OK here we go, the road to WrestleMania begins!

World Champion Edge vs. Dolph Ziggler w/Vicki Guerrero
->Wow starting the show off with the World Title!
->Massive heat for Vicki who comes out before the match and tells Edge that the spear is banned and if he uses it he will lose the title. She’s such a great heel.
->Slower paced start with both exchanging the advantage.
->Match spills to the outside and Edge sends Ziggler into the ringside barricade.
->Stiff kick to the head of head that leads to a solid neck breaker from Ziggler with Edge hanging on the second rope.
->”Lets go Edge” chant breaks out while Ziggler had Edge in a head lock.
->Slingshot in the corner by Edge that gets a two count.
->Another good neck breaker by Ziggler for a two count.
->17 min mark and Ziggler had the advantage until both land dual cross bodies in the middle of the ring.
->Couple of near fall matches but both at after the 21min mark.
->Edge off the top with a splash but Ziggler rolls through for a 2 ½ count!
->Short “lets go Ziggler” chant!
->FIGURE FOUR EDGE LOCK! But Ziggler crawls to the bottom rope!
->”Lets go Dolph”, “Lets go Edge” dualing chants.
->Edge fights off the sleeper hold and hits the Impaler DDT but Vicki breaks up the count!
->Vick slaps Edge but he side steps and Edge rolls of Ziggler for a 2. Edge gets back in her face and Vicki slaps Edge until Kelly Kelly pulls Vicki off the ropes and slaps HER….!?
->ZIP ZAG!!!! 1….2…. 2 ½!!!!
->SLEEPER IS LOCKED IN!!!!…. Edge has taken a knee, he tries to fight off, he gets Ziggler up…REF BUMP!
->Sit down drop by Edge and he sees Vicki down and sets up for the spear while she’s out… SPEAR!!!!!!!
->Both guys laying on the mat when the ref comes to and Michael Cole is pissed!
Winner: Edge

Great opener that was fast paced. Go Boston for being a live crowd and adding to the match.

We get out first WrestleMania tease… 63 days away!

Props to the WWE for using Social Distortion over this Miz/Orton package. WOW, I am impressed.

Josh in the back with Miz and Riley. He said if it wasn’t for Cole, Lawler and if it wasn’t for Riley, Orton would be champion. Good serious promo by Miz.

WWE Champion The Miz vs. Randy Orton

->Cole brings up Orton not being a nice guy anymore during his intro. Yeah, we’ll see. Cole then gives Miz a personal standing ovation.
->Orton starts off throwing punches and kicks on Miz in the corner then sending him to the outside.
->Orton sends Miz into the barricade twice before landing a clothesline and sending him back into the ring.
->Miz taking a beating thus far until Riley gets involved at 4:32.
->Orton goes to clothesline Miz in the corner but Riley moves him out of the way.
->Miz hits his corner clothesline for a 2 count.
->Right hand by Riley for another 2 count and a Cole high five.
->Stiff kick to the head of Orton in the seated position for a 2 ½ count.
->High knee by Miz while Orton was on the ring apron for another 2 count.
->Stiff kick to the face of Orton for another 2 ½ count by Miz.
->Miz cut off on the top rope for an Orton superplex for a 2 count.
->At the 12:24 mark Orton takes the advantage hitting his move set. He goes for the vertical DDT in the ropes but Miz sends him to the outside which leads to Riley getting in a few shots on Orton.
->Double axe handle by Miz. “Is he Macho Man?” – Puma
->Miz and Orton on the outside, Miz hits the slingshot into the corner post.
->Orton fights back and hits the Garvin stomp at 16:50.
->Backbreaker/neckbreaker combo by Miz for a 2 ½ count.
->RKO counter, SCF countered… Angle slam by Orton. Miz is leaving but is cut off at the pass by Orton.
->Vertical DDT by Orton and he is setting up the RKO!
->NEXUS IS OUT AND COMING TO THE RING! The ref tries to stop them and Riley is trying to attack but Orton side steps him and send him into Nexus!
->RKO TO MIZ! PUNK IS OUT, G2S TO ORTON! HE PULLS MIZ OVER ORTON…1…2…THREEE!!!! Miz retains with the Nexus assist!
Winner: The Miz

Good win for Miz and this sets up Orton’s program with Punk for WrestleMania.

Todd in the back reading a letting from Cody about his “shattered face”, how Rey Mysterio hasn’t apologized to him and how he will not be in the Rumble this year.

