The show starts with a 2-21-11 countdown clock. Basically an hour from now we’ll find out who is coming…Undertaker folks, I will be shocked if its anyone but the Undertaker.

Well the shows off to a crappy start with John Cena’s music and fruity pebbles himself comes out and to the ring. It’s just funny to see grown ass people in the crowd dressed in Cena shirts, just plain funny. We get a “Rocky” chant. Cena brings up winning the elimination chamber and how he’s going to WrestleMania to take on the Miz for the title. He says his night should be filled with cheer but this is a different situation because all he has been hearing about some comments made by The Rock. He goes into bad jokes and says he doesn’t know what to say and how he was going to let it slide because he’s The Rock. Cena then rolls the footage of The Rock commenting about Cen’a “you cant see me” and how Cena looks like Fruity Pebbles. Still funny! He said he was excited to see Rock until he started making fun of him. He said he only knows one way to call someone out but its been a while, how he still has a degree in thuganomics… really? Cause I’d like to see that shit… He then says he has to answer the Rock because if he doesn’t he wont be able to focus on WrestleMania. He said this is a one time deal… here comes wigger Cena… He starts to bust a rhyme and how the Rock left us high and dry to play a fairy with a tooth. He then makes fun of him wearing lipstick in Get Shorty. He tells the Rock that he’s like a purple pinwheel so he can go and blow me. He said he cant hang and got served by Barney’s turd. Then makes a timely broke back mountain joke because the Rock was in Witch Mountain. He makes fun that the Rock was never with the people and for 7 years we couldn’t “see you”. He then says to stick with Rock because Dwayne aint got a Johnson. He said Rock aint going to whoop his candy ass he’s going to kiss it. He says he shows he loves these people because he’s here every week and that he’s just running his mouth. He drops the mic in the middle of the ring and walks off. So I guess he feels better now? Maybe you should be the one looking at who you USE to be and how watered down and how you’re such a company ass kisser now.

Whatever man, you still came off corny having to settle for kiddy dick and blow me jokes. Nice try man but you still got served. I’m sure I’ll hear from retards saying Cena just held his own but it’s the Rock and if you didn’t get to see this guy in his heyday then you just wont get it so I wont bother trying to explain it. Keep thinking John Cena can be considered in the same vein with Hogan, Austin or Rock but that shit isn’t happening.

46 mins until Taker… I mean 2-21-11.

John Morrison vs. CM Punk

-Morrison comes out limping from last nights EC match. He still has enough strength to do the slow-mo pose. Punk comes out favoring his leg as well. This is gonna be a sloppy mess isn’t it?

-Punk mocks Morrison getting sprayed in the eyes while he’s coming to the ring.

-Both very cautious to start before Morrison corners Punk with punches.

-Punk then goes for the leg and focuses on it while still favoring his own.

-Punk gets an inverted figure four until Morrison gets to the ropes.

-Morrison fights back continually punching Punk goes for the leg again then hits the G2S for the 3 count.

Winner: CM Punk

Punk gets on the mic after the match and calls out for Randle Keith Orton. Haha He said he’s standing in the middle of his ring and he’s decided to give his New Nexus the night off . He said people bought tickets today to see him! haha He brings up Sept 7th 2008 and how Orton punted him in the skull making him unable to defend his World Title. He said Orton has the most important choice to make. He said the bright lights of WrestleMania aren’t in his future and how he needs to walk away, how he doesn’t deserve going there. How he is going to finish him and he needs to walk away if he cares about his health. Orton then shows up through the crowd beating on Punk then tries to go for the RKO but Punk escapes. Nexus then comes out but Punk holds them back. “Randy” chant. Most pop Orton has had in a while.

Ricardo Rodriguez is out to intro Alberto Del Rio. He comes out in a brand new grey Lamborghini.ADR is making his way to the ring but all of a sudden Kofi is out attacking him! Rodriguez then hits Kofi in the back of the head with the mic to set up ADR dismantling Kofi at ringside, focusing on Kofi’s arm. He then locks on the armbar at ringside while the ref tries to pull him off. ADR then releases the move while he smiles. The ref and a trainer try to help Kofi up but Del Rio sends Kofi back into the ring post.

