Show starts off with World Champion Edge coming down to the ring and goes right into talking about The Miz. Edge doesn’t feel like waiting at shit like the DMV or the dude in the supermarket paying by check or waiting at the airport or waiting for Cole to stop being a tool or waiting to wrestle the Miz… and we get an email and Cole has a shit grin on his face. He reads the email that says his match will happen later tonight and how the GM didn’t forget all the shit he went through with Edge. The GM has arranged an exhibition, if any of the next three men throw Edge over the top they will get the #40 position in the Royal Rumble.

Edge vs. Tyson Kidd, Jack Swagger & Drew McIntyre

-All three run down to the ring and we’re off!

-Kidd is the first one thrown over by Edge.

-Stiff boot to the face of Edge by Drew, he takes Edge over to the ropes but Swagger saves Edge only to be thrown over.

-Drew goes for Future Shock but he’s close to the ropes and Edge back body drops him over to win the match.

-That match was like 1 minute… way to push those three dudes.

Winner: Edge

After the match Edge gets back on the mic and thanks the GM for the warm up but first he’s going to do something. He starts to make his way towards the laptop and brings up what he did last time to the laptop and asks the crowd if they want to see that again. Cole gets between the laptop and Edge trying to talk him out of this when the Nexus music hits. They come out and slowly make their way to the ring.

Punk gets on the mic and says that in this world only the strong survive and how they survive because they evolve. He brings up the forty man Royal Rumble making it the biggest ever. He says he adapts so the new Nexus evolves, he then intros Mason Ryan. He gives Ryan the mic. He sounds like Wade Barrett. All he says is “faith”. Punk then brings up Cena then the Corre not having faith. He then says he will win the Royal Rumble. He said he will go on to WrestleMania and the new Nexus will become the strongest group. All of a sudden The Corre comes out! The come into the ring and both groups are lined up. Wade says the only poor man’s Nexus is the one in front of him and how they are all equals. Jackson says some shit to Punk but I can barely make it out Batista Ryan then gets in Jackson’s face and we get another email… the GM says if Smackdown is going to come to RAW then they have to follow his rules. The GM then makes Barrett vs. Punk tonight and who ever loses is entirely OUT of the Royal Rumble! The special guest ref for this match will be… John Cena. Ok here is my problem with this situation… they should have waiting for this showdown in the actual Royal Rumble match with the Corre and Nexus facing off. Now the fact that one of these groups will be out of the match leaves me nervous about this shit. Its stupid to take one of these factions out of this match!

John Morrison & Mark Henry vs. Sheamus & Alberto Del Rio

-ADR and Morrison start the match with Cole giving Rumble facts on these four guys and putting over the ppv like he should be! A focused Cole helps the product.

-Del Rio to the outside and we go to break. We’re back and Sheamus and ADR have worked over Morrison.

-Tilt a whirl back breaker on Morrison from Sheamus.

-Sheamus misses the kick but Morrison lands his to the back of his head.

-Hot tag to Henry and ADR who runs over Del Rio.

-Bro kick to Henry but Morrison lands the flash kick to Sheamus.

-Cork screw dive by Morrison onto Sheamus on the outside, Morrison might have hurt his leg.

-Armbar by ADR on Henry and he taps!

Winners: Alberto Del Rio & Sheamus

Calling it now, Alberto Del Rio IS winning the Royal Rumble match!

Diva’s Champion Natalya vs. Melina

-Cole calls Natalya “hefty”… jesus man.

-Spear to Natalya which sends her to the outside and Melina has the advantage off the bat.

-Full nelson style submission by Melina with her legs. Natalya stands up while still in this move and sends Melina back first into the corner.

-This is getting sloppy quick with Natalya almost fucking up a hip toss.

-Natalya locks in the Sharpshooter and bends all the way back pretzeling Melina for the tap out.

Winner: Natalya

LayCool then come out to the stage, McCool says “ya’ll”…ugh. Lame story short, they get a title shot at Natalya at the Rumble. They weren’t specific if it was one of both of them. They should leave this shit off the ppv and focus more on the Rumble.

Wouldn’t it be cool if both Nexus and the Corre just jumped and beat the holy shit out of Cena… just sayin’.

Otunga in the back with Hennig and Harris. Otunga brings up the fact that if Punk doesn’t win they are out of the Rumble. Punk comes in and says he feels the negative energy but how he scarified last week and how they will at the Rumble for him. Harris brings up the possibility of Punk being eliminated before they end up in the match but Ryan and Punk say not to worry about that. Hennig brings up Cena’s involvement tonight and says Cena wont let him win. Punk says he doesn’t have to let him, he will and how Wade is the one who’s made Cena’s life hell not Punk. Punk makes everyone take a knee and the throw a fist in the air.

Josh in the back with Cena. This asshole goes into his lame jokes. Until WWE Champion The Miz and Riley come in and aren’t amused with Cena’s shit. Miz says the worst thing that could happen is Cena winning the Rumble and trying to go after him. Cena tells Miz to hit him but Miz says in due time. Cena then accuses Miz of not having anything to talk about (look who’s talking…). Cena wants to be stipulations for Miz? How the fuck does this make sense. Cena says if Miz loses he doesn’t get a rematch, uh ok “RAW GM” Cena… stupid. Cena walks off and Miz tells Josh to hit the bricks. Miz and Riley roll to footage of last Monday and what they did to Orton.

