For those who hadn’t heard, The Rock posted on his Facebook page that he would have a  response to Cena’s “rap” from last week. Also included in the post was a picture of a boot standing over Cena merch. I figure this will be a pre-tape.

The show starts off with Triple H’s music, he comes out to the ring to talk about last week. Josh Mathews and Jerry Lawler on commentary, go Josh! He mentions that it is official, its Taker vs. HHH at WrestleMania.

Triple H chant breaks out before he can get a word out.

HHH speaks…Says its good to see us all. He talks about the test of time and how he’s done it all and lists off all the things like being a 13-time World Champion…ugh. He talks about being hated and loved, how he has done it all over the last 16 years and outlasted everyone except for one, The Undertaker. He said Taker isn’t the last outlaw just yet. He said he and Taker are the same and how they are the last and how he is the only true challenge left for Taker. He said his challenge left is to end the streak. Of course he shit’s on the locker room, way to go. He said he and Taker will define an era… (come on now)…. He says nothing else will matter that night… (dude! Stop buring the rest of the roster) HHH says when the streak dies, Taker dies. HHH said he will die trying to end the streak.

His music hits to end the segment but Sheamus is out… well at least they are going to acknowledge that Sheamus took him out but maybe its not the right time… Nope sure ain’t… Sheamus barely gets into the ring before HHH kicks him down and sends him to the outside and starts beating his ass all over ringside. HHH then pedigrees Sheamus on the announce table!!! Way to bury this kid further. Well, at least he got himself over. Some things never change… stupid.

“You cant see me” sign in the crowd with a picture of Stevie Wonder. HAHA!

HBK is going to speak tonight about Taker vs. HHH and Michael Cole answers the King’s challenge.

Seems like it’s the night of responses and jibber jabber.

Back from the break and Sheamus is being helped to the back by the refs…. And we get an email. Lawler is up which gets a pop from the live crowd. The GM knows Sheamus just got attacked but its not his problem his opponent….THE RETURNING EVAN BOURNE!

Evan Bourne vs. Sheamus

-Dropkick in the corner to Sheamus.

-Spin kick to the face of Sheamus.

-Shooting Star Press…1..2….3.

Winner: Evan Bourne

Bourne is still in the ring when Michael Cole is announced. Cole comes down to ringside all cocky n shit and gets in Lawler’s face. He said he’s going to tell Lawler what he’s gonna do about WrestleMania in a moment… then we go to break… after the break the crap last week’s Cole/Lawler confrontation. Cole is now in the ring and he wants to do this man to man and for Lawler to get off his fat ass butt right now. Cole reminds Lawler that he can’t touch him or he will be fired. Cole said he wasn’t intimidated last week and no one has more guts them him, how he never backs down from a fight. Cole then says no to Lawler’s challenge… unless he accepts 2 conditions… 1-his trainer can be in his corner and 2-he gets to choose a special guest ref. Lawler call’s him “Cole-sore”, and says yes its on! Cole starts to celebrate then announces his trainer… a former World Champion… Jack Swagger! Really? This is how Swagger gets to WrestleMania?! Swagger comes out and gets in Lawler’s face. Another Jerry chant breaks out and Cole slaps Lawler which leads to The King trying to get at Cole only to end up in the Ankle lock with Cole in his face while Jerry screams in pain. Cole then raises the hand of Swagger and vise versa… shit maybe after this Cole can manage Swagger, I wouldn’t hate that if it helps get Swagger back up the roster.

Randy Orton does the walk back stage.

Stone Cold Steve Austin returns to RAW next week!

Cole is now back on commentary and is disinfecting Lawler’s headset. He’s all pissed and saying how his WrestleMania dream is a nightmare and wants to get back to doing his job.

Randy Orton comes out to the ring, he says Punk was right about something last week. He said he made a mistake 2 years ago by punting Punk… he said he should have kicked him harder and how faith will not protect him when he puts him in a rehab clinic where the only thing he will be concerned with is walking again. How faith will fail him. This brings out CM Punk with Nexus to the stage. Punk calls Orton an arrogant and predictable hypocrite and how he isn’t putting Orton in rehab, he’s putting him in the ground…. We get an email but Cole said he doesn’t want to steal with spotlight and lets Josh read the email. Further proof that Josh is taking over RAW after WrestleMania perhaps? The GM says via his email, Orton and Punk at WrestleMania! Orton will wrestle Nexus over the next several weeks, if Orton wins Nexus is banned from ringside at WrestleMania and if they interfere the GM will disband Nexus personal. If the Nexus members win their matches they will be in Punk’s corner. Hennig vs. Orton starts this off.

