NWA Hollywood Thoughts & Review [airdate: Jan 21, 2011]


Nothing like reading a review of a show that aired two weeks ago. U can see the whole episode on the NWA Hollywood website. Okay. I also want to say that when I recap matches I just aim to mention a few highlights and try not to recap a match move for move. Anyways, here goes…

Famous B defeats Cedric The Hitman via DQ

  • Cedric carries a briefcase to the ring. Did he win that or did he just buy and make it part of his gimmick?
  • Crowd chants “Famous B”.
  • Cedric hits a sick neckbreaker across his knee from the Death Valley Driver position.
  • Famous B with a nice backslide and a few other pin combos for two close counts.
  • Cedric with a nice guillotine legdrop from the top.
  • Famous B hits his Flashing Lights superkick for a two count.
  • Cedric goes for his briefcase, gets caught red-handed and hits Famous B anyways for the DQ. He goes on to attack Famous but Andrew Hellman runs in for the save. LOTS of reverb throughout the theater.

–I think this was 3 minutes too long. I’ve seen Famous B really click with people but this was not the case. Decent match I suppose.

Joey Ryan promo

  • He says Adam Pearce is going to lose and plays a tune his piano scarf.

Adam Pearce promo

  • Pearce says Cabana relies too much on the fans.
  • He says Joey Ryan is going to end up like Colt Cabana.

–Huh. Not sure if it was a good idea to place these promos back to back. If this was an emcee battle, Joey Ryan just got murked. Joey Ryan made Adam Pearce look like Stone Cold here.

Shaun Ricker Promo

  • His title is the symbol of excellence.
  • He says Natural Selection will come out on top of the tag team heap.

–Wow. He called Joey Ryan a child molester look-a-like. Funny. Think Samoa Joe promo but with Ricker’s face. I expect great things from Natural Selection. Great promo.

Rico Dynamite submits The Manimal

  • Excalibur is a guest announcer! PWG! PWG! PWG!
  • Manimal controls early with armdrags.
  • Rico with a sick tilt-a-whirl backbreaker.
  • Manimal with a nice splash for a one count.
  • Rico slaps on the Rico Death Clutch (Cloverleaf).

–Decent match. Manimal is a sight to see and I’d push to the moon…or at least to the top of the midcard.

Scorpio Sky Interview

  • Sky says his victory over Aries wasn’t a fluke.
  • Sky accepts Austin’s challenge.

–Sky started sounding like Cobra Commander near the end of the promo with some super pronounced “S” sounds when he said ‘accept’ and ‘see’. Where’s the Baroness?

Buggy pins Lucky O’Shea

  • Buggy looks like a female version of Robert Smith with a dash of Deborah Harry. She’s kinda fly in my opinion.
  • Buggy text a nice sidewalk slam for a two count.
  • Lucky’s brother accidentally trips her.
  • She yells at him and Buggy rolls her up for the win. Yay family.

–Okay women’s match. I look forward to seeing Buggy wrestle and improve from month to month. Hopefully, NWA Hollywood will start showing some storylines in their womens division. They need to show video packages of their women wrestlers on winning streaks to hype them up. They should also show some interviews so we can get to know their personalities.

Natural Selection over Skullkrusher Rasche Brown & Slymm

  • Brown overpowers Brian Cage and Shaun Ricker like he’s Hogan.
  • Nice corkscrew vertical suplex by Brown.
  • The Tribe comes to ringside and attacks Brown.
  • Natural Selection get Slymm up and hit him with the Deselection (Doomsday Device with the opponent in the powerbomb position).
  • Huge melee in the ring with Tribe, Natural Selection, Brown & Slymm and the RockNES Monsters.

–Poorly booked from the start. They should have had Natural Selection waiting in the ring for a moment. There was no reaction shot of Natural Selection when Brown and Slymm walked out. I think that’s key to adding interest in any match of this nature. As far as the match goes, I really liked how they emphasized Brown’s strength. He looked great and I’m still looking forward to his singles push.

Decent match. I think RockNES vs. Natural Selection is the most compelling feud in NWA Hollywood right now.


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