Smackdown Thoughts & Review [1. 21. 11]


Tulsa, OK

The Smaxxus come out to the ring and introduce themselves. Wade calls his new band of hooligans ‘The Borre’. He says there’s no leader and that the group is not about him but about them all as a collective.

  • Teddy Long comes out and says they’re not going to pull that RAW nonsense on his show.
  • Ezekial says they can take Smackdown to a whole new level.
  • Long says they better play by the rules or leave. Holla playa.

Alberto Del Rio comes out! I’m a mark for Del Rio…but you already know that. He has a mic:

  • He emphatically introduces himself to the Bore.
  • Smackdown is his show and he’s the man who’s going to win the Royal Rumble because it’s his destiny.

–Interesting start because it’s almost a tweener turn for Alberto. He’s basically standing up to what may be the biggest heel collective on Smackdown yet he’s still arrogant as ever. The funny thing is that he owns them in every aspect of the game, from promos to in-ring talent. Hopefully, they’ll figure out a way for ADR to give The Bore the rub.

It was also nice to see Teddy Long show some balls. It would prove to be fascinating if they follow through and have The Bore dominate with clean victories and without the heelish and unfair beatdowns.

Alberto Del Rio vs. R-Truth

  • Truth gains control early by being a step ahead of ADR’s every move.
  • They cut to the back and show Teddy Long laid out. Vicky Guerrero, Dolph Ziggler and Michael Tarver looking concerned behind EMTs.
  • Truth pulls off a textbook hurricanrana off the top rope.
  • ADR pulls Truth off the second rope and regains control of the match.
  • Truth gains momentum but Ricardo pulls his leg for a distraction which led to…
  • ADR yanking Truth’s arm over the top rope. Then…
  • ADR slaps on the Cross Arm Breaker for the tap out!

WINNER: Alberto Del Rio via submission

–Good match and I hope this one-sided ‘feud’ is over. Both looked good but there’s absolutely no pulse in R-Truth’s fan base. Truth seems to get a decent pop but his status in the WWE seems to be stagnant.

They kept giving updates on Teddy Long’s status. I guess this is the writers’ way of allowing Smaxxus to do Nexus-like high jinks.


  • Smaxxus tell Vicky Guerrero that they had nothing to do with Teddy Long’s attack and that she can rely on them for anything.
  • Vicky says that one of them has to face Edge tonight.

Layla w/ Michele McCool vs. Beth Phoenix

  • Layla gains control early utilizing her speed and kicks.
  • Phoenix with a Giant Swing on Layla!
  • Layla with a very sick tornado armlock DDT!
  • Layla continues to work Beth’s left arm.
  • Beth catches her and hits her with the Glam Slam.

WINNER: Beth Phoenix

–The divas division has been on a roll lately. I can’t remember the last less-than-decent divas match.

Rey Mysterio vs. Dashing Cody Rhodes

  • Rey Rey comes out in a very fly fire-red and crimson colorway.
  • DCR gains momentum and works Rey’s left leg.
  • Rey ducks a baseball slide kick and goads DCR into the steel steps.
  • Rey hits the 619 and a missile splash for the win.
  • DCR sells a possibly broken nose.

WINNER: Rey Mysterio

–Very short but excellent match. These two definitely have chemistry together and I want to see more!


  • Todd Grisham updates Teddy Long’s status but is interrupted by Alex Riley. He introduces the Miz.
  • Miz says he had to share his victory over Randy Orton with Smackdown.
  • They show a trainer resetting DCR’s broken nose. DCR is extremely pissed and horrified.

Amateur Wrestling Challenge
Jack Swagger vs. Kofi Kingston

  • Swagger comes out with headgear in hand.
  • Striker throws a random Gary Busey reference in relation to Swagger. Wow.
  • Striker kills Kofi for the majority of the match with takedowns.
  • Three minutes are up and Swagger wins 10-9.

WINNER: Jack Swagger

Swagger attacks Kofi afterwards but is killed with a Trouble in Paradise.

Trent Barretta sighting!

Trent Barretta vs. Drew McIntyre

  • Barretta comes out in neon green DX colors.
  • Solid snap suplex by Drew.
  • Drew counters a springboard dropkick with a powerbomb for two.
  • Barretta climbs to the top but Drew runs up the ropes like Kurt Angle and tosses Baretta hard to the mat for the W.

WINNER: Drew McIntyre

Barretta attacks Drew but is beaten down. Kelly comes in the ring and makes the save. She checks on Barretta and Drew looks on in disgust.

