Smackdown Thoughts & Review [3. 18. 11]


Kansas City, MO

They introduce TOOL as the voice of the WWE. Voice my ass. Negative heat for real.

–If Jerry Lawler doesn’t piledrive his ass at Wrestlemania I will not get my money’s worth.

Edge pins Brodus Clay

  • Edge plays Rey Mysterio early and dodges all of Clay’s strikes.
  • Clay catches Edge and hits him with a fall-away slam.
  • Clay goes all Haku on Edge with tortuous wear down holds.
  • Nice sequence – Clay counters a tornado DDT, then clothesline’s him.
  • Edge with a flying Bulldog off the second rope.
  • Ricardo Rodriguez and Alberto Del Rio distract Edge from getting a spear.
  • Christian plays Captain-Save-a-Ho.
  • Clay misses a clothesline, Edge hits the spear. Done.

–Nice quick match that continues to push the Edge-ADR-Christian triangle storyline. Clay continues to get better by the week. I hope they put him on a winning streak to establish him as a legitimate big man.

Teddy Long comes out.

He makes ADR vs. Christian in a steel cage for later.

–Crap. Christian deserves a better blow off match than this. The steel cage stip is cool but I think Christian vs. ADR is PPV worthy.

Sheamus pins Kofi Kingston

  • I love me some champ vs. champ match ups.
  • Sick neckbreaker by Sheamus. Very Rick Rude.
  • Sheamus rolls through a high cross body off the top into a possible powerslam, but Kofi wiggles out.
  • Kofi with a Ranhei next to the ropes. Sheamus grabs the ropes near the three count.
  • Sheamus kicks the stairs into Kofi’s leg outside.
  • Both men roll into the ring. Bro Kick. Over.

–Decent match. I’ll never understand the WWE’s treatment of Kofi. They give him a moderate push only to job him to a guy who was on a bad losing streak the month before. Whatever, WWE.

It’s a shame that Sheamus won the U.S. Title. Kofi and Daniel Bryan would have wrestle a great best of five series of matches like Bryan did with Dolph Ziggler.


Show is in Kane’s face. He tells him to put their differences aside. He reminds him of how they used to dominate everybody. They both choke each other, Kane laughs and then Kane says, “You complete me.”

–The only thing missing was black leather outfits and ball gags. After watching that segment, I feel the same way I did after seeing 300. ((shivers))

Cody Rhodes comes out with a black towel over his head.

Cody Rhodes pins Trent Barretta

  • CR with a sick sick headbutt.
  • CR with another ‘maskbutt’ and it’s over.

–Interesting. He’s basically Mankind with some nice slacks on. I’m loving this character. The possibilities are endless.

They re-air the third part of Shawn Michaels’ interview hyping HHH vs. ‘Taker.

Layla w/ Michelle McCool pins Kelly Kelly

  • Kelly Kelly comes out with half of nothing on. Good. Lord. Damn. What. The. !!!
  • Kelly head triangles Layla’s head over the top. Very nice.
  • Kelly with an acid drop for two.
  • Layla counters Kelly’s handspring with boots to the back.
  • Kelly goes to the second rope, McCool distracts her enough for Layla to sweep her legs for the win.

–Good divas match with a weak ass finish. That being said, the quality of the match was the last thing on my mind.

Very lovely Sin Cara promo with a quasi-religious Deep Forest soundtrack.

–Sin Cara’s logo makes me want a Mexican beer.

WWE Tag Team Championship Match
Big Show & Kane defeat Slabriel via DQ

  • Kane dominates early.
  • Show is tagged in. Chokeslam.
  • Slater is pulled out at the last moment for the save.
  • Ezekial clothesline’s Show.
  • The Borre do the Nexus beatdown thing on Show in the ring.
  • Barrett gives Show the Wasteland.
  • The Borre attack Kane on the outside and ram into the steel steps.
  • They destroy Kane with a Con-Steel-Steps-to. Wow.
  • They flapjack Show on the announcers table.

–Destruction. This reminds me of what Nexus used to be. Definitely looking forward to Kane and Show’s payback at Wrestlemania.


Alberto Del Rio says that Christian is trying to interfere with his destiny. He despises the steel cage. He’s not an animal.

–Great promo. Someone is taking full advantage of all of his WWE opportunities.

Jack Swagger submits Chris Masters

  • Swagger manhandles Masters early.
  • Masters teases a Masterlock early, but Swagger backs him into the turnbuckle and slaps on the ankle lock until Masters kicks him off.
  • Swagger clamps on the Ankle Lock again for the tappy tap.
  • Cole enters the ring and gets in some Ankle Lock practice. Whatever.

–Swagger on my TV = Great. TOOL on my TV = Not so great.

They show a Chris Jericho on DWTS package.

–Yes, I will be watching. However, MDF will not be watching. Boo!

Rey Mysterio pins Ted DiBiase

  • DiBiase counters Rey off the top with a dropkick.
  • DiBiase with a running clothesline for a quick two.
  • Rey with a modified DDT from the powerslam position.
  • DiBiase countered a headscissors with a modded sitout pancake drop (?).
  • 619. Rey Missile Splash. Done.

–This is more proof that Rey can carry anyone to a good match. For DiBiase, it’s all about his opponent. He can certainly hang with the best of them, but can he carry an average worker to a great match like Bryan, Rey, Punk and Cody can?

Steel Cage Match
Christian defeats Alberto Del Rio via escape over the top

  • Match is given ample to time to develop. Thank you, WWE.
  • Christian gains momentum early.
  • Christian goes for the Kill Switch but ADR pushes him into the corner.
  • Both men tease climbing over the top early.
  • ADR destroys Christian with a Mexican Drop off the top rope!
  • ADR hits his corner enziguiri for a close twoooo!
  • Christian slips out of the Cross Arm Breaker and hits the Kill Switch for a close two.
  • ADR kicks Christian’s head while Christian was between the cage and the ropes. ADR climbs ON Christian’s back up the cage!
  • Christian and ADR hang on the edge of the cage.
  • Christian maneuvers around ADR and drops for the win!

ADR beats the hell out of Christian outside of the ring.

ADR gets on the mic.

  • I’m going to destroy you like I’m going to destroy Edge at Wrestlemania.

Edge starts honking the horn of ADR’s ride.

Edge threatens to damage the car with a chair. Not very nice.

Brodus Clay blindsides Edge! Whew. I hate seeing a scratched Bentley.

ADR gives Edge’s left arm a CON-CHAIR-TO! Holy shit! Dope!

End of Show

–I love how they used the cage early and often. This is what a steel cage match is suppose to be about. Both men should FEAR being slammed or scraped against the cage and Christian and ADR did just that.

Christian looked strong without making ADR look weak. ADR and Christian performed a fine steel cage match. It made you want to see these two battle again after Wrestlemania.

ADR kept looking at the Wrestlemania sign. Cool detail to his character and drive.

The post match altercation was icing on the cake. The Con-chair-to Edge’s arm was a nice touch that adds more interest to their match at ‘mania.

All the Smackdown feuds are developing nicely and I’m looking forward to Wrestlemania. Week after week, Smackdown continues to be the more cohesive brand.

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