Brodus Clay vs. Johnny Curtis

Striker is in the ring and intros the NXT pros. R-Truth does the intro for Curtis. Ricardo Rodriguez comes on and intros Del Rio’s rookie, Brodus Clay.

Striker reminds the rookies what is at steak tonight. Curtis gets on the mic first. He said since day one he and Clay have had issues and how he is going to beat Clay tonight. Clay is next on the mic, he says poor little Johnny. He said everyone else blinked but not him and he stood tall. How when this is over he’s gonna walk out a winner like Lebron James. Crowd hated that! Haha Instant heat!

Brodus Clay w/Rodriguez vs. Johnny Curtis w/Truth

-Match starts with a brawl

-Clay tries to poweslam Curtis but he fights out.

-Clay finally gets the advantage clotheslining Curtis when he was coming off the second rope.

-We’re back from break and Clay has a nerve hold on Curtis’ shoulder.

-Curtis fights out but Clay gets a forearm to the mid section of Johnny.

-T-bone suplex by Clay for a 2 count.

-Clay misses with the splash in the corner.

-Dropkick to the leg of Clay and he’s down.

-Johnny goes to the top but is caught and launched off.

-Splash by Clay…1..2…THREE!

Winner: Brodus Clay

They go to footage of earlier today of Bateman and Bryan in the back. Bryan reminds Bateman that if he got eliminated he was going to get punched in the face. Bryan punches him and pumps him up for the next match which is a tag match by the eliminated guys.

They go to footage of Cena from last week and his “rap to me”. They then cut to the promo from the Rock. That shit is so solid, god damn people need to step their games up!

Derek Bateman & Connor O’Brian vs. Jacob Novak & Byron Saxton

-Dropkick off the bat from Bateman to Novak and a stiff kick to his back.

-Novak takes Connor to his corner and makes the tag to Saxton.

-Connor fights back on Saxton landing stiff European upper cuts.

-Novak kicks Connor behind the back of the ref. He gets the tag and hits a set up elbow drops.

-Connor gets cornered and locked into the head lock.

-Connor fights out but is cut off before he can make the tag by Saxton.

-He makes the hot tag to Bateman who lands the belly to back for a 2.

-Stunner type move by Saxton who tries to make the tag but Novak leave him.

-Dropkick in the corner by Bateman on Saxton.

-Bateman hits a head toss type maneuver for the pin.

Winner: Bateman & O’Brian

The show a RAW Rebound with the Riley/Cena match, then the interview with HBK talking about the Taker/HHH match.

Josh and Todd bring up that there will be another season but they don’t run down the next rookies!?

Striker has both rookies in the ring while he thanks the pros for all their work this season.

And the winner is…..JOHNNY CURTIS…..?! really….!? Uh… didn’t see that shit coming… Clay is in the corner shocked while Curtis is as equally as emotional. Truth gets on the mic and walks Cleveland to take a look at Curtis’ face and emotion and how he’s done it. Curtis thanks Striker then turns his attention to Clay and offers his hand both shake and hug. Johnny wants to say what’s up to his dad who has supported him along the way. He thanks the WWE Universe and Truth. Striker talks to Clay, Clay says the WWE Universe took away his moment and he did everything he had to do and how he doesn’t look like Curtis or any of the people in the crowd. How he is going to take their hero’s away like they took his dreams away. How the WWE Universe broke his heart and how he isn’t going to stop until he breaks theirs. Great promo by Clay! He bounces. Truth is asked about the Tag Title match… he goes into his “what’s up” shtick instead.

Any the video stops in mid Josh Mathews sentence… uh ok, well I guess the show is over.

I am really shocked that Curtis won, the guy looks cookie cutter. I guess Vince is just giving people what they want then I guess… Clay was my obvious winner and I do think they’ll find a way to put him on the main roster.

It will be interesting what they have in store for season 5 seeing as that we’re not that far from Tough Enough.


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