Punk because they’re compelling speakers and entertainers. Colt Cabana is the NWA’s CM Punk. NWA, let him be a major part of your show.

Rico Dynamite submits Disco Machine

  • Disco with a nice extended headscissors.
  • Disco with a victory roll for a close two.
  • Rico with a wheelbarrow slingshot gourdbuster. Nice.
  • Disco rolling powerslams Rico into the turnbuckles. PWG! PWG!
  • Rico locks on the Cloverleaf and it’s over.

~ Decent match. Some nice innovative offense from both men.

So Cal Crazy, Lucha Machine & Sindarin promo

  • So Cal Crazy challenges Ricky Mandel and two partners to a six man tag match.

~ Nice and short promo that got the point across.

This makes me miss those old ECW promos where wrestlers wouldn’t stare in the cameras and cut dramatic promos in the dark without some bright greenscreened background.

Power Ranger, Felix Ryan, interview

  • He talks about his Nickelodeon TV show and picks Colt to win the NWA title from Adam Pearce.

Slymm Promo

  • He keeps it gangsta.

Slymm pins Manimal

  • Manimal bites Slymm’s hand a few times George Steele-style.
  • Slymm hits a HUGE flying clothesline for the win.

~ I guess Slymm’s tag team aspirations are put on hiatus and he’s now a singles contender.

They do a tribute video for Sir Oliver Humperdink. RIP.

Percy Pringle III interview

  • Pringle says that the history of the NWA will always be in his blood.
  • He might put together a new Pringle Dynasty 2011.

Lumberjack Match
Willie Mack pins KAOS

  • Mack executes a Samoan Drop, into a kip up, then rocked a Standing Moonsault for a two count. I have never seen that combo before and I dig it!
  • Mack hits KAOS off the ring apron with a running KENTA kick.
  • Mack throws KAOS into the faces side of the Lumberjacks, then does a somersault senton to the outside! Dope!
  • Mack destroys KAOS with his Chocolate Thunderbomb (Relase Chokeslam) followed by a huge SPLASH from the top for the win!

~ Great showing by both men. I’ve been on the Willie Mack bandwagon for a while now but this match might have made me an official Willie Mack mark. Mack’s matches are always solid and he never fails to do something ‘new’ in every match.

Great ending to a decent show.

*past episodes can be seen on nwahollywood.com

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