We start the show with Ricardo Rodriguez in the ring introducing Alberto Del Rio!

Our announce team is Booker T, Michael Cole and Josh Mathews. Odd, no Striker.

Del Rio says he’s committed to excellence, not like the people here in Oakland. Haha He says he’s going to be World Champion because its his destiny. He then calls Kofi a piece of trash, nothing. How Kofi stop destiny.

Alberto Del Rio vs. Kofi Kingston

-ADR has the advantage from the start until Kofi fights back with a dropkick.

-Kofi chant.

-both fight on the apron which leads to ADR sending Kofi in the ring post then the ring steps.

-ADR with the rear naked choke.

-Del Rio chant!

-Kofi fights back with a high cross body and takes the advantage. Boom boom drop.

-Kofi sets up for the trouble in paradise but ADR sidesteps.

-Kofi off the top rope but ADR jumps up and gets his knees up! DOPE!

-ADR sets up Kofi on the top, Kofi fights back and hits the drop kick from the top…1…2..NO!

-Fireman’s Carry drop to the knees by Del Rio for another 2.

-Kofi with the DDT out of nowhere, Rodriguez stops the count getting the refs attention.

-Ranhei by Kofi for another 2.

-Neck breaker by ADR with Kofi on the top rope!

-Arm bar by ADR, Kofi fights and he tries to get to the ropes but he taps!

Winner: Alberto Del Rio

Good opening match!

Randy Orton is shown in the back pacing. Maybe thinking he was a lot better when he was pushed as a heel.

Edge in the back with Todd to put over the EC match. He brings up that no one has retained in the chamber. Drew McIntyre is out to give Edge the slow clap. He says he’s taking the belt tonight but according to Edge that isn’t happening.

Elimination Chamber Match for the World Title

Kane vs. Drew McIntyre vs. Wade Barrett vs. ??? vs. Rey Mysterio vs. World Champion Edge

-Teddy Long comes out before they announce the 4th participant. He reminds us he fired Ziggler. He announces his replacement…. The Big Show… that was anticlimactic.

-Rey and Edge start things off.

-Rey sent back first over the top rope onto the steel.

-Hurricaneranna over the top rope by Rey to Edge.

-Edge pushes Rey into the chains multiple times.

-Josh pushes the pod glass as the strongest in the world.

-First pod opens… WADE BARRETT!

-Wade out quick beating on Rey but Edge gets the best of Wade.

-Rey sent to the outside of the ring with a baseball slide.

-Wade goes for Wasteland but Rey holds onto the cage and starts to climb! Rey with the Hurricaneranna on Wade into the cage. Rey goes for the 619 but Edge cuts him off with a stiff kick to the head.

-KANE IS IN NEXT! He goes after everyone.

-Splashes to Wade, Rey and Drew by Kane.

-Stiff uppercut by Kane on Rey which hangs him in the tree of woe. Dropkick from Edge to Rey while he’s hanging.


-Drew sends Rey head first into the glass!

-Drew was helping Wade with Kane but then turns on Wade kicks the ropes for the nut shot then sends Wade THREW THE GLASS BACK FIRST!

-Drew is kept strong here, now focusing on Edge in the middle of the ring.

-Edge counters the Future Shock DDT with an Impaler DDT.

-Edge goes for the Spear but its countered by Kane. He fights out!

-Rey is taking all the bumps tonight to the glass!!!

-double boots from Kane and Edge in the middle of the ring!

-BIG SHOW IS THE LAST ONE IN! he comes in and takes everyone out!

-Wade starts to run from Show but is finally caught and thrown back first through the glass!


-Knockout punch by Show…1…2…THREE! Wade is OUT!

-Kane off the top rope on Show! ELBOW FROM THE TOP FROM EDGE ON SHOW! Future Shock by Drew! Rey is on the top of the Pod with the seated senton! Show kicks out of all these moves!

-619 from Rey on Show then Spear by Edge! Chokeslam by Kane! 1…2…THREEE! SHOW IS OUT!

