Smackdown Thoughts & Review [3. 25. 11]


Columbus, OH

They show highlights from the Alberto Del Rio’s feuds with Edge and Christian.


  • Edge is whining to Teddy Long.
  • Long says that Edge and ADR cannot touch each other until Wrestlemania or they will be banned from the pay per view.
  • Long tells him that it’s in the best interest of the WWE, Edge and Alberto Del Rio.

Rey Mysterio and CM Punk battle to a no-contest

  • Awesome. These two are always gold together.
  • Rey comes out in an all khaki/camel-colored outfit. Weird. This isn’t my favorite colorway. He looks like he’s going to move somebody’s couch or refrigerator.
  • CM Punk is headscissored into the 619 position, turns around and boots Rey in the midsection, then follows up with a roll up, only for Rey to counter it with a roundhouse kick to Punk’s face for a two count. Nice.
  • Punk drops Rey’s head across the guard wall from the electric chair position.
  • Running high cross body from Punk for two.
  • Punk actually went off the top turnbuckle and was dropkicked in mid-air for his efforts.
  • Textbook Asai Moonsault by Rey to the outside.
  • Cody Rhodes comes out and headbutts Rey while he was laying across the ring apron.
  • Rhodes destroys Rey with a running knee with an exposed brace.

~ This is wrestling. These two went counter for counter and introduced new offensive moves into the match we haven’t seen from them in a while.

Like I always say, this match made me want more from these two.


Christian tries to talk Edge out of his match with Drew McIntyre.

Edge submits Drew McIntyre

  • Edge stomps a Canadian mudhole in Drew.
  • Edge gets Drew in an Edge-u-cator/Figure 4 Edge Lock and he taps!
  • Edge spears Drew in for good measure.

~ Not a Drew fan and this match is further proof that Drew needs to hone his skills in the low to mid card for a while.

They show a highlight video of former legends and current superstars commenting on the HHH vs. Undertaker storyline.

~ If the WWE just put a third of this effort into the video packages of other future storylines and feuds, the quality of and interest in their product would increase ten-fold.

LayCool defeated Rosa Mendez & Kelly Kelly

  • LayCool come out wearing house slippers and dressed like Snooki. Okay.
  • Layla hits her neckbreaker on Rosa for the win. I forgot to mention Layla was wrestling in socks.
  • LayCool cut a promo on Snooki, ‘Trash Stratus’ and John ‘Snorrison’.

~ Okay, WWE. I hope this improves your ‘Mania buyrate.

Wade Barrett w/ the Borre pins Kofi Kingston

  • Barrett with a HUGE boot that blasts Kofi off the apron! Brutal.
  • Barrett with a Bossman Slam for a close two.
  • Kofi with a High Cross Body off the top for a close two.
  • Slater tries to interfere but is Trouble in Paradised.
  • Kofi goes for TIP again but is caught on Barrett’s shoulders!
  • Barrett hits the Wasteland and it’s over.
  • The Borre do their Nexus thing and Gabriel hits his 450 on Kofi.
  • They lift Barrett on their shoulders as he poses with the US title.

~ Like I’ve mentioned many times before, I do not understand the WWE’s treatment of Kofi Kingston. That being said, Barrett looked very strong in this match.


  • Teddy Long tells ADR the same thing he told Edge.

Undertaker Promo

  • ‘Taker talks about their confrontation as being an armageddon of mega-sized proportions. Did Ultimate Warrior write this?
  • ‘Die Trying’ will be the epitaph on HHH’s tombstone.
  • He’s going to meet HHH face to face.
  • HHH’s number is chosen and that number is 19.

~ If there’s an icon left in the pro wrestling it’s the Undertaker. His pop and overall crowd reaction were pretty amazing.

This makes me wish Sting jumped ship to solidify his legacy.

Jack Swagger submits R-Truth

  • R-Truth slingshots himself onto Swagger outside.
  • Swagger. Ankle Lock. Over.

~ I like Swagger a lot. Tool, not so much. Tool’s involvement makes every Swagger match is hard to watch. Ugh.

Christian pins Alberto Del Rio

  • Christian with a HUGE high cross body from the top turnbuckle to ADR on the outside!
  • ADR with a seated senton off the top rope for two.
  • Christian with a Frankensteiner off the top rope for two!
  • Christian with a Tornado DDT off the second rope for two!
  • Christian and ADR counter out of each other’s finishers.
  • Enziguiri by ADR for two!
  • Cross Arm Breaker! Christian reaches the ropes.
  • Edge spears Brodus Clay on the outside and kills his back with a chair.
  • ADR is distracted. Kill Switch. Over.
  • Christian stops Edge from wacking ADR with a chair and opts to do it himself.

~ It looked like Christian was going to turn before he hit ADR with the chair.

They’re sort of making ADR look like a chickenshit heel that needs help to win but maybe that’s the WWE’s point. I’m thinking ADR gets his revenge next week.

Solid episode of Smackdown. As always every feud and storyline was further developed. I get more excited for Wrestlemania after Smackdown than I do after watching Raw.

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3 Responses to “Smackdown Thoughts & Review [3. 25. 11]”

  1. zank Says:

    just btw… what I like the most about the Punk/RKLameOrton Feud is the fact the always calls him Randall… makes me hate Orton even more

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