02-07-11 RAW REVIEW


Sorry for the lack of posting last week, I was knee deep moving but I am back for your reading pleasures.

RAW starts right off with the returning Mr. McMahon!

Vince congratulates Green Bay for winning the Superbowl but says there is something bigger, WrestleMania! He says next week we’ll get big moment and there is one man that can pull this off then says something about a “guest host” next week…!? Oh man I have a feeling this isn’t going to be as big as we want this to be.

He leaves and Randy Orton comes to the ring. They roll to footage of Orton punting Harris last week. We get a lackluster RKO chant. Orton says he is just getting started and how he and Punk aren’t even yet. This of course brings out Punk to the stage, he then sits Indian style and calls Orton, “Randle”. haha. He’s going to tell Orton why he’s cost him the title and Punk rolls to footage of 2008 and how Legacy jumped Punk, then Orton punted him. Wow, check out the WWE playing off the past. Good! Punk then says Orton doesn’t care about costing Punk the title but that he has been patient because he was going to get his revenge. Punk tells Orton that as long as they are on the same show and breathing the same air, Orton will never be WWE Champion again and how he is going to eliminate Orton right now. Nexus then comes out and the entire group walks down to the ring. They attack and Orton tries to fight them off until Mason Ryan clotheslines Orton. Nexus holds him up but Orton fights off and tries to attack Punk but they get the best of him again and tie him into the ropes. The crowd calls for Cena. Orton continues to fight back and it looks like Orton has busted Punk’s nose, what an asshole! Nexus then puts Orton on Punk’s back and he hits the G2S! Punk then kneels in front of Orton and stares at him. They throw the fist in the air while a blood Punk smiles then leads his group out of the ring. I thought this was cool that they played off an incident between these two back in 2008. Good way to tie this all together.

Mason Ryan is in the ring still and apparently we got an email during the break stating that Nexus will take on Elimination Chamber combatants ending with Punk vs. Cena and how the GM isn’t going to let the Nexus run shop on RAW… good luck with that shit laptop.

Mason Ryan vs. R-Truth

-Cole clowns Truth about saying “what’s up Green Bay” when they are in Milwaukee. The crowd gets behind Cole and start chanting “Milwaukee”. Does Cole hate this dude for real cause he really pours it on when he’s out here.

-Ryan focuses on Truth’s “injured” leg.

-Ryan then puts Truth in a submission hold using his head to tweak the leg of Truth.

-Mason then goes for a chair to attack Truth after he tapped out. The ref gets the chair away but Ryan puts this hold back on him now carrying Truth!!!

Winner: Mason Ryan

-Crowd chants “Milwaukee”.

-Ref reverses the decision and DQ’s Ryan for attacking Truth after the match…!?

Winner: R-Truth by DQ

Nexus in the back while Punk holds a towel to his nose. He’s pissed at Ryan until he says well done and wants the rest of Nexus to hurt people not win tonight. Ortunga is trying to get out of fighting Sheamus but Punk says he has a plan and needs Otunga to have a little faith.

Diva’s Champion Eve, Tamina and Gail Kim vs.  Melina and the Bella’s

-Natalya is on commentary and of course Cole is giving her shit.

-Bella’s double team Kim to start the match.

-Natalya says her and Eve will take their match “to another level” next week… riiiight.

-Standing moonsault on Melina and the match has broken down.

-Spinning neck breaker by Eve on Melina for the pin.

Winner: Eve, Kim and Tamina.

The mysterious video is shown again, seems a little different but has the date once again and Johnny Cash played in the background. Seems more geared to Taker at this point. Oh well for all the hype fans are building on the interwebs.

Video package on the Elimination Chamber match is shown playing up previous matches, the size, steel and rules of the match.

John Morrison vs. Michael McGillicutty

-Hennig comes out hitting hard missing a clothesline but then hitting a stiff one to the back of Morrison.

-Hennig pins Morrison’s arm between the ring and the steel steps and before he can land a dropkick to the steps, Morrison moves his arm.

-Morrison fights back, hitting his flash kick then hitting Starship Pain for the pin.

Winner: John Morrison

Morrison goes to the stage and poses but Punk is out and sprays Morrison in the face with something, he then kicks Morrison in the head and smiles while Morrison coughs in pain.

WWE Champion The Miz and Alex Riley come out. Cole kisses Miz’s ass while he comes into the ring. Miz says he was pulling for Lawler and asks him to come into the ring. While Lawler is coming into the ring, Miz sends Riley out to ringside. Miz says he was rooting for Lawler not because it was an easy win for him but because they are mirror images of each other. How Lawler was a lightening rod because when Lawler talked people listened. Miz says he’s patterned his career after Lawler and how he’s on all the talk shows and how he is WWE Champion. Lawler says they both have big mouths but he backs his up. Lawler says he’s never patterned his career after anyone and how he is an original. Miz then calls Lawler a cheap shot artist which is why he likes him, he then cuts to the footage of Lawler cold cocking DiBiase. This gets a “Jerry” chant. Lawler says he’s never been WWE Champ nor has he wrestled at WrestleMania and how its been his life long dream, how he’s not going to let this opportunity pass him by. Miz goes to do his catchphrase and Lawler cuts him off and gets an “awful” chant started. Miz goes to hit Lawler but he sidesteps him and punches on Miz until Riley comes in, this doesn’t last long as Alex is thrown over the top rope. Lawler then continues to beat on Miz until DiBiase jumps Lawler and he and Miz beat on him. But Bryan is out to make the save! As they clean house we get an email… Lawler & Bryan vs. DiBiase & Miz right now! Well that email came off pissy… Riley is joining Cole on commentary.