Footage of fans asked about who is going to win the Rumble. A cutie picked Alberto Del Rio, way to go baby boo.

Diva’s Champion Natalya vs. LayCool
->Before the match starts the RAW GM chimes in. (Striker makes a Blackberry Messager comment, nice). The GM is changing the match to a Fatal Four Way… LayCool vs. Natalya vs. Eve!
Diva’s Champion Natalya vs. McCool vs. Layla vs. Eve
->LayCool take out Natalya then work over Eve.
->LayCool are left in the ring alone. They circle and hesitate until Natalya and Eve get involed.
->Natalya gets the Sharpshooter on Eve AND Layla until McCool quickly breaks it up.
->LayCool take Eve out of the ring but are taking a beating from Natalya.
->Diskus clothesline from Natalya in the corner to Layla.
->McCool accidentally kicks Layla which sets up for the top rope moonsault from Eve for the pin and the win!….
->McCool had Natalya rolled up when the ref was counting and is pissed at the ref.
Winner: Eve is the NEW Diva’s Champion!

Todd interviews Daniel Bryan w/Gayle Kim about winning the Rumble. The Bella’s come in to apologize with flowers. Bella’s then cut down Bryan and Kim and it leads to another brawl. Bryan and a ref try to break this hot mess up. God dammit lets get to the fucking Royal Rumble already.

Another WrestleMania package is shown.

By the numbers of the Royal Rumble package, god damn I love this shit!