Michael McGillicutty vs. Randy Orton

-Hennig cheap shots Orton in the corner but Orton turns the tide quick.

-Both brawl back and forth.

-Orton clotheslines Hennig over the top rope on the floor.

-Back from break and Hennig gets a standing dropkick for a 2 count.

-Sleeper by Hennig but Orton with the back suplex to break the move.

-Series of clothelines by Orton before the rolling powerslam.

-Vertical second rope DDT by Orton.

-RKO to Hennig…1..2….THREE. Hennig is banned from Punk’s corner at WrestleMania.

Winner: Randy Orton

Punk watches from the stage while Orton goes to celebrate but instead he stops and looks back at Punk. Orton then backs up for the punt and Punk tells him to stop and that he’s done enough and how no one wants to see him do this. Punk tells him NOT to punt him in the skull….he does it anyhow. Nexus then runs down to the ring but Orton runs through the crowd and eye fucks Punk from the crowd.

Footage from Mexico and the signing of the former Mistico now known as Sin Cara which is Spanish for “without a face”…

The Miz and Alex Riley all decked out in suits, they do the walk backstage.

WWE Champion The Miz and Alex Riley come down to the ring. Cole give him a standing ovation and is ranting on about Miz. He brings up how The Rock is going to respond to Cena tonight but how Miz called out Rock last week but he ain’t saying shit about him. How this isn’t the Rock’s show anymore. Miz says lets face the facts, Rock and Cena are over and how he is the biggest star in the WWE. How he is the reason who people are there tonight, how he is the face of the company. He says he is the must see champion in the WWE. Miz said let the record books show that he won the tag titles and Cena lost them, how he controls what happens on RAW. That Cena needs not to worry about his raps, he needs to worry about Miz. He said he will beat Cena at WrestleMania then he will beat the Rock! He repeats that statement twice. He said that way he will be considered the greatest superstar of all time. Riley tells the people to stand for the Miz but then Cena’s music hits and his goofy ass comes down to the ring with his shit grin.

Cena says he has important news and how he’s upset cause he cant listen to Miz anymore. He then goes into typical Cena jokes, he’s got a “doctors note” for Miz and how he has obsessive compulsive disorder… and more stupid jokes ensue. Miz doesn’t look amused and unaffected by this shit. Riley chimes in saying there is a reason they call toilets “johns” because Cena is full of crap… even Michael Cole says he should have cut himself off. Haha! Cena puts his arm around Miz and makes “fun” of Riley then tells Miz he has to make his legacy by himself and not with another man. Cena wants Miz to fire Alex Riley so WrestleMania can be one on one. Miz says he knows Cena is trying to play mind games and how he is mentoring Riley and not trying to push merch and what pair of jorts he’s going to wear! Haha! Cena goes back into stupid gay jokes. Cena wants a match with Riley tonight, if Cena wins Riley doesn’t work for the Miz anymore. Miz talks it over with Riley and Miz accepts… on one condition. Miz says he wont interfere tonight but if Riley wins he wants Cena to admit to the world that he is “awesome”. Cena says he’s been fired, worked for Nexus calls Barney’s turd and that’s all Miz wants? He accepts… then we get an email… Cole said he’s got this one to Josh and he reads from the GM says Riley vs. Cena will be in a steel cage and the winner needs to escape the cage.

Uh… back from break and we’re in the middle of a diva brawl or battle royal…!?

Diva’s Battle Royal… ?

Kim, Maryse and one of the Bella’s are the last three.

-Neck breaker by Kim on the Bella.

-Eve is on commentary.

-Kim gets rid of Maryse.

-Kim gets rid of the Bella in the ring but we get twin magic and the Bella’s win…?

-Eve tries to rat the Bella’s out but the Bella’s end up beating on Eve.

Winner: Nicki or Bre Bella

That was a cluster fuck…

Footage from with Cena “battle rapping” Rock was shown. The cut to Cole he agrees with what Cena was saying. They go “live via satellite” to the Rock.