US Champion Daniel Bryan & Jerry Lawler vs. Ted DiBiase /Maryse & WWE Champion The Miz

-Stiff knee and kicks from Bryan to Ted for a two count.

-Nice corner dropkick by Bryan for another two and Lawler is tagged in.

-Series of bodyslams on Miz by Lawler until he’s sent to the outside my the WWE Champion setting up Ted’s cheap shots.

-Back from break and Miz has the advantage on Bryan hitting his signature clothesline in the corner.

-Cole keeps talking shit on Lawler and how his ego wont let him just do commentary and how he’s trying to get to WrestleMania.

-Hot tag to Lawler who lands a series of punches to Ted.

-DDT by Lawler for a close 2 until Miz stops the count.

-Dive to the outside by Bryan to Miz!

-Second rope fist drop on Ted for the THREE count!

Winner: Jerry Lawler & Daniel Bryan

Even though Cole and Lawler bicker they still shill McMahan’s announcement of a guest host for WrestleMania…

Sheamus is coming to the ring when Josh stops him and is asked about Mark Henry’s comments about how he doesn’t deserve to be in the Elimination Chamber match. Sheamus says Henry is a joke who’s been in the WWE forever and has never been close to the WWE Title. He then makes fat jokes about Henry eating cake and how he should shut his mouth.

Sheamus vs. David Otunga

-Otunga is on this way to the ring when Henry’s music plays and he storms to the ring. Henry and Sheamus then brawl in the ring.

-Stiff double axe handle by Sheamus.

-Otunga tries to get involved but is dumped off the top rope by Sheamus.

-Henry hits the World Strongest Slam on Sheamus then hits it again!

-Henry then leaves the ring only to have Otunga come in and stand over Sheamus throwing up the Nexus fist.

Winner: no contest

Seconds later Ricardo Rodriguez is intro’ing Albertooooo DEL Riiiiiiooooooo! He’s taking on Santino after the break.

Santino vs. Alberto Del Rio

-ADR cuts a promo before the match, but you already know that. He talks about Santino thinking he almost had the Rumble won. He said it was his destiny to win the Rumble and it will be his destiny at WrestleMania to win the Title.

-Santino comes out strong on ADR and he tries to throw Santino out like at the Rumble but Santino reverses it like ADR did on him!

-ADR comes into the ring but Santino side steps him AGAIN and Alberto ends up on the outside for the second time.

-ADR lands a stiff kick to Santino then send him to the ring post.

-Arm lock by ADR that gets a small chant. Santino fights out of it then does his splits then hiptoss which sets up for the Cobra that is missed.

-Arm drop to the knees of ADR then cross arm breaker by ADR for the tap out victory.

Winner: Alberto Del Rio

What Nexus has done thus far is recapped.

Vicki Guerrero and Dolph Ziggler show up and head towards the ring. Vicki says Dolph is going into the Elimination Chamber match as Champion. The crowd is shitting on Vicki as usual until John Cena’s crappy music hits and this ass clown makes his way to the ring. Cena says he’s putting a stop to this and makes a joke about Christina Aguilera butchering the Anthem last night. He then apologizes for Truth getting the city wrong and says he was probably celebrating too much. He then kisses the crowds ass. Cole said he’s bored by Cena, first thing he’s said all night that made sense. Cena references making out with Vicki…sigh. Vicki says if they don’t get respect they are going to leave. Cena then leads the crowd in some sort of Packers chant. Vicki and Dolph get the hint and bounce.

Cena then brings up what Nexus has done to the Elimination Chamber combatants but he says he’s still here… This fool makes Elimination Chamber puns and says he’s going to WrestleMania.

CM Punk vs. John Cena

-Punk takes the advantage of the match shortly after the beginning.

-Cena fights back and hits his same ol shit bulldog.

-Punk sends Cena to the outside then lands a clothesline from the ring apron.

-“CM Punk” chant.

-Knee to the face of Cena in the corner then a bulldog of his own.

-Pun goes for G2S but Cena fights out and starts to punch the mid section of Punk until the ref stops him. Cena then lands the low blow to Punk for the DQ….!?

Winner: Punk by DQ

Hennig and Otunga then come into the ring but Lawler hands Cena a chair who takes it to the backs of both Nexus members while Mason Ryan checks on Punk. Cena looks on with his chair while Punk and Ryan look on at ringside while the show ends.

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