Typical IMPACT! beginning that involved Kurt Angle and Immortal yip yapping. Lame story short Flair reinstates Angle and Bischoff isn’t happy about it.

In an elimination tag team match, Angelina love is the sole survivor. The teams where The Beautiful People vs. Tara & Sarita. I was bored. Before the match Winter argued with TBP and mysterious someone fucks up Skye in the back after she got eliminated… hmm I wonder.

Commercial for Big Momma’s House 3… really? What the fuck man!? Cinema is officially dead.

Husky Hardy cuts a lame…lame promo on Mr. Anderson… Anderson.

X Division Champion Kazarian is on commentary. Tenay explains some convoluted series of matches leading to the #1 contender spot.

Triple Threat match between Chris Sabin, Amazing Red and Max Buck in the first series of these matches. Good exchanges by Red and Sabin, Max was just ok I thought, although he did sell the shit out of a Red DDT. Max wins this shit with the help of his brother. This should have gone to Sabin, fool was solid as hell in this match.

Karen and Jeff bicker back and forth about who Angle was on the phone with earlier. Yeah, Angle called someone about showing up tonight. Jeff puts his bitch in his place and tells her to loosen him up. Ah shit.

TBP argue in the back about Winter. Just kiss and make up already, no really you two should do that.

Anderson video package where he talks shit about the Jeff Hardy centric Title Belt… well why the fuck are they still having him carry around this shit then!?

Jeff Hardy comes out all pissed off calling us internet marks, yeah the brother of Matt Hardy is calling the crowd internet marks..! BAH! Anyhow this brings out Anderson he talks some shit to Hardy and bounces leaving Jeff speechless.

Crimson in the back, he was given an offer he couldn’t refuse and we’ll find out next week who it was from. Your reference to the Godfather isn’t giving anything away, oh wait.

Velvet Skye comes out she’s pissed and calls Winter a “glass bottom boat loving bitch”. The fuck does that mean? Winter comes out and they brawl until Love saves Skye’s ass.

Pope comes out and confesses that he doesn’t like Samoa Joe.

In the back Flair gives Immortal a pep talk and they get riled up. TNA World Champion Eric Young comes in and wants to get pumped to… Flair kicks his ass out.

Dixie calls Taz and Tenay. She feels shit will change in this injunction. Bischoff is interview about that and he defends Immortal, Hogan, Jeff winning back the title and shoots down “they”.

TNA World Champion Mr. Anderson beat Husky Harris, Raven, Chubb Rock, Matt Hardy… Anderson almost throws his back out getting Hardy on his shoulders. Feels like I’m watching WWE Superstars again… after the match Jeff attacks and RVD makes the save.

Main event time finally, a shit load of Immortal vs. Kurt Angle & Crimson. The Jarrett’s finally show up mid match, he gets belly to back suplexed for showing up late. Immortal is too much for the goodie goodies and Jarrett pins Angle. They continue their beat down until Morgan comes in but he gets ganged up on. Tenay & Taz sell Morgan has the dude Angle called. Then… lights go out we here sirens and when the lights come back up its Scott Steiner dressed in a black suit runs everyone off with a steel pipe….

Yeah, if you don’t get it yet the Main Event Mafia is coming back… whoopee…

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2 Responses to “01-27-10 TNA IMPACT! RANT”

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