Show starts off right with the “must be a winner” match between Cena and Punk after a brief rundown of what is going down tonight by Cole and Mathews.

Cena thanks Lawler for the steel chair assist last week then shills the crowd and brings up Valentine’s Day. The then brings up WrestleMania and how we find out who the host for it is tonight. A “Rocky” chant breaks out. He brings up Lady Gaga and Jersey Shore cast members. He said the host is Michael Cole then goes to make fun of him. Typical stupid bullshit from Cena. He said after the year he’s had he needs this WrestleMania moment and continues to joke about how he had to work for Nexus and how he got fired. He said on Sunday only one man from that group will be in the match. Punk’s music hits to stop this bullshit. Punk says the last couple of times they’ve wrestled Punk has beaten him. He says he doesn’t need anyone like this fans in Anaheim because he is a good person.

CM Punk vs. John Cena

-Match starts off fast until Cena takes the corner post in the shoulder sending him outside.

-Solid clothesline from Punk off the ring apron to Cena on the outside.

-Back from break and Punk is hitting stiff kicks to the chest of Cena.

-Josh just said something about a stip in this match keeping Nexus out of the match, first reference they make of this.

-Punk stands on Cena’s back like he’s surfing on him.

-Cena makes his same ol’ shit comeback which sets up his fist drop.

-Cena goes for the AA but Punk pushes him off and lands a lariat kick for a 2 count.

-Gut wrench suplex by Cena for a 2.

-Punk stops Cena at the top rope with a kick to the head which set up the high knee in the corner.

-Nice swinging neck breaker by Punk.

-G2S is counted with a roll up for a 2 count.

-Punk off the top rope with a high cross body but Cena rolls and gets Punk on his shoulder for the AA but Punk grabs the ropes.

-Punk on the outside, someone with a Nexus armbar under the ring gives Punk a chair. He slides it in distracting the ref, then takes the wrench from this Nexus member and clocks Cena.

-G2S!! 1…2….THREEEE!

Winner: CM Punk

Not a bad match.

Cole brings up that Lawler is not here because his mom passed away which is why Josh is sitting in. Glad he didn’t take this moment to poke fun or say something stupid.

Smackdown this Friday celebrates its 600th episode with a huge 12 man tag match!

Ricardo Rodriguez is out to intro Alberto Del Rio.

Alberto Del Rio pulls up in what looks like a Bentley. He comes down to the ring and says he doesn’t care who wins the Elimination Chamber its his destiny to be World Champion. This brings out World Champion Edge, he says that he’s been too busy the last two weeks beating on Ziggler that he almost forgot what ADR did with him with a guitar. Edge then attacks Del Rio then goes to hit him with the spear but Rodriguez makes the save. Edge spears ADR who was on the ring apron. Vicki Guerrero is now out, she is getting booed out of the building! She intro’s the “new” World Champion, Dolph Ziggler. They show footage of last Friday with Vicki trying to spear Edge and Edge using the spear on Ziggler. Vicki reminds Edge that if he used the spear he would face the consequences and how they are going to have a coronation for Ziggler on Friday and how she has footage that Edge was the one who took out Teddy Long…

Another spooky video is shown and this time they basically show The Undertaker so for those of us who thought the WWE would finally pull something new out of their assess… its not happening.

Daniel Bryan vs. The Miz tonight, hopefully they will give it some time.

LumberJill Match

Diva’s Champion Eve vs. Natalya

-Match even so far from the get go, both hitting dropkicks.

-Surf board from Natalya that Eve fights out of.

-Front flip leg drop from Eve for a 2 count before getting hit with a stiff clothesline from Natalya.

-This breaks down at ringside when Natalya is sent to the outside.

-Both back in and they have a mysterious headbutt.

-Natalya tries to roll up Eve but its reversed and she gets the pin.

-They shake hands in the ring and all is well in the world…

Winner: Eve

Oh look Rev Theory is at ringside and no one cares.

In the back Eve argues with the Bella’s and it turns into a brawl that includes Gail Kim and Natalya.

The preview for Triple H’s movie gets fast forwarded.

Mark Henry is coming down to the ring when he is attacked by Sheamus who hits a bro kick on Henry on the ramp. Sheamus then gets on the mic and says that is a reminder to anyone in the Elimination Chamber match of what he cant do. He kicks Henry in the face again on his way out.

The Miz and Riley do the walk in the back.

WWE Champion The Miz w/Alex Riley vs. United States Champion Daniel Bryan

-Cole gives Miz a standing ovation.

-“Daniel Bryan” chant off the bat.

-Nice exchanges thus far with a series of dropkicks from Bryan and stiff kicks from Miz.

-Bryan dropkick in the corner for a 2 count.

-Miz sent to the outside, he sidesteps the Bryan drive to the outside. Bryan stops himself and lands flying knees from the apron.

-Dropkick from the top by Bryan for a 2 count.

-LaBell lock but Miz is quickly in the ropes.

-Miz then hits a neck breaker with Bryan’s head on the top ring rope! Nice!

-Back from break and Bryan is hitting Miz in the chest with a series of kicks.

-Great exchanges here by the two with close pin attempts!

-Miz hits the SCF! 1…2…3!

Winner: The Miz

I figured they would keep Miz strong for the ppv but damn you could have gotten creative here with jobbing Bryan again.

Miz gets on the mic after the match and asks if we saw what he did to the Daniel Bryan. Miz says Lawler isn’t here because his mom passed away. Miz then offers his sincere condolences… however he hopes Lawler doesn’t use this as an excuse to lose his match at the ppv but how he will still be the champion. Huh? Sounds like Miz was struggling a little trying to get over the ppv match but not trying to step on Lawler’s shoes for reals.