-chokeslam by Kane on Drew…1..2…THREE DREW IS OUT!

-Kane with the double clothesline on Rey and Edge.

-Tilt a whirl DDT by Rey on Kane for a 2 count.


-Spear to Rey and Kane by Edge!!! 1…2..THREEE Kane is out!

-Big boot by Kane on Edge, the sore loser. He then chokeslams Edge and Rey.

-Edge and Rey are left!

-near falls by Edge and Rey!

-bulldog by Rey for another 2 count.

-powerbomb from Edge for another 2 count.

-inverted figure four by Edge!! Rey fights with a rollup for another 2 count.

-Edge sets up for the spear… Rey moves but Edge hits him on the rebound…1…2..NO!!!! kickout!

-619 and splash by Rey…1..2….KICKOUT!

-619 AGAIN! Rey goes to the top, he comes off…SPEAR!!!!! 1…2…THREEE!!!!!

Winner: Edge

Great EC match, the show can end after that match!

ALBERTO DEL RIO ATTACKES EDGE AFTER THE MATCH! He locks on the arm bar! The refs try to break it! CHRISTIAN IS OUT!!!!! HE ATTACKS DEL RIO!!!!!! Christian sends ADR in the corner and the refs hold Christian back, he fights out and hits the Killswitch!!!! Christian then leaves while he stares down Del Rio. Good shit! Edge recovers and holds up the World Title while he looks down at Del Rio.

Why this match did not finish the ppv is a fucking mystery to me!

Lawler in the back getting ready when Striker comes in he asks Lawler about tonight. A somber Lawler talks about his last week and the passing of his mother. He says he has to stay focused to win the match and how he’s never done that or compete at WrestleMania. Great heartfelt promo by Lawler.

Booker T comes into the ring and introduces a special guest, a new trainer from Tough Enough…TRISH STRATUS! Booker welcomes her back and she takes about Tough Enough and how he’s excited and how she’s working on a new catchphrase… She says “finally the Trish has come back to Oakland to lay the Smackdown…Suckaaasss!” Booker says she just didn’t say that but then shills Tough Enough. Trish wants to see Lawler win the title tonight. God damn I miss Trish!

Stupid Chaperone trailer is shown.

WWE Tag Team Champions Santino w/Tamina & Kozlov vs. The Corre w/Ezekiel Jackson

-Tag Champions start strong thus far.

-Kozlov with the stiff headbutt to the chest of Gabriel

-kick to the head of Kozlov by Gabriel.

-Santino with the hot tag! COBRA to Gabriel!

-Kozlov is in back in and is beating on Gabriel.

-Slater in and hit the reverse DDT on Kozlov.


Winner: Gabriel and Slater

Kozlov and Santino still looked strong even though they lost the Tag Titles.

Todd in the back with The Miz and Alex Riley. Miz says it’s the Year of the Miz and that he will address Rock at a later date but that he will beat Lawler and the winner of the RAW EC match will face the same fate as Lawler. He says he’s awesome.

Vicki Guerrero comes out somber like saying “excuse me” all sad faced. She says Smackdown suffered a horrible thing on Friday with Ziggler getting fired. She says her and Ziggler are dealing with issues and how he just did what he did because he loves her so much and did a crime of passion. How Ziggler is so so sorry. She’s getting boo’d out of the arena! Vicki is pleading for people to convince Teddy to give Ziggler a second chance and how she deserves compassion. To Twitter, Facebook and call Teddy because Dolph needs to be rehired. Teddy Long then comes out and tells her to stop it. Teddy says he hired someone back… Kelly Kelly. She comes to the ring and Vicki tries to run from. Kelly kicks and beats on Vicki until LayCool come out and beat on Kelly. Layla sends her into the guard rail but Trish Stratus makes the save! LayCool and Trish brawl!! Double DDT off the ropes from Trish! I’m not a fan of McCool but dope of her to come out and get involved even though she’s injured. Trish and Kelly celebrate after.

Nice video package shown on Miz then Lawler’s history in the business.