In the back The Miz and Alex Riley do the walk.

23 mins until 2-21-11.

After the break Miz and Riley come out to the stage. He says that last week we all embarrassed ourselves and how grown men jumped up and down over another man. Haha touché. He said he was marking out until the Rock said he sucks. Miz asks really? That’s the best Rock can do? He said he’s going to WrestleMania to beat Cena who just like the Rock are both cultural icons. How he doesn’t care what the people say about him. He then says “it doesn’t matter what you people thing” and asks if we can “all see that”. He then says he’s awesome but then we get an email… Cole reads from the GM, enough about the Rock but then brings up the Rock & Sock connection? Oh god then the GM makes a tag team title match tonight between Miz & Cena vs. The Corre for the titles… please don’t let this end with them winning the titles…

They show footage of the new WWE Allstars game with create-a-wrestlers Abraham Lincoln and George Washington… then Cena AA’s Washington… sigh.

The Bella’s vs. Gail Kim & Eve Torres

-Gail Kim is dope still even in the land of Diva’s.

-We get another 2-21-11 countdown clock 6mins folks.

-Gail makes the hot tag to Eve.

-standing moonsault by Eve for a 2 count.

-Bella’s double team leads to one of them rolling up Eve for the pin.

Winners: The Bella’s

3 mins until 2-21-11 which means after the break.

Here it is… the seconds count down over the footage we’ve seen. The crowd starts to count down until one and the footage shows Undertaker coming out of the cabin. The cut to the arena and he’s standing on the stage. First the Johnny Cash music plays but then his music hits and he comes out…again to the stage? odd. He comes down to the ring in typical Taker fashion with pyro, smoke and ominous purple lighting. Just as he takes off his hat Triple H’s music hits and the crowd goes ape shit! He comes out in street clothes and sunglasses. He takes the glasses and jacket off before making his way to the ring. He gets onto the ring apron and does his spit water thingy. They have a brief staredown before HHH takes the corners to pose on. Taker isn’t amused. “Triple H” chant. They go face to face and just stare until Triple H looks onto the WrestleMania sign followed by Taker looking at it. They both then turn to look at each other and Taker smirks HHH off, puts on his hat and goes to leave. He stops then gets in HHH’s face again crossing his neck. HHH then gives him the crotch chop. They stare again and we fade out. Beautifully crafted segment that didn’t need words and used emotions and glares to get the point across, that these two would be going at it at WrestleMania. Job well done considering everyone WANTED Sting vs. Taker. Maybe next year folks.

41 days away!

King Sheamus is out next, boy did you just get blown aside for Taker.

King Sheamus vs. Mark Henry

-Henry dumps Sheamus quickly over the top rope but then drags him back in.

-Sheamus pleads with Henry before jumping him and taking out the leg.

-Irish hammer by Sheamus leading a series of knees to the head of Henry.

-Henry drapped over the ropes for the high knee by Sheamus followed by a slingshot shoulder block.

-Henry fights back with a series of clotheslines but misses the splash.

-Sheamus takes the padding off the turnbuckle but Henry splashing him in the corner, hits the World Strongest Slam and PINS Sheamus.

Winner: Mark Henry

Man I don’t know who Sheamus pissed off but this kid has to be in the dog house…

Bryan and Kim in the back when Sheamus comes out and is all pissed off and gets in the face of Bryan but then walks off.

We finally get another inductee for the Hall of Fame…. Hacksaw Jim Duggan. Hmmm, yeah I guess that’s cool but maybe a little too soon? I don’t know, feeling a little indifferent about this actually. Maybe if he didn’t come around so much I’d be cool with it. Haha The Million Dollar Man will be inducting him.

