Show starts off with Bateman and Bryan in the back from earlier. Bateman is challenging Bryan to a submission match…!? He wants to test himself against the best. Too bad the WWE doesn’t treat him as such.

Show starts and Striker is in the ring with the rookies, next week we have another elimination. He reminds us that the winner will get a tag team title shot with their Pro.

The challenge tonight… NXT piñata’s…. with NXT money in them…!?

Curtis goes first while Truth yells at him to swing… wow. He’s pissed and takes off the mask. He ends up putting it back on and finally makes contact with the thing but nothing came out.

Clay goes next and knocks it down with one swing. He has enough time to collect the money and even busts a few pushups with all the time he has! He takes his time and gets it to Ricardo Rodriguez. Hey look its Charles Robinson, he’s out to count money. Haha

Striker asks Bateman about his game plan and he gets clowned while Bateman tells him sarcastically that he’s going to hit the piñata hard, collect the money and take it to his pro. He then tells San Diego to stay classy. Haha Anchorman reference! Striker then asks him if he knows the origin of the name San Diego but before Bateman can get into it he’s cut off. Not PG13 to take about a whales vagina on WWE TV.

$4800 is Clay’s score!

Bateman then goes next and makes contact but then takes the piñata down by hand and gets DQ’d. Clay wins gets 2 immunity points!

Brodus Clay w/Ricardo Rodriguez vs. R-Truth w/Johnny Curtis

-Match starts fast with Truth hitting a spin kick to the head of Clay which sends him to the outside for a Truth dive over the top rope.

-Truth wrestling an aggressive match thus far, taking Clay in the corner for a series of punches.

-Clay fights back and sends Truth flying then hitting his t-bone suplex.

-Shoulder nerve rest hold by Clay which Truth fights out of with a stunner move.

-Truth comes off the top but is side stepped and Clay hits the splash for the 3 count.

Winner: Clay

Another challenge… Striker has them sit on tools on the stage, there are buckets over their heads. Its like a WWE version of Double Dare from back in the day? I don’t think you want to slime Brodus Clay dude…

Clay goes first, he chooses 80’s for $300. Who was the final team Capt. Lou managed to a Tag Team title. Clay buzzes first and answers correctly with the British Bulldogs.

Clay, 80’s for $200. What year did Smackdown debut on TV? Curtis with the correct answer of 1999.

Brodus calls this shit out and is pissed because that isn’t an 80’s question!

Curtis, 80’s for $100. Former DX member who was the 1st winner of the Jesse the Body Slammy. They all guessed wrong it was Ravishing Rick Rude.

Curtis, 90’s for $300. In 1994 this Superstart regained the WWE Title for the first time in almost 11 years. They all guess wrong again. It was Bob Backlund.

Curtis, Diva’s for $300. What diva managed more superstars to championships? Bateman guesses Sunny and is actually correct.

Bateman, title history for $300, Who is the only Superstar to ever win the WWE Title in a cage match? They all guess wrong it was Batista.

Bateman, WrestleMania for $300. What was the very first match at a WrestleMania? Clay gets it right with Tito Santana vs. The Executioner.

Clay wins again tonight! Curtis and Bateman get slimmed! They slow-mo them getting slimmed. Haha

United States Champion Daniel Bryan vs. Derek Bateman

-Both shake hands off the bat.

-Great series of chain wrestling by Bryan. Bateman does a decent job keeping up with him.

-Ziggler and Rodriguez are the peanut gallery on the stage.

-Bryan sent to the outside and its Bateman with the dive to the outside!

-Back from break and Bryan back flips off the top rope and hits the sitting clothesline for a 2 count.

-Stiff kicks by Bryan to the back of Bateman.

-Bateman with a series of shots to Bryan’s face, he’s not digging that and floors Bateman with a reverse elbow.

-DIVING HEAD BUTT by Bryan but Bateman moves!

-STIFF lariat clothesline that turns Bryan inside out for a 2 ½!!!

-Bryan tries the sunset flip for a pin attempt but Bateman sits down and for 2 count.

-One handed powerbomb by Bateman when Bryan was going for the LaBell lock for another 2!

-Bateman charges at Bryan but gets kicked in the face.

-Bateman goes for the LaBell lock!! But Bryan reverses it… Bateman taps!!

Winner: Bryan

Bryan claps and raises the hand of his rookie as the show ends.

Good entertain show. I thought this was the best match for Bateman, showing more aggression and not just being a jokey character. Solid lariat clothesline. Clay is the guy to beat here and I think Curtis will be going home next week.

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