NWA Hollywood Thoughts & Review [airdate: Feb 11, 2011]


Famous B. pins Tommy Wilson

  • Wilson tries to cut a promo and the crowd goes all PWG on him and starts a “You Shut Up” chant. He calls Famous B a wannabe. Harsh.
  • FB gets on a sleeper but is rammed into the turnbuckle.
  • Wilson counters another sleeper with a belly to back suplex.
  • Nice sequence where Wilson counters a sleeper with a potential sidewalk slam, but then FB counters with a headscissors. Very cool.
  • FB rolls over a powerbomb, rolls Wilson up for three and gets the ‘upset.’

Wilson attacks FB afterwards and Cedric the Hitman joins in the beatdown.

Andrew Hellman makes the save with a chair.

— Good short match. However, I refuse to call Wilson ‘Mr. Megastar’. It’s beyond corny. But perhaps that might be what NWA Hollywood is going for. C’mon NWA.

I wasn’t feeling the multiple sleeper hold attempts by FB. I don’t recall him using a sleeper on previous episodes so the attempts seemed to come out of nowhere. The match certainly picked up steam when FB used his speed and agility to avoid Wilson’s power moves.

Ugh. Not really digging the overuse of singles doing tag team matches to consolidate the feuds. I guess we’ll be seeing Wilson and Cedric vs. Hellman and B in the near future.

They show a collection of promos of most of the participants in the main event battle royal.

–This was excellent. It gets you psyched for the match and adds tons of meaning.

Austin Aries Interview

  • Aries was on the phone and berates the interview guy for his lack of manners and bad breath.
  • He mentions Scorpio’s big balls and small brain.
  • Sky can’t beat him with one leg due to the Figure 8 Leglock.
  • Aries goes all Rashad Evans and says that he’ll just be a buffer for Adam Pearce if he wins the Invitational Battle Royal. Friends before titles is never a good thing.

–Aries is gold on the mic as usual.

KAOS interview

  • He says there’s no love loss between himself and Willie Mack.

Willie Mack and Joey KAOS battle to a no contest

  • Mack gives KAOS a bionic elbow.
  • Mack gives KAOS a chopfest in the corner.
  • KAOS gains momentum with stomps and wear down holds.
  • The match goes to the outside and Mack atomic drops KAOS’s crotch onto the steel post. Ouch.
  • Ref bump, the Standard comes in and the ref calls for the bell.
  • Joey Ryan and Scorpio Sky come in for the save.
  • Colt Cabana comes back and clears the ring!
  • HUGE Colt Cabana chant.

Colt grabs a mic.

  • Colt says he’s been out six weeks due to Adam Pearce.
  • Colt Cabana is no ordinary man.
  • He tells Marquez that he wants in on the Battle Royal.

Main Event
Colt Cabana wins the Invitational Battle Royal for a shot at the NWA World Title

  • HUGE clusterfrak to start the Battle Royal.
  • Rasche Brown and Jason Watts have a nice face off in the middle of the ring.
  • The Tribe and the Standard team up to eliminate Rasche Brown.
  • As soon as Jason Watts begins to look dominant, Willie Mack clotheslines him out of the ring.
  • The final four are KAOS, Cabana, Aries and Mack.
  • The faces and heels team up and it turns into a impromptu tornado tag match.
  • Mack pulls the ropes to send KAOS flying out of the ring.
  • Cabana and Mack double-team Aries.
  • Adam Pearce is does a great job of shitting bricks on the mic while Aries is almost eliminated.
  • KAOS runs back in and throws Mack out of the ring. Eh. I hate nonsensical moments like these.
  • Aries does a ridiculous version of the bionic elbow and eats Colt’s bionic elbow for his efforts.
  • Flying Apple Asshole by Cabana that sends Aries out of the ring!

Pearce cries out, “Noooooo!” like Luke Skywalker did when he found out Vader was his daddy.

Cabana has a mic.

  • He says he’s going to break Adam Pearce in half.
  • When he wins the title, the first drink is on him.

Pearce looks on in disbelief.

The crowd chants “COLT” as the show ends.

–As far as battle royals go this was pretty entertaining. I didn’t like how Willie Mack was eliminated but that’s the nature of booking battle royals when you don’t want your faces to eliminate each other. I think they could have found a better way to get Mack out of the way. Perhaps, as Cabana whipped Mack into the ropes, they could have had KAOS run in and pull the ropes down to eliminate Mack. To just allow an ineligible wrestler to come back in and throw Mack out is absurd and somewhat lazy booking in my humble opinion. But that’s probably just nitpicking.

I was expecting a better showing for Jason Watts. But I guess this sets something up between him and Willie Mack for the future.

Overall this was a decent show. I’m disappointed NWA Hollywood doesn’t have at least one match that features their tag team division on every episode. Natural Selection and RockNES have way too much talent to be left off TV. Their involvement in the battle royal doesn’t count. I’m looking forward to the Colt vs. Pearce rematch and the finale of Scorpio Sky vs. Austin Aries. When Colt Cabana and Austin Aries are around, all is right in the world of NWA Hollywood.

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