40 Man Royal Rumble
->The Corre is out and surrounding the ring! They each take a side of the ring and attack CM Punk, here comes Nexus! It’s a bawl… god damn they should have waiting on this until mid Rumble.
->We get a fucking email and the GM says to stop. He sends both groups to the back if they don’t they are out of the Rumble. Punk is in the ring alone and he gets a chant.
->Daniel Bryan is #2 and we get at least 2 mins of these guys wrestling!
->GREAT exchange by these two thus far! ROH! ROH! ROH!
->Battling chants for both!
->Justin Gabriel is #3
->Punk and Gabriel fight in the corner, Gabriel MISSES the 450 and Bryan sends Gabriel over the top rope!
->Bryan and Punk fight until #4…. Zack Ryder comes out. He goes after Bryan first then Punk.
->Bryan hip tosses Ryder out of the ring and we are back to Bryan and Punk!
->5 is William Regal and Striker shills Regal. Regal chant.
->Regal and Regal go into an upper cut fest.
->Stiff kicks from Bryan to Regal and Punk.
->6 is Ted DiBiase, he goes right for Bryan first then Regal. Punk tries to fight him off but gets clotheslined.
->First time we have 4 guys in the ring.
->Morrison is out next at 7 and he takes out all four guys.
->Springboard kick to Punk.
->Regal throws up Morrison but he’s hanging on the barrigcade.
->Regal is thrown out by Ted!
->Morrison walks the barricade and jumps back onto the steel steps and he is still in this!!!!! WOW!
->8 is Yoshi Tatsu he ends up in the corner with DiBiase.
->9 is Husky Harris who takes out Morrison, Bryan, Ted and Yoshi while protecting Punk in the corner. He then gets ganged up in the corner, Punk finally ends up helping him.
->Belly to back suplex from Punk onto Bryan.
->10 is….Chavo… damn he’s still working for these fuckers!? He lands a tilt a whirl on Punk and then tries to hit the 3 amigos onto all the guys in the ring but at 2 they stop him and he hits it on another guy. He got 2 on Punk, Bryan and Morrison. Good shit.
->11 is Mark Henry, he gets rid of Chavo over the top.
->Henry clotheslines Yoshi over the top for the elimination.
->12 is JTG is out next who rolls in and takes a shot at everyone before getting stopped by Harris.
->13 is Michael McGillicutty who comes out and instantly attacks Bryan first them Morrison and JTG who he eliminates.
->Harris and McGillicutty eliminate Dibiase!
->14 is Chris Masters. Who Spinebusters Hennig and Masterlocks Punk and almost eliminates him with it.
->15 is David Otunga.
->Nexus gets eliminates everyone in the ring leaving Henry for last and now Nexus is alone.
->16 is Tyler Reks who gets beat up by Nexus and eliminated.
->17 is Kozlov who tries to fight back but he is ganged up on. Harris bomb! Kozlov is then eliminated!
->18 is R-Truth, he suffers the same fate as the last few guys and gets attacked by Nexus then eliminated.
->19 is the returning Great Khali. He takes out Nexus one by one and eliminates Harris!!! He corners Punk.
->20 is Mason Ryan who goes right after Khali but is floored by him but then eliminated by Ryan! Nexus is all alone one again!
->21 is BOOKER T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ryan attacks first, then Otunga! Crowd is hype for Booker! Book End on Hennig!!! SPIN-A-ROONI!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Punk is almost out!!!!!! Ryan throws out Booker…FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!
->22 is…ugh…. John Cena. He’s all serious face and comes in fighting off the Nexus. Ryan is eliminated…. Otunga and Hennig are double clotheslined over the top its only Punk and Cena left in the ring. Cena pounds on Punk but Punk fights back and goes for the G2S, Cena fights out and they hit a double clothesline.
->23 is…. Hornswoggle. Stupid. Punk stands up slowly to kick the shit out of Hornswoggle. Punk then turns his attention to Cena. Cena eliminates Punk…fuck you John Cena. Cena makes friends with Hornswoggle… ugh.
->24 is Tyson Kidd. Cena and Hornswoggle exchange punches on him and Hornswoggle hits a tilt a whirl on him and then an AA by Cena and an AA by Hornswoggle…Cena eliminates Kidd.
->25 is Heath Slater. Cena goes right at him but Hornswoggle hits a STUNNER! Double you cant see me punch by Hornswoggle and Cena..!? Tadpole splash by Hornswoggle and Slater is eliminated. 
->26 is Kofi Kingston. He comes in and goes face to face with Cena, they look at the WrestleMania sign and lock up. They have an exchange in the ropes until Kofi lands punches on Cena.
->27 is Jack Swagger who goes right at Cena and Kofi with corner splashes on each. Hornswoggle gets Swaggers attention and Kofi hits a boom boom drop to Swagger on the back of Hornswoggle.
->28 is Sheamus. he goes right for Swagger then Kofi then Cena who takes an Irish Curse back breaker. Hornswoggle gets in the face of Sheamus only to get paint brushes. Hornswoggle sets up Sweet Shin Music but Sheamus puts Hornswoggle on the top and Sheamus eliminates Hornswoggle!
->29 is Rey Mysterio! Gut Wrench by Swagger, No Rey ends Swagger into the ropes and hits spots on Sheamus, Cena and Swagger until he is stopped by Sheamus. Trouble in Paradise to Sheamus. Outside 619 and Swagger is out!!!
->30 is Wade Barrett. He lands kicks on Kofi, Cena, Sheamus and Rey. Rey stops Wade from eliminating Kofi. Wade and Kofi go at it in the corner.
->31 is Dolph Ziggler!?!? He goes right for Kofi, Cena and Sheamus. Cena, Kofi and Rey try to eliminate Wade but then it turns to Wade and Ziggler trying to eliminate Cena. Six guys in at the moment.
->32 is BIG DADDY COOL DIESEL!!!!!!!!! This dude is jacked!!!! Everyone in the ring is shocked. They try to attack but he attacks and beats them all. Big clothesline from Diesel onto Cena!
->33 is Drew McIntyre who double teams Diesel with Sheamus. STRONG “lets go Diesel” chant. 619 from Rey to Diesel and gets boo’d for it.
->34 is Alex Riley w/The Miz. Cena cuts him off quick. Wade elimates Diesel to a huge boo! Crowd is still chanting for Diesel.
->35 is The Big Show. Show and Diesel have a stare down while Show is coming down to the ring. hehe Show comes in and takes beats on Sheamus, Wade, Drew and Wade. Show eliminates Ziggler! Drew is thrown out by Show!
->36 is Ezekiel Jackson and he throws out the Big Show!!!
->37 is Santino! After Jackson and Sheamus kicks him in the head. Santino goes to the outside under the bottom rope. Jackson beats on Cena, Rey on Sheamus and Wade on Kofi.
->38 is Alberto Del Rio who drives into the arena while he gets intro’d by Ricardo Rodriguez. Rey is waiting for him but ADR takes his time getting to the ring
->39 is Randy Orton who beats on ADR on the outside who hasn’t event gotten into the ring. RKO to ADR, RKO to Sheamus, RKO to KOFI and Kofi and Sheamus are eliminated by Orton! Orton and Cena look at the WrestleMania sign and are face to face until…
->#40 Kane who throws out Jackson. Kane has floored everyone but Rey gets rid of Kane but Wade gets rid of Rey!!!!
->Final for Orton, Cena, ADR and Kane!
->Orton pairs up with ADR and Cena with Wade. Orton and Cena then go face to face… and start to brawl until Wade runs interference.
->AA to ADR!
->Riley is back to distract Cena and Miz throws Cena over the top rope!!!! Cena goes over to Cole to talk some shit before he leaves.
->ADR, Wade and Orton are left.
->Orton is double teamed on but he fights back. ORTON THROWS OVER WADE! ALBERTO DEL RIO THROWS OVER RANDY ORTON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
->Santino is back in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He sets up the Corba and hits it on ADR!!!!!!!!!!!!! He goes to throw over ADR but he reverses and ALBERTO DEL RIO HAS WON THE ROYAL RUMBLE!!!!!!!!!!!
Winner: Alberto Del Rio

