Smackdown Thoughts & Review [2. 11. 11]


They show a video package recapping how Kelly Kelly saved Edge’s World Title but then got fired. Drama, son!

Green Bay, WI

Ricardo Rodriguez introduces Alberto Del Rio!

It looks like a fiesta in the ring with red balloons and red roses. Alberto grabs a mic.

  • He’s the winner of the biggest Royal Rumble in history.
  • He says he has a lot of love in his heart. He loves his cars, Mexico etc.
  • He loves Destiny the most and that Destiny loves him.
  • He says that unlike Aaron Rodgers, ADR doesn’t have to pretend to be World Heavyweight Champion.

Kofi comes out with a mic.

  • Kofi says that he knows about the past and how ADR beat him with a kendo stick.
  • Kofi says that right now it’s about ADR and him.

Kofi rushes the ring with a Kendo Stick.

ADR begs him not to hit him and Kofi hesitates.

ADR stands up a little and Kofi whacks him on the side over and over.

ADR runs out of the ring and Kofi destroys all the props.

–Nice promo by both men. Nice to see ADR being given a quality feud with a good worker to warm him up for Wrestlemania. Kofi came off strong on the mic here and showed everyone why he’s a big moment or two away from being in the Main Event circle. Whacking ADR with the kendo stick revealed a more aggressive side to Kofi’s character.

Alberto Del Rio vs. Kofi Kingston

  • ADR gets full mount early and the ref stands both of them up early! Bullshit!
  • Both men go into brawl mode and beat each other with boots, kicks and strikes.
  • Strong backbreaker by ADR.
  • ADR displays some catch wrestling with his knee grinding into Kofi’s back while applying a chinlock.
  • High Cross Body by Kofi for two.
  • Ranhei by Kofi for two when ADR grabbed the ropes! Close call!
  • ADR moves out of the way of a Trouble in Paradise.
  • ADR with a knee lift and then rams Kofi’s arm onto the steel steps outside.
  • Both make it into the ring, Cross Arm Breaker, and it’s over.

WINNER: Alberto Del Rio

–Fine match and I hope this isn’t the last of this feud. I’m glad they’re booking ADR strong and all but I wish they’d make him work on the arm a lot longer instead of just having him finish opponents after just one big arm attack. Seriously, they might as well just have him clothesline fools once and finish them off with a running leg drop. Whatcha gonna do, brotherrr?!?


  • Edge is being interviewed.
  • He calls Vicky a flying pig and says that he doesn’t know how he’s going to retain his title against Dolph tonight.
  • They show the Green Bay Packers in the audience sporting World Heavyweight Championship replicas on their shoulders. You’d think at least one of them would have worn it around their waist.

Vladimir Kozlov vs. Justin Gabriel w/ the Borre

  • Kozlov kills Gabriel early with grappling.
  • Triple headbutts by Kozlov! I love that move.
  • Santino gives Slater a Cobra.
  • Gabriel counters a jumping elbow drop with his knees up. 450 splash and that’s it.

WINNER: Justin Gabriel

Wade Barrett gives Santino a Wasteland.

Ezekial gives Kozlov The Book of Ezekiel.

–That was sort of unexpected but I suppose they’re trying to make the Borre true threats to the Tag Team titles.

They show another 2/21/11 teaser. I say it’s Sting. It has to be.

Chris Masters vs. Drew McIntyre

  • Drew gets out of the ring and gets on the mic.
  • He says that Edge is responsible for getting Kelly Kelly fired. He dedicates the match to her. Whatever man.
  • Damn! Chris Masters gets Drew up super high for a sit out spinebuster bomb. Think D Lo’s Sky High. Sick!
  • Drew flips over a backslide attempt into a Futureshock DDT.

WINNER: Drew McIntyre

–Good short match. Surprising finish for two big men. If there’s one wrestler who has grown on me, it’s Chris Masters. He’s been solid in the ring ever since he’s come back and the crowd always seems to get behind him. Drew has taken HHH’s place in my eyes as the guy that keeps winning and winning for no apparent reason.


  • Rey Mysterio interview.
  • He says he didn’t mean to break Dashing Cody Rhodes’ nose.
  • He sarcastically wishes DCR a speedy recovery.
  • His focus is beating Wade Barrett and becoming the New World Heavyweight Champion.