WWE Champion The Miz w/Alex Riley vs. Jerry Lawler

-Lawler comes out old school with a cape and holding his crown.

-Strong “Jerry” chants off the bat.

-Collar and elbow into a roll up right off the back for a 2 count by Lawler.

-Back slide for a 2 then a small package for another 2 by Lawler.

-Stiff clothesline by Lawler for another 2.

-high cross body by Lawler for ANOTHER 2.

-Lawler has Miz in the corner to deliver the 10 count punches.

-clothesline to Miz sending him over the top rope.

-Riley causes the distraction which leads to Miz sending Lawler into the corner post.

-high knee by Miz to Lawler on the ring apron, this leads to a 2 count for Miz.

-Riley with the punch to Lawler with the ref distracted.

-clothesline in the corner by Miz.

-Miz to the top but Lawler cuts him off. They fight on the top rope.


-Miz and Jerry brawl toe to toe in the middle of the ring

-a couple of dropkicks by Lawler

-Riley sweeps the leg behind the refs back and the ref is sending Riley to the back!

-Miz takes the corner post for the Lawler roll up for another 2 count.

-Lawler sets up for the piledriver but Miz fights out and kicks Lawler in the head.

-Both on the outside and Cole gets in Lawler’s face causing Miz to hit King from behind.

-Lawler pounces Miz’s head off the announce table then sends Miz over the table onto Cole!!!!

-Lawler rolls Miz into the ring and climbs to the top for a fist for a 2 count.

-DDT by Lawler!

-Second rope fist drop by Lawler, the strap is down!!!!! 1…2….FOOT ON THE ROPES BY MIZ!

-Lawler is setting up the piledriver, no its countered into a roll up!

-SCF by Miz…1…2…THREEE!

Winner: The Miz

Michael Cole is in the ring to celebrate with the Miz before Miz bounces out. Lawler gets another “Jerry” chant from the crowd while he stands in the ring looking around at the crowd.

Cena in the back eating Fruity Pebbles… har har. You still got served. Todd asks him about what happened on Monday but he just wants to talk about the EC match. He said he feels yabba-dabba delicious.

Striker in the back with Punk. He says he cant see John Cena beating him or 4 other guys. He cant see anyone winning the EC chamber match except himself.

42 days until WrestleMania!

RAW Elimination Chamber Match

Randy Orton vs. R-Truth vs. CM Punk vs. John Cena vs. Sheamus vs. John Morrison

-Punk busts Randy Orton’s pose right in front of him while he’s locked away in the pod. Dope.

-Sheamus and Morrison start things off.

-CM Punk chant.

-An aggressive Morrison tonight which is good.

-flash kick off the cage to Sheamus!

-Starship Pain NO! Sheamus stops it and sends Morrison into Truth’s pod head first!


-series of clotheslines to Morrison and Sheamus. rolling poweslam by Orton to Sheamus.

-Orton sends Morrison through the empty pod.

-vertical DDT on Sheamus on the steal floor by Randle!

-Superplex by Orton on Morrison for a 2 count! Superplex by Orton on Sheamus for a 2 count!

-PUNK IS OUT NEXT! He’s trying to fight out of his pod but the ref cant get it open!! Orton is beating on Punk even before he’s out of the pod.


-We get an email during the match!?!?!? the GM says due to malfunctioning pod Punk wasn’t able to get a change so he’s going to let punk reenter is pod! Punk climbs into his pod smiling!

-Irish curse backbreaker on Orton.

-flash kick to Orton after he deflected the bro kick from Sheamus.

-Morrison might have rolled his ankle.

-JOHN CENA IS OUT NEXT! And Sheamus attacks him right in the pod! Sheamus

-Cena and Morrison are going at it before Sheamus launches himself over for dual should blocks.

-Thesz press by Orton on Sheamus….!? REALLY!? Ugh.

-TRUTH IS OUT NEXT! Truth and Sheamus fight in his pod.

-Bro kick by Sheamus on Truth 1….2….THREE! Too bad Truth was on a roll on everyone for a second.

-Orton sends Morrison through a pod again!