WWE Champion The Miz w/Alex Riley vs. World Champion Edge

-Cole stands up while shilling the Miz at the announce table.

– Before the match starts Dolph Ziggler and Vick Guerrero come down to ringside to do commentary.

-Miz and Edge start off slowly sizing each other out but Edge lands the first shot to take the advantage.

-Miz is sent to the outside and we’re at break… why does it feel like I’ve already typed that line tonight. ha.

-We’re back from the break and Miz is beating on Edge with a series of kicks and a reverse chin lock that Edge tries to break out of.

-Edge hits the spinning neck breaker and goes for the spear but Miz rolls to the outside. Edge follows and sends Miz into the barricade.

-Edge fights out of a superplex attempt and hits a high cross body from the top for a 2 count.

-Ziggler is at commentary talking about pant suits…

-Maybe Edge should lose the tape around his ribs now since it looks like he’s got toilet paper under his pecs.

-Close two count by Miz who rolls Edge up as he’s coming back into the ring from chasing Riley.

-Impaler DDT by Edge after Edge baseball slides Riley.

-Edge sets up for the spear but Ziggler attacks and hits the Zig Zag on Edge.

Winner: Edge by DQ

Orton then comes in and fights off Riley and Ziggler and chases after Miz who’s trying to escape through the crowd. Stiff European upper cut by Orton. Miz escapes but Riley and Ziggler take the RKO. Miz comes back in, hits Orton in the back of the leg with the briefcase and bolts up the ramp way.

The Corre’s logo looks like the Motorola Droid logo.

In the Best of RAW 2010 commercial, the Miz Girl makes the footage. She’s got to be stoked.

There sure are a lot of “feel good” commercials on RAW tonight…

RED comes out tomorrow, if you haven’t seen it do so. I was pleasantly surprised.

Josh in the back with Barrett, he’s asked the difference between Nexus and Corre, he says he became obsessed with winning the WWE Title and beating on Cena but with the Corre they are all equals. The rest of the Corre come in while Josh asked about the attack on Teddy Long. He’s just wishing Long a speedy recovery. Wade then says he knows Cena doesn’t like him but that over time he hopes Cena can respect him.

United States Champion Daniel Bryan & The Bella’s vs. Ted DiBiase, Maryse & Alicia Fox

– Ted and Bryan start off the match with the basics until Maryse tags herself in.

-One of the Bella’s is trying to kiss on Bryan while the other one gets rolled up for the pin…really…!?

-Another 2 second match…

Winners: Maryse, DiBiase and Fox.

The Bella’s argue while Bryan tries to separate them… stupid.

Bella’s then argue in the back… hey look its Michael Tarver and he bounces. They show up to Bryan’s locker room who’s in there making out with Gail Kim… he says Kim is his girlfriend of 6 months. They says they thought he was… and he says “a vegan”… Bella’s felt strung along and Kim says he was hanging out with them because he felt sorry for them and how there are no guest hosts the Bella’s have nothing to do. The Bella’s call Kim an afterthought and the Bella’s brawl with Kim while the refs and Bryan separate them. Well at least this Bella shit is over… right?

Announced for Friday, Rated RKO vs. Miz and Ziggler.

WWE Tag Team Champions Santino w/Tamina & Kozlov vs. Harris & Hennig w/Nexus

-The tag champs start off strong against Hennig until he hits a clothesline to the back of the head of Santino.

-Tag into Harris who locks in a headlock. Santino fights out of it but gets hit by a clothesline.

-Stunner by Santino, he tries for the hot tag but Harris hits Kozlov sending him to the outside.

-Santino sets up the Cobra but gets clotheslined by Harris when Hennig distracts him.

-Harris hits a mic-check type maneuver to pin Santino.

Winners: Nexus

Otunga then gets on the mic and intro’s CM Punk while shilling Punk and the ppv. They cut to Cena in the back who looks like he just got handed his ref shirt but a dude who looks like Common. Yeah, Cena wish he was cool enough to know Common. Shit.

CM Punk w/The Nexus vs. Wade Barrett w/The Corre (John Cena special ref)

-Both teams line up face to face until numb nuts music hits.

-Before the match Cena kicks Nexus out of ringside followed by kicking the Corre out as well.

-Cena then pushes Punk down and slaps Barrett and he keeps pointing to the logo on his shirt indicating that either cant do shit to him cause he’s the ref.

-Barrett to the outside and Cena and Punk argue until Cena throws Punk over the top rope.

-Barrett makes a cover but Cena goes out and starts signing autographs. Sigh…

-Double clothesline and Cena DQ’s both guys for using profanity on a PG show. Cena then says both teams are OUT of the Rumble?!!? What the fuck dude!?

Winner: Double DQ…?

We get an email… the GM says Cena abused his power so BOTH teams are back in the Rumble (so all of this shit for nothing!?). The GM wants Cena to apologize to Wade and Punk or HE will be out of the Rumble match. Cena puts on his serious face and takes off the ref shirt. Cena apologizes to both before throwing punches at both guys, what a dick. The ring fills in with both the Corre and Nexus while Cena stands at ringside. As they start attacking Cena The Big Show and everyone any their mama jump into the ring and we have our preview of the Royal Rumble as the show goes off the air.

I love when they finish off the go home show for the Rumble with an all out brawl.

Still annoyed that they did all this shit with the Corre and Nexus now and not at the Rumble when they should have. I’m sure they still will but it wont be the first time now. Oh well.

Looking forward to the Rumble!

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