NWA Hollywood Thoughts & Review [airdate: March 4, 2011]


Jerek Mathews and Ruben Iglesias battle to a no contest

  • They shake hands at the start!
  • Mathews hits a tornado snap suplex. Interesting.
  • Iglesias rallies and Jason Watts comes in and greets him with a big boot.
  • Watts gives Mathews a huge Crucifix Bomb.

Jason Watts in-ring interview

  • He calls out Joey Ryan.

Ryan walks out and comes into the ring and grabs the mic.

  • Ryan says Watts can’t stop name-dropping him.
  • Ryan says he’s ready to have a match right now and it’s ‘go time.’

Joey Ryan pins Jason Watts

  • Watts gets the early momentum with a clothesline and power moves.
  • Watts continues to give a methodical beatdown with dirty wear down holds and stomps.
  • Watts pulls off a chokeslam for two after countering a superkick.
  • Ryan wiggles out of a powerbomb and hits Watts with three straight superkicks for the W.

~ I was a little disappointed with Watt’s attack. It seemed a little too slow paced for someone who’s been calling someone out for a week or two. You would think Watts would come out guns-a-blazin’ and beat Ryan up from pillar to post. Instead, his offense was subdued and deliberate.

Loved the finish! I think the three-superkick finish added more interest to Watts than all of his offense during the match combined.

Excalibur and company hype the Willie Mack vs. The Standard main event.

Tommy Wilson and Cedrick the Hitman interview

  • Cedrick tells Famous B. that he chose the wrong place and wrong time.
  • Wilson says that Famous B.’s victory was a fluke.
  • Wilson says that Cedrick the Hitman is vicious and that he’s delicious.

~Oh lord. If Jim Cornette saw this, he’d mark out. Cedrick rocked the mic a lot better than I thought he would. Did I mention they really need to kill the “Mr. Megastar” nickname/gimmick?

Tommy Wilson & Cedrick the Hitman defeat Famous B. & Andrew Hellman via DQ

  • Famous B. starts attacking early to gain the early upper hand. He still has his wave cap on.
  • Wilson gets a huge sitout powerbomb for two.
  • Wilson and Cedrick get pummeled to the outside.
  • Famous B. runs and pulls off a standing moonsault over the ropes to the outside.
  • Cedrick tries to hit Hellman with the briefcase but misses.
  • Hellman picks up the briefcase and hits Cedrick instead and gets DQ’d.

~ So I guess Hellman gets revenge and the feud continues. Okay.

Peter Avalon interview

  • He says Nick Madrid got lucky and that he’s gonna get beaten.

Nick Madrid pins Peter Avalon

  • Madrid has on some Sgt. Pepper/band leader tights. Cool.
  • Madrid goes all Anaheim Market Place on Avalon with luchadore–inspired offense.
  • Avalon hits a nice running enziguiri to gain momentum.
  • Madrid gains the upper hand and hits a leaping side effect for two. Nice.
  • Avalon hits a low running reverse STO for two.
  • Avalon and Madrid do some sick counters that lead to Madrid hitting his tornado DDT, ‘Running with the Bulls’, for the win.

Adam Pearce walks out and lays Nick Madrid out.
Pearce grabs a mic.

  • Pearce insults some chick in the audience.
  • The crowd goes all PWG on Pearce.
  • Pearce responds to some fat kid with lyrics from “The Humpty Dance.” Classic song. Classic Adam Pearce.
  • He says Colt Cabana’s efforts did nothing but get a fireball in his face.
  • Pearce says he’s always going to be World Champion until he’s ready not to be.

Avalon grabs the mic.

  • He introduces KAOS to the ring.

KAOS Willie Mack defeats KAOS via DQ

  • Willie Mack starts off fast and gains control early.
  • KAOS turns the tide and hits a nice running dropkick.
  • Willie Mack hits KAOS with a groin headbutt spot.
  • Willie Mack pulls off Human Tornado’s Kid n’ Play corner groin kick spot. Supah freshhhhh!
  • Mack hits the Cradle Powerbomb for two!
  • Mack destoys KAOS with a Chocolate Thunderbomb from the top rope!
  • Pearce distracts the ref and Avalon attacks Mack.
  • Madrid clears the ring with a steel chair!
  • The ref raises Mack’s hand in victory.

End of show.

~ Excellent match. Willie Mack was brilliant as always and KAOS held his own. Nice to see a Human Tornado staple in NWA Hollywood. Interesting to watch as they groom younger wrestlers like Nick Madrid and involve them with the upper tier feuds.

What can I say? Seeing Pearce bust some Digital Underground lyrics was my favorite part of the episode. Pearce is a natural on the mic and solid in the ring. He’s one of pro wrestling’s underrated gems on the Indy circuit.

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