-YAY/BOO punches for Orton and Cena… guess who got booed.

-PUNK IS OUT NEXT! Orton is waiting for Punk but Cena AA’s him!!! Bro kick on Orton!


-Punk mocks Orton doing Orton’s pounding on the mat

-CM PUNK CHANTS all through the match.

-Punk goes after Sheamus but Sheamus fights back sending him into the glass then axe handle.

-Morrison and Sheamus fight on top of a pod but Sheamus falls off into the ring…. MORRISON IS CLIMBING THE CAGE!!!! high cross body! 1…2….THREE!! Sheamus is out!

-Same ol shit move set by Cena on Punk.

-Cena goes for the AA on the steel but Morrison makes the save on Punk.

-Morrison goes to knee Cena but Cena moves and Morrison goes knee first into the pod! He’s selling the fuck out of the knee.

-Head scissors on Cena by Punk but Cena fights off and gets Punk up! Morrison for the clothesline for the doomsday device!!!! Morrison covers both individually for two counts.

-AA on Morrison by Cena but he rolls out.

-kick to the back of Cena’s head by Punk!

-Punk lands the springboard clothesline on Cena on the outside

-Punk slingshots Cena into the pod!

-Punk then goes to slingshot Morrison but he holds onto the cage, springboard kick by Morrison!!

-G2S on Morrison…1…2…THREE!!!

-Cena sends Punk over the ropes with an AA onto the steel floor for the pin…..sigh.

Winner: John Cena

Good EC match but the Smackdown match beat this one by far. Predictable ending with Cena winning this shit. Miz poses in the back holding up his title.

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2 Responses to “02-20-11 WWE ELIMINATION CHAMBER REVIEW”

  1. Zank Says:

    Entertaining show, although I went in with mixed feelings, looking back on those awkward weekly shows that preceded the PPV, esp. that last RAWs.

    ADR came off strong .. again and he’s really leaving his mark (no pun int. 🙂 ) in the WWE. Solid match, some nice spots, buy worthy.

    The first E.C. of the night was also pretty solid and my bet on Edge retaining came true, although I didn’t put any money on ReyRey being in the chamber for so long. Also a bonus… seing Kane going mental again. 🙂 With ADR and Cpt Christian coming out of the back THIS should’ve been the ME. Again. good value match.

    Where are the Divas?

    I also thought about giving Smaxxus the title, but they did it “clean” enough in a good match and Santino/Kozlov still are standing strong as the best Tag Team at the moment. And what the fu? They are still referring to Slater as the One-Man-Rock-Band?

    Again… where are my ladies?

    The WWE Championship match is my only real complaint… Why can’t they give Jerry the title for a short run until WM where he can lose, preferably to Punk? He’s popping more then anybody else of the active workers, I bet he’d sell a shit ton of T-Shirts (I’d buy one, maybe two) and the man deserves it if you compare his half-out-of-training-ass to some of the old guys in the biz who are about his age.
    Yes, the Miz had to tone it down a little… but the man can still perform. His sweet rope action, the nice DDT, crossbody and his dropkicks… It wasn’t flawless (again… WHERE IS THE DIVAS MATCH) but then, he deserves a 42 day run (which could conveniently coincide with the upcoming DVD release… seriously WWE… where is the DVD and where are my Divas 😦 ). The Miz is strong and he still has a lot of time ahead of him to win a gazillion of belts.

    After my outrage I fell asleep and didn’t see the last E.C. match. From what I’ve heard, some random guy in a purple shirt won.

    + ADR nailing his shit
    + a very, very decent E.C. match
    + getting hopes on a good TT division
    + Jerry leaving to his music and getting emotional with his fans
    + Trish coming out looking better then eeeever
    + Christian is back and angry!

    – no “real” Diva match
    – some purple dude winning instead of JoMo
    – Jerry losing

    Santino and Natie made TLC my favourite PPV of 2010. Jerry could’ve done the same thing if the rest would’ve been more exciting.

  2. Zank Says:

    Btw. Punk really looked like Mike Patton last night \o/

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