Ricardo Rodriguez comes in and he announces ADR as the winner of the match! ADR points to the WrestleMania sign as Rodriguez keeps saying Alberto’s name over and over again.

Holy shit am I tired! Great pay per view, this is why the Rumble is one of my favorites of the year!

3 Responses to “01-30-11 WWE ROYAL RUMBLE REVIEW”

  1. Zank Says:

    So… the first big event of 2011 is over.. here are some “before-work-thoughts”.

    Edge retains vs Ziggi: good, equal match with no one dominating. Just how I like it. We were discussing how they would go around the spear stip. My guess (wish) was that Vicky pulls down Edge from behind the apron or top turnbuckle with Ziggler going for the submission. Edge then goes into the RR, wins and faces Ziggler for a rematch at WM. WWEs solution was much more elegant and fun imho and I’ve really enjoyed watching how it all turned out.

    The Miz retains vs RKOrton: I didn’t want to watch this match because of Randy. My need for sweet sweet RKOs is satisfied and I want him to do something different. Maybe he’s just not popping for me as a face. All in all solid match, but nothing I was excited for.

    Divas Fatal-4-Way: Really? Eve? I guess that I can live with that although the match had some really promising moments. I was going completly nuts when Michelle Taker and Layla had the small stare off, not knowing what to do. I was really excited for a LayCool breakup going to happen at the RR. Also Natis double sharpshooter (just sick how she pulls that off) could’ve been drawn out longer.

    And then the RR: So Edge was out of the picture and I was rooting for ADR the whole rest of the show. In the beginning I thought they were cutting the 40 man short with a quick DQ of Smaxxus and CMexus. Puh, dodged a bullet there.
    The RR was really, really fun… especially when CMexus dominated the ring. Jomo was sick again. Jumping on the barricade and then on the stairs? That alone made the PPV for me. Sick, sick moves this man has and it’s the 2nd PPV in a row where he was my shining star.

    Then the Supercenashow started and everything went downhill for me. Hornswoggle is fine in a weekly show for some lighthearted comedy, but not in whats supposed to be the biggest match of the year. BT and Nash should’ve been in the ring longer then just for showing off the whole moveset once and WWE really screwed with our minds on bringing back HHH (and the rumored Christian return).
    I loved how ADR won the RR with being only in WWE for 1 year. Great worker, great performer, fucking well deserved.

    2 good matches (WHC and Diva), 1 avoidable borefest for the WWE belt and 1/2 good RR with a good winners choice. Gonna listen to the podcast now. 🙂

    • Great Puma Says:

      LOL! Listening to the podcast might be bad for your health, Z. I’m hoping you actually like two old farts trying their best to make sense while buzzed out of their minds.

      Heh. Dude, are you trying to get ‘CMexus’ over? I love the effort. Keep it going.

      I just want to say that the Double Sharpshooter was done a few years ago by our favorite retired local wrestler, Scott Lost. Props to Nattie for doing it again. I think that’s her go to PPV move.

      I like Eve Torres. She’s a Gracie student so she can do no wrong. It also helps that she can actually wrestle, which puts her in a small group of special ladies in the WWE. I look forward to her title defenses.

      Big ups for mentioning the JoMo rail spot. He makes us all forget Jeff Hardy rather easily. I hope he gets his deserved push sooner than later.

      Thanks again, Zank, for stopping by and leaving us a comment!

  2. Zank Says:

    FFS… I completly forgot about Punk giving Orton the GTS… HIS SMILE WHILE LIFTING WAS SO SICK… this man is a true CMexus leader

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