Brock Lesnar is not in Las Vegas to babysit

by interview Part 2

Personally, I’d be stoked if I was picked to be on Brock’s team. Lesnar is a no-nonsense athlete and I’m sure he’s going to be putting forth his best effort on his path to regaining his World Heavyweight Title. As a coach, I think Brock will be phenomenal and I think his hardcore work ethic will be main thing his students benefit from. TUF 13 can’t come soon enough. Brock fans enjoy.

If anybody questions Brock Lesnar’s ability to coach, here’s a quick list of his coaching staff.

Rodrigo “Comprido” Medeiros (Received black belt from Rolls Gracie, multiple time BJJ World Champion)

MMA/Catch Wrestling
Erik Paulson (His mix martial arts lineage is a who’s who of martial arts and catch wrestling from Bruce Lee and Dan Inosanto to Karl Gotch and Mitsuyo Maeda)

Marty Morgan (Former Olympic Greco-Roman wrestler, Former Assistant Head Coach of the University of Minnesota Golden Gophers wrestling team)

Boxing & Striking
Peter Welch (Former Golden Gloves champion)

Strength & Conditioning
Luke Richarson (Strength coach for the NFL’s Jacksonville Jaguars)

Greg Nelson (World Champion Muay Thai instructor/coach)

Here’s a thorough breakdown of Brock’s coaching staff at


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