Smackdown Thoughts & Review [2. 4. 11]


Uniondale, NY

They show a Wrestlemania piñata hanging over the ring.


Booker T comes out wearing an extremely fly suit.

They introduce him as a member of the Smackdown announce team. Awesome!

Spinaroonie is in full effect and I am officially marking out like a Cenatard in purple!

Vicky Guerrero comes out with Dolph and her catch phrase. She grabs a mic.

  • She announces the lame ass mix-tag match main event.
  • She demands Kelly Kelly to come out to see her.
  • Kelly comes out in a pink outfit. God. Bless. America.
  • I never hate on anybody but seeing Kelly makes me hate on Justin Gabriel. Lucky bastard.
  • Vicky says she wants to humiliate Kelly instead of firing her.
  • Kelly tells Vicky that she’s sick of her bullsh*t.
  • Dolph says Kelly is the reason he isn’t the World Champion right now.
  • He tells Kelly to scram and Kelly slaps the hell out of him. She pushes Vicky down for good measure.
  • LayCool come to the ring and try to punk Kelly. Enter Edge and a fist to Dolph Ziggler.

–I’m not feeling this main event but it was nice to see Kelly speak on the mic comfortably. She wasn’t so natural before so it was nice to see her establish herself on the microphone here. I was looking forward to hearing Booker T announcing but he was absent when Vicky came down. I’m assuming Booker T will join the announcing table next week or after the commercial break.

Whew! Booker is at the announcers’ table. The bad thing is that Striker is gone. They should have kept Striker and got rid of SuperTool.

Cobrazlov comes out.

Non-Title Tag Team Match
Santino & Vladimir Kozlov w/ Tamina vs. The Borre (Justin Gabriel & Heath Slater)

  • Kozlov with a nice firemans carry. I love it when Kozlov goes all Sambo on opponents.
  • Kozlov with his spectacular headbutt spears on Slater.
  • Slater with a nice reverse DDT.
  • Gabriel gets off a 450 on Kozlov and it’s over.

WINNERS: The Borre (Justin Gabriel & Heath Slater)

–As much as I love Santino and Kozlov I really wish WWE would invest some time into its Tag Team division. It’s almost as if the term “Double Team” is a bad word behind the scenes. This match was okay but if last weekend’s World’s Greatest Tag Team vs. Kings of Wrestling match was a 10, this match was a 0.5. Step it up, WWE. There’s still a need for awesome tag team wrestling.

Elimination Chamber Qualifying Match
Kofi Kingston vs. Drew McIntyre

  • I think I’ve seen this match at least 10 times last year or is every match with Drew McIntyre the same no matter whom he wrestles? I kid, he’s improved a lot but I still ain’t a fan.
  • Booker says that Kelly Kelly is hotter than a Mexican plate lunch with a bunch of hot sauce on it. Agreed.
  • Ouch. Drew flapjacks Kofi onto the steel steps. Brutal.
  • Wow. Kofi looks like he was going for a headscissors but ends up being gutbusted on Drew’s knee.
  • Funny. Drew puts Kofi in his finger frame, then rocks him with a crisp standing dropkick.
  • Kofi with a sick float over DDT!
  • Drew moves out of the way of a Trouble in Paradise.
  • Ricardo Rodriguez introduces Alberto Del Rio on the Smackytron.
  • Kofi is distracted and gets Futureshock DDT’d. Done.

WINNER: Drew McIntyre

–Good match. Seeing Drew in the main event is going to be painful. I think Kofi could offer a lot more to an Elimination Chamber match than Drew. Hopefully Drew will be eliminated early in that match.

The 2/21/11 promo airs. It better not be HHH. It takes place on a RAW so I’m not sure if it’s going to be ‘Taker. Let’s all pray it’s Sting.

Elimination Chamber Qualifying Match
Rey Mysterio vs. Jack Swagger

  • Rey Rey comes out in half red and half white. He looks like the secret bass player for the White Stripes.
  • Rey is countering everything Swagger throws at him with his quickness.
  • Rey counters an atomic drop with a bulldog.
  • Damn! Swagger bends Rey’s right knee over the middle rope. I’ve never seen that done before and it looks legit painful.
  • Swagger controls the match with power moves.
  • Rey Rey hits a HUGE DDT off the top rope.
  • 619 – no, Swagger catches him and slaps on the ankle lock. Rey counters, Swagger is rammed into the turnbuckle, kick to the head by Rey into a roll up. Rey wins.

WINNER: Rey Mysterio

–Okay match. I really think they should have showed quick interviews with all the participants for the Elimination Chamber at the start of the show. These matches just seem thrown together.


  • Edge is telling Kelly that he didn’t think his title reign was going to end like this.
  • Kelly wonders if Edge has any faith in her and storms off.

–As that segment aired, the thought of Edge banging Kelly Kelly quickly ran through Justin Gabriel’s mind.

