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Toolbox is NOT part of the announcing team. Yes!

Striker calls out Derrick Batemen for cheating.

They show black and white footage from last week between him and Daniel Bryan going over the scheme.

Daniel Bryan says it wasn’t Bateman but the Ultimate Warrior. Awesome.

Out Think the Fink time!

Batemen has 20 seconds only, while the rest have 30 seconds to beat Fink’s score.

Enter the Fink!!!

Howard Finkel grabs a mic.

  • Fink goes all Mick Foley and says, “Hello Cincinnati!”
  • He answers some Trivia questions and gets 2 correct answers. The rooks have to get 2 correct answers or more to win and earn immunity points.
  • Johnny Curtis: “Championship History” – 1 correct answer.
  • Derrick Bateman: “First Time Evers” – 1 correct answer.
  • Byron Saxton: “Pot Pourri” – 1 correct answer
  • Brodus Clay: “Royal Rumble” – 1 correct answer
  • Three-way tie of 1. Nobody won or got immunity points.

WINNER: Howard Finkel!

They show a video package of the Bella Twins fighting Gail Kim over Daniel Bryan.

Todd started player hating on Daniel Bryan. Josh told him to don’t hate the player, hate the game. Moded!

Daniel Bryan vs. Ted DiBiase

  • Maryse gives Josh Mathews her autograph.
  • Bryan almost gives DiBiase a bow and arrow submission but lets it go.
  • Bryan does his pinning bridge sequence. I never get tired of it!
  • DiBiase escapes a Lebell Lock attempt.
  • Dolph Ziggler yells out “SUCKS” during the crowd’s “Daniel Bryan” chants.
  • DiBiase gains momentum and punishes Bryan on the outside.
  • Bryan does the corner flip to the running clothesline spot.
  • Bryan hits a huge missile dropkick from the top.
  • They tease small package counters that ended up two counts.
  • Bryan counters Dream Street into a rollup for two.
  • WOW. Bryan went from a hanging guillotine into a Lebell Lock but DiBiase escaped.
  • DiBiase was trapped in the ropes and Bryan gives him a BRUTAL running dropkick.
  • Bryan went for a suicide but DiBiase hits him with a hard elbow that almost knocks him out.
  • Dream Street and that’s it.

WINNER: Ted DiBiase

–Really solid match. Probably the best match I’ve seen on WWE television this week. Sorry RAW.

I love Bryan’s jumping corner bump. All great wrestlers have a unique bump that sets them apart from the rest. This bump is Bryan’s.

I’ve really tried to give DiBiase a chance but he just doesn’t do it for me unless he’s in the ring with Bryan. DiBiase does everything solid but he just doesn’t really do one particular move that sets him apart from his peers.

If you were to compare him with Dashing Cody Rhodes the disparity between their in-ring styles is great. Rhodes has definitely found his identity in the ring and is constantly refining it while DiBiase is still searching month to month. I’m sure he eventually will but he seems to be wrestling by the numbers at the moment.


  • Maryse congratulates DiBiase.
  • DiBiase tells Brodus to win the main event.
  • DiBiase doesn’t seem to realize that Brodus is patronizing him.

Johnny Curtis vs. Byron Saxton vs. Brodus Clay vs. Derrick Bateman

  • The other three rookies gang up on Bateman.
  • Clay with a huge fall-away slam/suplex on Bateman
  • Clay with a huge elbow. Pinfall attempt. One…two…three.
  • Bateman is eliminated.
  • Saxton and Curtis suplex Clay.
  • Saxton pulls off a modified stunner on Clay for two.
  • Curtis jumps off the top for a DOUBLE LEG DROP on Clay and Saxton! Nice.
  • Pinfall on Saxton – one…two…three!
  • Byron Saxton is eliminated.
  • Clay gives a modified avalanche and a running hip attack on Curtis in the corner.
  • Clay slaps on the nerve hold. I haven’t seen that in a while. Big ups to Haku!
  • Clay catches Curtis off the top and slams him with the chokeslam uranage.

WINNER: Brodus Clay

Striker interviews Brodus and asks him for his decision. Clay gives DiBiase some accolades but then Brodus says that DiBiase can’t control his girl and is the most broke “millionaire” he’s ever seen.

Clay chooses Alberto Del Rio. Awesome.

Clay gives DiBiase his finisher.

Maryse is stunned.

End of show.

–This episode has officially caught my interest in NXT. I now want to see if Brodus and Alberto Del Rio win the competition and get a Tag Title shot. I want to see where DiBiase is going with his own character and how his angle with Daniel Bryan turns out.

Byron Saxton, Johnny Curtis and Brodus Clay have definitely improved a lot in the ring since the first episode. I can’t say much about Batemen since he didn’t get a chance to do much in the main event. Personally, I’d like to see Saxton and Curtis as the final two since Clay doesn’t need any extra peripherals and accolades to get the crowd behind or against him. He’s a compelling character with an interesting look and I can see him being pushed to the main brands when this NXT season is over.

With the rat gone and no ToolBox in the announcing booth tonight, this was probably one of the most entertaining NXT’s I’ve seen this season. They seem to have gotten rid of the excess fat from the show and we can now turn our attention to Del Rio, Bryan and the rest of the cast. I’m looking forward to next week!

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