Mr. Anderson starts the show pissy, leads to RVD coming down and ends in a brawl. Isn’t this what he did with Morgan? Bischoff and Immortal come out and make a match between RVD vs. Anderson vs. Angle. Hey look its Al Snow and D-Lo Brown.

Another bad promo by Scott Steiner in the back that is interrupted by Eric Young. Stupid.

Footage from earlier today with Jarrett and Karen with their gay wedding dress guy. Stupid x 2.

Angle in the back asked about Karen and Jeff. He’s not in a good mood.

Gunner and Murphy have tights now. Who would have known tights would have made the difference in making them “win”. They beat Young and Jordan. Jordan looked like a black disco Goldust. Young is too talented for this shit.

Angelina and Velvet talk about Velvet and her retirement stip with Serita. Skye wants to go through with it and Angelina just wants to get down to business so the porn music hits and we fade to black.

Sad faced Devon comes out and apologizes to his grown ass hits for not protecting them at the ppv match. Bully Ray is in the back being racist  and beating on a black dude while talking shit. Tommy Dreamer comes out of nowhere (not really he was in the shadows) and beats up on Ray all the way to the ring. Devon accidentally hits Dreamer… 3 way anyone.

Madison Rayne and Tara talk about forever 21 and the latest fashions… Or something, I didn’t pay attention.

AJ is in the back yelling a lot. He’s gonna beat Flair tonight.

Crimson beat Magnus in a quicky after Magnus started the match talking shit about Red’s brother.

RVD is too high to know what this match about tonight is all about.

Well thank god the pose down doesn’t happen. Terry came ready, Steiner showed up in a suit and this ends with Terry hitting Steiner with a dumb bell and choking him out with his own tie… yes, he pulled a Daniel Bryan.

Winter and Skye in the back, blah blah blah.

Another stupid Jarrett video, this one with a priest. The priest is the only voice of reason in TNA saying what they are doing is blasphemy with the kids and Kurt. Jeff makes a joke saying its nondenominational… sigh.

Ric Flair comes out to the ring and cuts a promo like only he can. This brings out Styles to explain why they didn’t talk to Flair before turning on Immortal. This turns into a brawl that is broken up by Hernandez who beats on Styles. Styles ditches Hernandez and goes back to beating on Flair but he’s Hernandez again. Styles nut shots Flair and pele kicks Hernandez. Flair and Styles brawl on the outside and Flair is bloody. They brawl in the match and here’s fucking Hernandez again. Styles fights him off again and not Styles is ripping Flair’s clothes off!? Styles is trying to go for the Styles Clash… annnnd here’s Hernandez again. Fortune finally makes the save while Matt Morgan comes out and beats on Hernandez all the way to the back. Talk about a convoluted segment that is going to be forgotten because of too much shit going on.

Anderson is in the back, tired of Bischoff’s BS.

Madison Rayne is out talking shit with an open challenge. She gets the returning ODB who the crowd marks out for. ODB makes Rayne look rookie status and green. Taz says that “vintage ODB”, dude its not cool to be biting shit from Michael Cole. Rayne pulls off the win with a move similar to Gail Kim’s knee drop.

Skye walks in on Serita and Rosita. Velvet accepts this retirement stip match. Serita says she’s gonna screw Velvet so hard shit wont be able to walk… wait what?! I’m not making that one up folks.

Morgan is all pissy in the parking lot about Hernandez and why he beat on him.

Yet another Jarrett’s video. Tux fitting. Over this stupid shit.

Why are they recapping the Cookie/Jersey Shore chick shit again!?! Uh so they are doing a straight up Jersey Shore feud with chicks on that show!? Fuck me.

Its finally triple threat main event time with Anderson vs. RVD vs. Angle. A lot of stupid bitches yelling in this match. They interrupt this good match with Karen and Jeff coming out with wedding music, all dressed up to cause the distraction to Angle when Anderson hits the mic check for the pin. Lame.

They run down the card for next week and Taz says wedding and wrestling don’t mix… n shit.

All of a sudden they show a video package just like the 2-21-11 Undertaker video and even ends with the date 3-3-11 similar to the font they used in the WWE. Great so you’re bringing Sting in after the internet got all excited for Sting in the WWE for nothing. Then not only do you bring him back but you bring him back with a WWE-style video that people thought meant the debut of Sting… ok TNA… original. You can hype the return of Sting to TNA all you want (well I guess not since its next week) but its never going to be what it could have been in the WWE. never.

Well at least for once they built up the fact that Hogan returns next week.

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2 Responses to “02-24-10 TNA IMPACT! RANT”

  1. zank Says:

    why do you still watch that shit? 🙂

  2. Mascara De Fuego Says:

    I’m a masochist I guess. 😉

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