Wade Barrett vs. Rey Mysterio

  • Wade grabs a mic and says that even if he wins the World Championship, he’s still no better than the other members of the Borre, but he will be the man to main event Wrestlemania.
  • Rey comes out looking like an Oakland Raider. Boooo!
  • Rey smacks Wade’s face with a brutal running dropkick in the corner. It made me think of Tajiri. Damn I miss me some Japanese Buzzsaw!
  • Wade controls the middle of the match with his methodical offense.
  • Rey with a senton on Wade from the apron to the outside!
  • Rey pulls off a springboard high cross body for two.
  • Big boot by Rey, followed by a sick head kick for two.
  • Rey falls out of a Wasteland but then runs into a Boss Man Slam for two. Nice!
  • Rey headscissors Wade into the 619 position from the pumphandle position. Justin Gabriel interrupts a 619 and Rey is greeted by a huge boot.
  • Wade hits the Wasteland and it’s over.

WINNER: Wade Barrett

The Borre come in and beat Rey down. Gabriel threatens to give Rey a 450 but Big Show makes the save.

Show kills all the members of the Borre with chops and headbutts.

Show teases a double chokeslam on ‘Slabriel’ but Ezekial clotheslines him from behind. Get it? Slabriel!

Ezekial slowly picks Show up and SUPLEXES his giant ass over. Holy shit. That was awesome.

–Love Booker T’s shout out to the Big Boss Man!

Good match and it’s nice to see Rey put over the new talent. I really like how they’re bringing Ezekial along slowly. Thus far he’s been given some good mic time and great moments to build his character. I’d say he’s been making the most of his opportunities.

JTG vs. Kane

  • Kane with a running dropkick to a seated JTG. How cruiserweight of the Big Red Monster.
  • Kane hits his flying clothesline off the top.
  • Kane. Chokeslam. Done.


–It was what it was. Kane is such a great character when kidnapped daddies and Urn-Flashlights aren’t involved.


  • LayCool run into Vicky and Dolph.
  • Dolph calls Layla a loser. McCool doesn’t back her up. That bitch!

–I think LayCool has run its course. Hopefully they’ll be broken up sooner than later. Layla deserves a singles push soon but it will probably go to Misses Taker.

Eve Torres vs. Layla

  • Layla looks like she’s wearing something off the Raspberry Beret video back in the day. Damn I’m old.
  • Eve slams Layla’s head on the announcers’ table and throws her in the ring.
  • Layla gains momentum and hits a nice dropkick to Eve’s back. Cool.
  • Eve with a standing moonsault for two.
  • McCool distracts Eve on the top and Layla knocks her off.
  • Layla goes for the pin but gets countered by Eve for the loss.

WINNER: Eve Torres

–Good match. Really disappointed with the lack of crowd reaction for Eve Torres. The audience acts like they don’t know who she is. It really is a damn shame. Also, moonsaults are nice but it would be lovely to see Eve submitting chicks with some BJJ holds.

Edge vs. Dolph Ziggler

  • Vicky comes out last to officiate the match.
  • Vicky grabs the mic from Tony Chimel and reminds everyone that the Spear is still banned.
  • Dolph kicks Edge and goes for a quick pin. Vicky with a super fast count for two.
  • Dolph gets the Sleeper on but Edge powers out and follows with an Edge-O-Matic.
  • Dolph comes off with an ax-handle but Edge catches him and gives him a flapjack.
  • Edge hits Dolph with an Impaler DDT. Vicky counts but stops at two and laughs in Edge’s face.
  • Dolph with the Famouser for a quick two.
  • Vicky starts doing a crazy Edge impersonation and tries to Spear Edge. She bounces off his body and hurts herself.
  • While Vicky is getting checked out by a ringside trainer, Edge Spears the hell out of Dolph twice.
  • The Packers’ Clay Mathews comes out in a ref shirt and counts to three.


Edge celebrates with Clay Mathews in the ring.

The show ends.

–Great stuff with Vicky grabbing the belt from Edge at the start of the match.

Love how they captured the audience marking out for Clay Mathews.

The graphics for the match ups are off the charts. The WWE is probably second the NFL in video presentation of its product.

Good match overall. Watching Edge is like hearing a band with more than five good albums play live. You pop for Edge’s old moves like you would when you hear your favorite song from an old album being played.

Nothing major happened this week but it was an entertaining Smackdown overall.

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