NWA Hollywood Thoughts & Review [airdate: Feb 18, 2011]


They start the show off with a Buggy interview!

  • My prayers (complaints and whining) have been answered. Dave Marquez must really read my bullsh*t!
  • Mikey O’shea’s bro interrupts the interview on his sister’s behalf.
  • So Cal Crazy intervenes and calls him out.

–WTF? Buggy didn’t even get a word in. Way to make your women wrestlers look strong, NWA Hollywood. Weak segment.

So Cal Crazy pins Mikey O’Shea

  • Excaliber is part of the announcing team. PWG! PWG!
  • Very fine spine buster by Mikey!
  • Mikey controls with power moves.
  • Crazy jumps off the top with a one handed sunset roll up for the win.

–Good speed vs. size match. So Cal Crazy and Mikey can definitely work and I look forward to seeing them in the ring again. Unfortunately, both men have a very indy look to them so we’ll see how far they can move up in the card based on their ability alone.

They recap the return of Colt Cabana.

James Morgan Interview

  • Morgan says he’s going to be a performer.

Ray Rosas pins Manimal

  • Manimal dominates early with power moves, including a Kamala-ish running splash.
  • Rosas tries to chop Manimal down with dropkicks and leg kicks.
  • Rosas finally drops him with a missile dropkick off the top.
  • Manimal catches Rosas off the top but Rosas wiggles out and rolls him up for the win with a handful of ‘tights.’
  • Ray grabs the mic and teaches the announcer how to say his name right.

–I’ll say it time and time again, Manimal is gold.

Joey Ryan and Scorpio Sky interview

  • Ryan says this is their house and that he has rock star charisma.
  • Sky tells Aries he couldn’t get the job done.

–Sky came off mellow. Joey channeled the 80’s and signed off with a nice “Tell’em Sky!” Like I said before if this were an emcee battle Austin Aries and Adam Pearce are Wu-Tang Clan to Ryan and Scorpio’s N2Deep.

On Tap with James Morgan

  • He invites Jason Watts to come to the ring.
  • Watts says he’s not here for the fans.
  • He’s here to get the NWA World Heavyweight Title.
  • Watts busts a Godzilla reference out of nowhere and does an NOD fist. Great.

–You can tell there’s a lot of brain behind Watt’s mean guy persona. I don’t think this gimmick is the right fit. You can tell he’s a bigger nerd with more intellect than his wrestling persona leads on. But oh well, I doubt he’ll change his character any time soon. Hopefully he’ll have some singles matches in the near future to showcase his talent.

Adam Pearce Interview

  • He says he and Aries are not worried about Ryan and Sky.
  • He’s going to put Colt Cabana on the shelf.
  • Wow. NWA Hollywood’s tape got all glitchy and went dark for a minute.

–All I have to say is that Pearce is a major league talent on the mic.

Peter Avalon pins Disco Machine

  • Disco Machine is already in the ring and I’m pissed I didn’t get to see Disco Machine do his little dance under the disco ball thing. Damn it.
  • PWG! PWG! PWG!
  • Avalon with a springboard cross body for two.
  • Disco with a rope walk into a leg drop for two. Nice!
  • Ref bump and Avalon hits Disco with his ‘Marquee’ finisher (Jumping Double Knee Driver).

–Decent match. Nice to see an OG PWG member in the ring.

They show RockNES Monsters hanging out at Golden Apple comics on Melrose.

Austin Aries & Adam Pearce defeat Joey Ryan & Scorpio Sky

  • Ryan and Sky control early with dropkicks and more dropkicks.
  • Aries hits a nice elbow from the apron to Ryan on the outside.
  • Pearce rams Sky’s leg against the steel guardrail.
  • Sky gets destroyed by Aries and Pearce in the ring as Joey wanting to tag in.
  • Sky with a sick tornado DDT!
  • Hot tag to Ryan and he cleans house with a nice spear on Austin and a spine buster on Pearce.
  • Aries kills Sky with a brainbuster and its over.

Aries puts on the Figure Eight on Sky’s damaged knee.

End of show.

–Decent show overall. Aries and Pearce have carried this show since Colt Cabana’s been out. I look forward to seeing RockNES again and Manimal needs a push right now!

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