His music hits in the arena then they go to the titantron, Rock is standing in front of his Title belt shelf which we’ve seen before. He’s got a Cena hat, wristband and chain on with his back towards us. He keeps saying “yo, yo check it, yo”. He then turns around and does his goofy “you cant see me” voice. He’s all ghetto and says “the Rock’s gone rapping, he’s gone soft… and now he needs… TO TAKE THIS CRAP OFF” haha. He says Finally… the Rock has come back to Monday Night RAW and how he is the peoples champion and how he has come back… to Buffalo. Says some shit about the ladies wanting a piece of the Rock and the dudes want to whoop some candy asses with the Rock. He said he came back and spoke from the heart and addressed Cena like a man and how does Cena respond to him…”you rap to me”!?… How he was addressed in the form… of rap. Of course that’s how he Cena does it and makes fun of Cena. Rock said it was funny, real funny. Rock reminds us how this all started with Cena publicly call Rock out about his loyalty to the WWE and how not to jerk him or the fans about him loving this business. Rock gets pissed and said that insulted him and his family. How his love for the WWE is endless and how he was born in the WWE and how his blood IS the WWE. How his grandfather and father both Hall of Famers that he inducted, how he displays his past championship belts and he doesn’t show love? Because he accomplished his goals and wanted to achieve more? How if he could make it in the WWE how that would open the doors for the WWE and for John Cena. How he paved the way for him. And what does Cena do, publicly insult the Peoples Champion. Now Cena will pay for running his mouth and how the Rock will bring it. How Cena has opened a door and Rock’s going to kick his monkey ass from here in LA all the way to Buffalo! Rock says he will be addressing Cena sooner than he thinks. He snaps his fingers and the lights go out and they turn on when the crowd says “millions”. Rock said he aint no rapper but neither is Cena…”The Rock is back to scratch a major itch, so enjoy your fruity pebbles, you yabba dabba bitch!” HAHA! Oh fuck, The Rock kills it…again!

Rock 2 – Cena 0

Buffalo was WAY pro Rock, I’d say like 95%.

Footage is shown from HBK. He said on one hand you’re happy that Taker might get his but how he is angered he couldn’t get the job done. He says how huge it is to be in the ring with Taker but how ruthless being in the ring with HHH is. If there is anyone who can beat Taker at Mania, its HHH. He said he is cheering for HHH but he doesn’t know how he is going to feel when or if he beats the streak!

United States Champion Daniel Bryan comes out for his match but the Miz comes out and attacks Bryan!? Standing on his head while using the railing as leverage! Miz then hits the SCF at ringside. Miz leaves him laying on the arena floor when he picks up a mic and he said he did that because he can because it’s the Miz show. He wants the cage lowered now! The cage starts to lower with the ominous cage noise… and we go to break.

Steel Cage Match

John Cena vs. Alex Riley

-Cena’s pop is drastically less than before the Rock promo.

-Miz is tweeting from ringside. Haha

-Cena hits a gut wrench then goes for the door but Miz closes the door on Cena.

-Josh calls Miz out on saying he wasn’t going to get involved but Miz calls Riley to bring Cena over and Miz takes a pic of Cena getting his face crushed on the cage! HA!

-Riley then uses the blackberry to hit Cena in the head.

-Riley then starts to crawl out of the cage but Cena grabs him. Miz comes over and grabs Rileys arms. Cena wins the tug of war.

-STF by Cena and Riley is tapping even though it doesn’t count.

-Cena climbs the cage but Miz is at the bottom of the cage with a steel chair.

-Cena tries the other side but Miz comes over quick.

-Electric chair by Riley!

-Dropkick by Riley after the break.

-Cena fights back with his same ol shit move set into the YCSM fist drop.

-Cena goes for the AA but Riley grabs the cage and starts to climb.

-Both fight on the top rope and Riley gets the best of Cena, he’s at the top of the cage but Cena catches him and both are on the top of the cage.

-Cena brings him back in and they continue to fight on the top rope.

-Bulldog from the top rope by Cena.

-AA by Cena.

-Cena picks up the phone and takes a pic of Riley.

-Miz holds the door so Cena cant get out.

-Cena muscles the door open and falls out of the cage and into a SCF from Miz.

Winner: John Cena

Miz heads back up the stage with a shit grin even though he is now “forced” to fire Riley.

I know they had a job to do in getting over WrestleMania which meant a “talky” show but I would have been pissed if it went to this show in person and got only 2 real matches on RAW. Oh well, The Rock’s promo did save another show.

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