–Good match. This feud is pretty entertaining with Drew pulling out some new moves tonight. I’m all for Kelly Kelly ending up being Trent’s valet or possible girlfriend. Her actions probably meant nothing but they might lead to something down the road.

The Miz with A-Hole Riley come to the ring. The Mizard grabs a mic.

  • Miz tries to tell the crowd that he’s awesome but is interrupted by Edge.
  • Edge tells Miz that he’s the least of his worries and to get out of his ring.
  • Miz retreats slowly as Michael Tool gushes over him.
  • Alex tries to grow a pair but is speared for his efforts.
  • Miz takes off his jacket, climbs the ring apron but stands down.

The Borre The Smaxxus come out to the ring.

Vicky comes out and introduces Dolph Ziggler who will be at the announcers’ table.

Justin Gabriel vs. Edge

  • Edge dominates early.
  • Gabriel kicks Edge’s ankle away on the apron to gain control.
  • Nice Side Russian Legsweep by Gabriel.
  • Edge with a dropkick into Gabriel’s stomach, who was coming off the top rope.
  • Edge with a high cross body off the top rope for two!
  • Ezekial catches Edge with a HUGE clothesline, which leads to a pinfall for Gabriel.

WINNER: Justin Gabriel

The Smaxxus surround Edge and beat him down with their finishers. Where have I seen this before?

Dolph Ziggler slides into the ring and places his foot on Edge’s chest as his music plays.

End of Show.

–Crap. This came off as RAW-lite. I don’t need to see Smaxxus dominate in the same fashion as their predecessors did on Raw.

Dolph did a great job on commentary. He came off confident with his speaking skills and came off like a seasoned veteran. I’m almost buying the possibility of him becoming the next World Heavyweight Champion.

Overall, this show was a tad underwhelming in the storyline department. I realize this show’s sole purpose was to hype up the Royal Rumble but for some reason it was missing something. That being said, the matches were good and the continuity in all the feuds was solid.

I’m expecting a better Smackdown the week following the Rumble. Watching Alberto Del Rio feuding with Smaxxus and Edge should prove to be exciting pro wrestling sports entertainment in the weeks to come.

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3 Responses to “Smackdown Thoughts & Review [1. 21. 11]”

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  2. zank Says:

    Oh, Beth… how I’ve missed you… Beth and Natalya are making the Divas worth warching again and not just a forced smoke break.

    The show had decent wrestling, but again the storylines suffered or were simply not interesting and no big sells for the PPV.

    And can someone please wipe Gabriels stupid smirk off his face before he does his 450? Please!!!

    High Points:
    *) Teddys speech and not taking any crap: “You can call yourself the Pinta, Niña or the Santa María. I don’t care.”
    *) Swaggers collegiate wrestling
    *) CDR selling his nose
    *) ADR living his push!
    *) Ziggler acting all professional and confident w/o any Vicky BS
    *) Rey Reys cool attire
    *) and Toolbox had one not so bad comment, which I can’t remember anymore :/

    Low Points:
    *) Wades boring introduction of the Smaxxus
    *) Kofi Kingston and Rey Mysterio vs Kane und Alberto del Río with Special *) Referee Jim Ross only as a dark match and the real ME, not the Borres beatdown of Edge.
    *) The attack against Teddy… I don’t wanna see where this shit is going…. again.
    *) RR looking stupid after pulling R-Truths leg
    *) Lame Smaxxus theme

    Oh and btw… tonight is the last RoH taping for HDnet :/

    • Great Puma Says:

      Word. Beth and Natalya definitely make the Divas go. I’ll throw in Eve Torres in their as well since I’m a Gracie mark. Hopefully they’ll throw her in the title mix as well. I wish Melina didn’t get so much surgery. Somethin’ just ain’t right…

      I agree with most points. I like Rodriguez a lot so he can do no wrong! I’m looking forward to another comedy match from him. I’m sure that kid can go in the ring. Yes I’m a mark.

      I was really getting excited to see Teddy battle with the Smaxxus week in and week out but I guess it’s not to be. What started as a promising storyline turned into the same ol’ same ol’ over the span of two hours. Very lame. I honestly don’t care about Smaxxus with an exception of how they handle Ezekial’s career. I’m a fan because of his twitter remarks. He comes off smart and seems to be more well-rounded than most ginormous wrestlers.

      If I had HDnet I’d say it was a big deal, but I don’t so I’m not hurting as much. I wish ROH would just put their show on youtube. I’m not familiar with over half their roster since they’re so stingy with their product. KOW vs. WGTT was gold though. I look forward to seeing part 2 in a few weeks live!

      Zank, thanks again for stopping by. Your comments and time are always appreciated!

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