They keep building this guest host, man this best be huge cause anything less than The Rock or Brock Lesnar will be a fucking let down.

David Otunga & Michael McGillicutty w/Mason Ryan vs. John Morrison & R-Truth

-Morrison is selling the eye injury after being sprayed by Punk. This eye makeup makes him look like he’s about to turn into a zombie.

-Truth starts off strong on Hennig with a series of arm drags.

-Ryan sweeps Truths leg which leads to Hennig sending him to the outside. Ryan then kicks Truth in the chest.

-Sloppy ass Otunga is tagged in which leads to the hot tag to Morrison.

-Series of spinebuster take downs my Morrison who is pounding the shit out of the Nexus guys. More aggressive Morrison here.

-Morrison sends Truth over the top onto Ryan then hits a stiff knee to Hennig for the pin.

Winner: Morrison and Truth

Otunga tries to attack Morrison but this shit doesn’t last long when Truth comes back into the ring. Nexus gets shown up here.

They shills the new Chris Jericho book, its available Wednesday.

Cole mentions how The Pond Honda Center was the home of WrestleMania 12 and 16 which I was both at! 😉

Back from break and Justin Roberts intro’s Ariel Winters who’s in the crappy movie with Triple H. She intro’s the Khali Kiss Cam… poor child. She’s under age Khali, don’t do it! Hey at least she’s trying he best dancing to this fools music. Runjin says they are turning the camera onto the crowd and people in the back. So they go to people in the crowd kissing, then Santino and Tamina… oh god then Vicki and Ziggler!!??!…. Maryse palms DiBiase then kisses Yoshi! Zack Ryder is yappying at William Regal who kisses Ryder on the cheek! Hahaha Hornswoggle the comes into the ring and gives Winters a heart shaped box of chocolates. She then kisses him on the cheek. He picks her up as much as he can which spills the chocolates all over the place. Haha Regal stole this shit with the look on his face!

King Sheamus vs. Randy Orton

-Thesz press by Orton off the bat after the two start brawling.

-Sheamus pounds on Orton’s chest while he was in the ropes, good visual.

-Shoulder block dive from the ropes from Sheamus for a two count.

-Series of clotheslines from Orton which leads to a powerslam.

-Irish Curse back breaker for another 2 count.

-Superplex by Sheamus.

-RKO out of nowhere from Orton! 1…2…3!!!!

Winner: Randy Orton

After the match Nexus attacks Orton but Morrison is in then Truth… then Cena and this has evened out! RKO to Otunga then Hennig! Double clothesline gets rid of Ryan and Punk takes the AA. Orton and Cena stand tall while Nexus hits the bricks.

A limo pulls up in the back, the door opens and it’s a woman’s leg..!?

Justin Roberts intro’s the host of WrestleMania 27…. we get a long pause with call kinda of noises and lights flickering… lightning bolts… IT’S THE ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The crowd goes ape fucking shit!!!!!!! He comes out to the stage and just looks on has he gets a standing ovation! Rock then heads to the ring and busts the Rock pose in the corner lifting the Nexus fist. Yeah, I am marking out! So what!? Rock then asks for a mic and the crowd is still going ape shit here! Anaheim is not going to let Rock talk they are giving him a pop! Fuck now I wish I was there! He says after seven long years… FINALLY The Rock has come back to Anaheim! Finally he has come back to Monday Night Raw! Finally The Rock has come back… home. “Rocky” chant. He says The Rock has many nicknames which he lists but he needs to tells us something as “Dwayne” and he’s going to tell us why he’s back and its not because of the money or the money or to promote a movie but because of us. How we helped him accomplish his dreams and he thanks us and loves us and it is because of us he is never ever going away!!!! Please come back and wrestle, holy fuck!!!! HUGE ROCKY CHANT! He says The Rock is back! How he wanted to host WrestleMania how Vince called him and said there is only one man to host WrestleMania and that’s Justin Bieber! Haha Rock says there is only one man to host WrestleMania…THE ROCK! Oops he got beeped for trying to say “ass”. Haha He said he will lay the Smackdown at WrestleMania… but to WHO!? (Rock vs. Cena?!) He clowns The Miz but then says there is one more man who the Rock wants to see and that man… FUCK we get an email! Rock stops Cole and says he’ll whoop his ass if he comes close to the laptop. How Cole isn’t going to interrupt The Rock and how no one care what the GM has to say. Another “Rocky” chant. Rock then cuts off Cole with “it doesn’t matter what you think” and tells him to sit down and know his damn role and shut his damn mouth! Rock shills his facebook page and they put up the address too! Haha Rock says he’s gonna shine that sumbitch laptop and stick it up his candy ass. Rock says there is ONE man he has to see face to face, someone he thought was a cool guy but then starts to talk shit about him and that dude is John Cena! “Cena sucks” chant! How the WWE has gone from Austin 3:16 to The Rock to “you cant see me” oh my god he’s clowning his ass!!!! He said Stevie Wonder can see your ass with your bright ass purple shirt!!! Oh fuck! He says the Rock will see Cena at WrestleMania.

Cena this is HOW you do it motherfucker!!! This dude who hasn’t been around for seven fucking years not only showed you up in a matter of minutes but made you look like the straight up poser you are!

Make no question about it, it was not Dwayne Johnson that showed up tonight like in the past, this was THE ROCK!


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