Live Royal Rumble Updates!!!


We’ll be here giving you fine folks live updates of the 2011 Royal Rumble! Keep refreshing!

Edge is out!

Edge defeats Dolph Ziggler via the Unprettier/KillSwitch!!!!

Great Puma – Good opener with a HOT HOT crowd. Props to Boston for holding it down. A great crowd always makes a match better! I like Zigglers rope assisted neck breaker. If there’s anything that Dolph does well, it’s selling his ass off.

Mascara de Fuego – Great opener. It moved fast and the crowd was into it. I think a rematch would be just as entertaining. Cool to see Edge hit the Killswitch/Unprettier.

Miz defeats Randy Orton via CM Punk run in and GTS.

Mascara de Fuego – Solid WWE Title match and a good win for Miz. Sets up Punk vs. Orton for WrestleMania.

Great Puma – Decent match. Orton hit an Angle Slam. What’s-up-with-that? Punk saved a pretty lackluster title defense. The Flying Alex Riley spot was a sight to see.

Eve Torres wins the Divas Championship over LayCool and Natalya via Second Best Moonsault Ever

Mascara de Fuego – Not sure why the changed the match all last minute but whatever the case Eve is the new Diva’s Champion. Good for her.

Great Puma – Glad to Eve win the title. She’s one of the few divas that can work.

Alberto Del Rio wins the ROYAL RUMBLE


Nexus and The Corre battle before the RAW GM orders them out of the ring.

2. Daniel Bryan

3. Justin Gabriel

Justin Gabriel is eliminated by Daniel Bryan

4. Zack Ryder

Zack Ryder is eliminated by Daniel Bryan

5. William Regal

6. Ted DiBiase

7. John Morrison

DiBiase eliminates William Regal

8. Yoshi Tatsu

9. Husky Harris

10. Chavo Guerrero

11. Mark Henry

Mark Henry eliminates Chavo.

Mark Henry eliminates Yoshi Tatsu.

12. JTG

13. Michael McGillicutty

McGillicutty eliminates JTG

Harris and McGillicutty eliminate DiBiase

14. Chris Masters

15. David Otunga

CM Punk eliminates Daniel Bryan

Nexus eliminates Chris Masters

Nexus eliminatesMorrison

Nexus elimintes Mark Henry

16. Tyler Reks

Punk eliminates Tyler Reks

17. Vladimir Koslov

Punk eliminates Vladimir Koslov

18. R-Truth

Punk eliminates R-Truth

19. Great Khali

Khali elminates Husky Harris

20. Mason Ryan

Ryan throws Khali out



F*ckin’ Mason Ryan eliminates Booker T. BOOOOO!

22. John Cena

Cena takes out Mason Ryan

Cena takes out McGillicutty and Otunga

23. Hornswaggle

Cena eliminates Punk. BOOOOOO!

24. Tyson Kidd

Cena throws out Tyson Kidd

25. Heath Slater

Cena and Swaggle do a double You Can’t See Me Fist. Wow.

Cena throws out Swaggle.

26. Kofi Kingston

Cena and Kofi stall and look at the Wrestlemania sign simultaneously.

27. Jack Swagger

Kofi just hit a Boom Drop off Swaggle’s back. I’m not making this up.

28. Sheamus

Sheamus kicks Swaggle out of the ring.

29. Rey Mysterio

Rey Rey 619s Jack Swagger out of the ring!!!

30. Wade Barrett

31. Dolph Ziggler??? – stupid\

32. Diesel!!!

33. Drew McIntyre

HUUUUGE “Let’s go Diesel” Chant!

34. Alex Riley

Wade Barrett throws out Diesel

35. Big Show

Big Shows tosses Dolph Ziggler out of the ring

36. Ezekial Jackson

Big Show throws out Drew McIntyre

Ezekial elminates Big Show

37. Santino

38. Alberto Del Rio

39. Randy Orton

Orton throws out Kofi Kingston and Sheamus

40. Kane

Kane eliminates Ezekial Jackson

Rey eliminates Kane

Wade Barrett eliminates Rey Rey.

Miz runs in and eliminates John Cena

Orton takes out Wade Barrett.

Alberto Del Rio takes out Randy Orton!

Santino is still in! He gives ADR the Cobra!

Alberto Del Rio throws Santino out and wins the 2011 Royal Rumble!

-Be sure to read Mascara De Fuego’s review coming up next!!!

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