Hornswaggle and Rosa Mendes come out throwing t-shirts to the crowd.

Ricardo Rodriguez introduces Alberto Del Rio at the top of the entrance ramp.

Alberto Del Rio enters the ring with mic in hand:

  • He talks about his destiny of being the new World Heavyweight Champion.
  • He says he was going to have his celebration later in the show but he had to come out since Hornswaggle was here.
  • ADR tells ‘Swaggle that the candy is all for him.
  • They blindfold ‘Swaggle and have him swing aimlessly at the piñata.
  • Swaggle catches ADR in the gonads.
  • ADR is pissed and boots ‘Swaggle in the head and starts pummeling him.
  • Kofi runs in for the save and clotheslines ADR out of the ring.
  • Ricardo distracts Kofi and ADR attacks Kofi from behind. ADR beats Kofi with the stick. The piñata stick is actually a kendo stick wrapped in Mexican colors. Cross Arm Bar and here come the officials to pull ADR off.

–Interesting. Could Kofi be ADR’s first contender after he wins the World Heavyweight Championship at Wrestlemania or is this a mini warm-up feud before the home stretch to Wrestlemania? I’m not sure what Rosa Mendes’ roll was in all this but I’m glad she’s still around for eye candy’s sake.

Booker T says he’s going to be a coach on the next season of Tough Enough. I’m sold.

Elimination Chamber Qualifying Match
Chavo Guerrero vs. Kane

  • Chavo drops Kane’s neck off the top rope.
  • Kane grabs Chavo’s neck after a frogsplash and hits the Chokeslam. It’s over.


–WTF? Why is Chavo treated like Barry-O sometimes? He’s one of the best workers in the company and they don’t even give him a fighting chance with Kane. I guess he’ll forever be stuck in undercard limbo.

Oh hell no. They show a trailer for HHH’s movie, The Chaparone. The damn logo looks like it crawled out of the reject bin of Home Improvement, then happened to crossbreed with the Magic Schoolbus logo. Why, WWE? Why?

This shit is ridiculous.

Elimination Chamber Qualifying Match
Big Show vs. Wade Barrett w/ the Corre

  • Show destroys Wade early with punches and chops.
  • Show whips Wade into the ref, who is knocked down.
  • Ezekial kills show with a HUGE clothesline for a two count.
  • Wade props Show up on his knees and then drops him with a sick DDT. Nice.

WINNER: Wade Barrett

Ezekial picks Show up and slams him hard into the mat. He grabs a mic.

The end has come and it has awakened against you. Or something like that.

–The Borre look like Nexus-lite with inferior t-shirts. Seriously. Go back to the drawing board, come up with a better logo and get rid of that extra “r”.

Seeing Ezekial clothesline The Big Show just made me miss Skip Sheffield’s clothesline that much more.

World Heavyweight Title Mixed Handicap Match
Dolph Ziggler & LayCool vs. Kelly Kelly & Edge

  • Edge dominates Dolph early but Michele McCool is tagged in. Edge reluctantly tags in Kelly Kelly.
  • Woah. McCool swings Kelly Kelly into the ring barrier and practically kills her.
  • McCool dominates Kelly and gets a lot of quick two counts.
  • Layla comes in a gets Kelly in a headscissors.
  • Kelly fights back and pulls off an Acid Drop on Layla.
  • Kelly dodges a kick and Layla gets hit instead.
  • Kelly hits a SPEAR on Layla for the win!

WINNERS: Edge & Kelly Kelly

Vicky comes in and tells Kelly Kelly that she’s fired.

Kelly starts crying as Vicky berates her.

Vicky says that next week Edge will be defending against Dolph next week with herself as the guest referee. Dolph comes from behind and rocks Edge with a Zig Zag.

End of show

–Nice ending to a horrible match on paper. I’m not crazy about this feud but it’s a lot better than Edge vs. Kane. It was cool seeing Kelly Kelly hitting a Spear. I’m wondering how they’re going to bring Kelly Kelly back. She’s way too popular to be away from the cameras for too long.

The Show Overall

Having Booker T on the Smackdown announcing team is a godsend. He puts Michael Tool in check and has all the credentials in the world to be a fine color commentator. The bad part is the absence of Matt Striker. His wit and nerdy perspective will be sorely missed.

So the field for Smackdown’s Elimination Chamber is set with Wade Barrett, Drew McIntyre, Edge, Rey Mysterio, Dolph Ziggler and Kane. For the first time in a long time, the RAW main event puts Smackdown’s to shame. I don’t think anybody sees Dolph Ziggler as World Champion material just yet. Would they really put the belt back on Rey just to have ADR take it from him at Wrestlemania? I highly doubt it. I really see the Smackdown Elimination Chamber as just a formality before Wrestlemania. Edge vs. Alberto Del Rio for the World Heavyweight Championship is the biggest money match from Smackdown in my opinion.

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