They sure run a lot of clips to open this show, damn near recapping the whole season so far.

Striker intros the rookies with their pros although the rookies are the only ones that come to the ring. We have an elimination tonight but Bateman is in the lead with points with 4. This challenge is who knows their pro better… Match Game style for all of you older fans… apparently Bateman and Bryan have rehearsed their answers. Ziggler keeps taking digs on Saxton… Bateman takes it even though its obvious Bryan and Bateman cheated. So Bateman gets 4 points bringing his number to 8 total.

Bryon Saxton w/Dolph Ziggler vs. Chris Masters

-Before the match the go to footage of Saxton and Masters from earlier where Masters tells him that he’s going to teach him something tonight in their match.

-Masters shows up Saxton which leads to Saxton slapping Masters then returning the favor.

-Stunner by Saxton for a two count after Saxton took Masters out on the floor with a clothesline.

-Ziggler keeps yelling at Masters that he sucks. Haha

-Sit down spinebuster by Masters.

-Flying clothesline from the 2nd rope from Saxton for a two count and he’s getting frustrated.

-Masterlock is on and the match is over.

-Good WWE Superstars style match. Nothing horrible but nothing stellar.

Winner: Chris Masters

Brodus and DiBiase argue in the back. Ted says the best thing Brodus has his him.

Brodus Clay & Ted DiBiase w/Maryse vs. Daniel Bryan & Derrick Bateman

-Maryse is spending all of her time on her phone. Angry Birds?

-Clay and Ted with quick tags keeping Bryan in their corner.

-T Bone suplex from Clay onto Bryan.

-Clay goes for his chokeslam but Ted makes the blind tag and locks his the MDD but Bryan fights out of hit and makes the hot tag.

-Ted and Clay argue in the corner and Clay is done with this shit and looks to walk off but he gets rolled by Bateman for the 3 count!

-Maryse is amused by this shit.

Winners: Daniel Bryan & Derrick Bateman

O’Brian is eating cheese off the floor that’s leading somewhere it leads to Ricardo Rodriguez who he roughs up until ADR comes in and separates them two and tells them to deal with this shit in the ring.

Curtis and Truth in the back, Johnny is nervous about the elimination but Truth tries to relax him and tell him to focus on winner. Curtis does some strange dance.

Connor O’Brian vs. Ricardo Rodriguez

-Josh is apparently pro-NXT this week.

-RR comes down to the ring in a bath rob and falls into the ring…

-RR then intro himself in Spanish. Haha He takes off his rope and is wearing some very old school looking tights.

-Connor takes RR apart while ADR looks on from the back.

-RR tries to fight back but is taken out quickly. Connor takes the turnbuckle cover off which back fires and RR pins Connor with a bounce off the ropes splash. Haha

Winner: Ricardo Rodriguez

Its elimination time and Striker has the rookies at ringside. Bateman is immune, he thinks Saxton should go home.


O’Brian tries to give his speech but Rodriguez cuts him off and intro’s him as the loser. Connor then heads up the ramp chasing RR off. Connor comes back and tells the crowd the sucks and that the rat has left the building and goes under the ring like Hornswoggle…!?


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One Response to “01-18-11 WWE NXT SEASON 4 REVIEW”

  1. Great Puma Says:

    Thanks for taking an hour plus out of your day to do this, brother. I think this might be easier to do now since the rat is done.

    Looking forward to seeing that RR match. That kid is gold.

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