NWA Hollywood Thoughts & Review [March 18, 2011]


Austin Aries promo

  • Aries says that Scorpio Sky’s 2 wins are a fluke and that he needs to even their series 2-2. It’s no laughing matter.

~ Aries = gold. Period.

Famous B promo

  • He tells Ray Rosas that he doesn’t forget anything. He’s going to get his payback.

Famous B defeats Ray Rosas via DQ

  • Rosas is rocking pig tails. I won’t ask.
  • Famous B chant from the raucous crowd.
  • Famous B with a brilliant roll up before Rosas countered it.
  • Both men do some nice pin counters at the beginning. Nice.
  • B flips out of a Death Valley Driver and superkicks Rosas. Dope.
  • Rosas gives B a low blow.

~Decent match with an unclever finish. A wrestler gets just as much heat as a DQ nutshot finish with a clean loss followed by a cheap shot AFTER the match. I dunno. I wouldn’t have booked it like that. There were some glitches here and there but the innovative offense far outweighed the small mishaps.

Joey Ryan Promo

  • Joey says the Standard is crumbling. A change is in the air. Somebody got a haircut.

Joey Ryan pins Peter Avalon

  • Mascara de Fuego’s favorite wrestler enters the ring with tassled boots.
  • HUGE “Joey Ryan” chant.
  • Nice collar and elbow tie up. Do wrestlers do back to back collar and elbows anymore? This was refreshing.
  • Avalon showboats for the crowd after every single move, THEN goes for the pinfall and wonders why Joey kicks out.
  • Avalon hits a nice fisherman corkscrew neckbreaker for a close two. This time, no showboating.
  • Avalon hits his finisher off the second rope but Joey rolls to the outside to avoid the pinfall.
  • Avalon springboards right into a Joey’s superkick for the win.

~Good match with a nice finish. I have a feeling Avalon is just beginning to reach his potential.

Lethal Ladies Match
Allison Danger pins Buggy

  • Candice LaRae is doing color commentary.
  • Huge ‘Buggy’ chant.
  • Allison is sporting some fresh Adidas boots. I’d rock them.
  • Allison gets out of a modified camel clutch.
  • Candice LaRae runs down to ringside to distract Buggy.
  • Allison hits Buggy with a hanging neckbreaker over her knee for the win.

~Danger is a master at playing to the crowd. She’s very deliberate in milking every move for the crowd’s reaction. It was a pleasure to see her work tonight.

It was nice to hear Candice LaRae on commentary. She added a lot to the match and her feud with Buggy overall. I hope they do more of this.

Colt Cabana in-ring Promo

Adam Pearce and the Standard interrupt before Colt begins speaking.

Pearce has a mic.

  • He admits that he’s failed in taking Cabana out.
  • He’s giving Cabana a final chance to pull out of his title match.
  • He gives Cabana a choice; forfeit the match or be taken out of the match.

Cabana responds.

  • Cabana doesn’t plan on letting the fans, his family or himself down.
  • Let’s get it on.

The Standard surround the ring.

Willie Mack, Joey Ryan and Scorpio Sky run in and play Team Captain Save-a-Ho.

~They hype Cabana’s NWA title match (win) and say it’s in two weeks. I think they should have aired it the Friday after the TV taping. Why not strike while the iron is hot?

Best of Five Series, Match 4
Austin Aries pins Scorpio Sky

  • Sky gains momentum early and targets Aries’ left leg.
  • Sky puts Aries in a figure four. Aries makes it to the ropes.
  • Aries threatens to walk out of the match and is greeted by a baseball slide. Sky then follows up with a somersault plancha. Dope!
  • Aries pulls off a SUPER Brainbuster from the top rope for the win. Nice.

~Awesome finish. These two have been putting on a clinic every time they’ve wrestled each other. I almost don’t want the series to end.

Loved how Scorpio sold his ass off after the match. Great touch.

I also like that they cut to a shot of the announcers in the middle of this match. The production value is getting better every week. Cutting to the announcers gives the show a legit sports entertainment broadcast feel instead of the usual indy pre-taped voice over steez.

I hate that I have to wait two weeks to see Cabana’s title win. I’d love to see if they’ll gain more viewers over the next two weeks.

Chris Jericho tweeted about them on Friday. Hopefully, he’ll mention them again the week of the Cabana title win episode.

Good episode despite the absence of Manimal, RockNES and Thunder Kitty.

I cannot wait until April Fools Day to see Cabana win the big one.


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