Michael Cole then interrupts this while he walks into the ring talking about interviewing Jerry Lawler. Cole brings up the GM’s rule that they cant touch each other. He said he will be the bigger man. He brings up being a war correspondent. This is happening after the break.

After the break Cole brings out Lawler who looks somber. Cole gives him a slow clap. “Jerry” chant. Cole wants to know what it was like to get ready for his match at the EC ppv, if he had butterflies? Lawler just stares at him. Cole then asks how it felt when his dreams were shattered and he wasn’t going to WrestleMania. How maybe he should retired after his loss. Lawler is silent. Cole then asked how it felt to stare up at the ceiling when the ref was counting 1…2..3… How his dead mother had the best seat in the house to watch him lose and how he let his mother down. Crowd is booing Cole out of the building. Lawler grabs Cole and said if he says anything about his mother he’s going to fuck him up. Lawler then issues a WrestleMania challenge Lawler vs. Cole! Cole says Lawler is crazy and how he will never get in the ring. Cole goes back to the announce table. Lawler follows him there and tells him to be a man and not a gutless yellow coward. Cole then takes his jacket off and spills a drink in his face and Cole runs for the hills through the crowd. Crowd loved this segment!

The Corre is walking in the back… ready to lose the tag titles…

Lawler is now on commentary with Josh.

WWE Tag Team Champions Heath Slater & Justin Gabriel w/Barrett & Jackson vs. John Cena & WWE Champion The Miz w/Alex Riley

-Miz tells Cena to take the corner. Ha.

-Miz and Slater start it off with a decent chain wrestling exchange. Nice!

-Miz makes the tag to Cena who comes out fact against Gabriel.

-Sloppy suplex by Cena.

-Miz asks for the tag and Cena gives it up.

-Corner clothesline by Miz.

-Miz hits the SCF on Slater for the 3…..!? what the fuck!? its like the Corre just gave it up, that was bizarre.

Winners: John Cena and The Miz

That was really strange and anticlimactic… maybe this wasn’t planned? I don’t know, its strange.

Barrett then gets on the mic and says they want their rematch right now. Then we get an email. Josh goes up to the podium. GM says the match is on…

Heath Slater & Justin Gabriel w/Barrett & Jackson vs. WWE Tag Team Champions John Cena & WWE Champion The Miz w/Alex Riley

-We come back from break and the match is in progress with Miz making the tag to Cena, Gabriel to Slater.

-Another quick tag by the tag champions.

-Jackson sweeps Miz’s leg leading to Slater’s baseball slide dropkick sending Miz to the outside for the double team. Jackson and Barrett keep Riley at bay.

-Leg sweep drop by Gabriel on Miz and the Corre keep Miz cornered.

-Cheap shot by Barrett behind the refs back, now the Corre wakes up!

-Solid neckbreaker by Slater on Miz for a 2 count.

-The crowd is cheering for the Miz!!? He hit his backbreaker/neckbreaker combo on Slater for this.

-Close tag by Miz that got the crowd pumped but the Corre keep Miz cornered again.

-Big kick by Miz on Gabriel when he was coming off the ropes for the hot tag to Cena, the crowd is going nuts.

-Cena going for the AA but while he had Slater up, Miz hits the SCF on Cena costing them the match!

Winners: Slater and Gabriel

Miz bounces to the stage as Cena looks on shocked and dumbfounded.

I’m glad they didn’t have Cena and Miz take the tag titles all the way to WrestleMania but this is the second TV show in a row that had a title change that lasted minutes! I’m really not a fan of those. I did the trick in building up Miz vs. Cena for WrestleMania, you already back a couple of years of footage when Miz was trying to come up talking shit about Cena that you can focus on.

Thus far, WrestleMania has been a little predictable in typical WWE fashion. Cole vs. Lawler has been getting built up for a while and since we’re not getting Sting and because they have shat away Sheamus’ push, Taker vs. HHH made sense. It’s a much better match than Barrett vs. Taker but we still have to see if it will be another career vs. streak match.

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