NWA Hollywood Thoughts & Review [airdate: Jan 14, 2011]


Joey Ryan and Willie Mack promo

  • Ryan says he’s done nothing but trained to beat Avalon and KAOS.
  • Mack says KAOS is a phony.
  • He says he’ll crush them with a Chocolate Thunderbomb.

–Decent promo to get you hyped up for their Tornado Match against KAOS and Avalon. Was this filmed in VHS? I’m trying to figure out why NWA Hollywood’s look seems so analog.

Tommy Wilson defeats SoCal Crazy

  • I’m actually more stoked to see SoCal Crazy here.
  • Crazy hits a nice spinning heel kick off the top.
  • Crazy gets a few close two counts with a few lucha pin combos in the beginning.
  • Wilson blasts Crazy with an Exploder.
  • Wilson pulls off a Tiger Superplex. Nice.
  • Crazy does a sick headscissors into a crossface! Then rolled Wilson into a pin for a two count.
  • Wilson drops Crazy with the Tommycide (neckbreaker from the backslide position) and it’s over.

Wilson interview in the ring:

  • He wants everyone to know him as “Mr. Megastar”.
  • He wants the NWA Title.

–Good fast paced match. Wilson came off well but Crazy almost stole the moment. Hopefully we’ll see more of Crazy in the future as well as Wilson.

The Tribe defeat Slymm & Rasche Brown

  • The match begins outside as Brown and Slymm dominate early.
  • Olivia interferes in the match.
  • While Brown teases to chokeslam Olivia, Navaho Warrior hits him with the bone ax from the top rope. Warrior rolls Brown up for the win.

–This was short and to the point. The Tribe continue to get cheap victories over Brown. This feud is just beginning but I’d rather see Brown in singles competition.

They show highlights of “The Mirror Image” Ricky Mandel.

Nick Madrid Interview

  • Madrid says he did what he set out to do. He says his win over Pearce wasn’t a fluke. He says it’s a long road to the title and he’s going to make it to the top.

–He didn’t look too comfortable but he got his point across. I’m sure he’ll get better on the mic with more experience.

Buggy defeats NY Nikki

  • For a second there I thought Buggy was Christine Von Eerie. I was slightly disappointed.
  • Buggy gets off a high cross body from the second rope for a two count.
  • Nikki misses a big boot and gets rolled up for three.

–Decent match. I love that NWA Hollywood has chicks that can wrestle!

RockNES Monsters Interview

  • Johnny Goodtime busts a Megaman reference. Awesome.
  • Johnny Yuma says they’re going to bring it the next time they meet with Natural Selection.

–Great promo. Goodtime cracked me up with the ‘Megaman’ shoutout and Yuma is a natural on the mic. Good stuff here. They’re like Generation Me with a lot more charisma.

Austin Aries Interview in the ring

  • Aries says Scorpio is good but he’s not great.
  • Aries says he’s better looking, a better dancer and just plain better than Scorpio Sky.
  • He says Scorpio Sky got lucky. He challenges Sky to a best of five series.
  • He also mentioned Sky was slightly retarded. Burn!

–Good promo. C’mon, NWA Hollywood, get your audio right. Split the signal so the audio from the mic goes directly to your video source.

One moron in the crowd tried to get himself over. I thought I was in the old Silver Lake Jewish Community Center for a PWG card. Remember, kids, when you’re part of a TV taping, your behavior and chants are caught on video for all to witness.

KAOS and Avalon Interview

  • Kaos says tonight’s their night.
  • Avalon says Ryan and Mack are done.

–Decent promo. Funny how NWA Hollywood does a better job of building up to their main events than a mainstream promotion or two.

They show a preview to next week’s show

Robby Phoenix vs. Ryan Ramos

  • Filipinooooooo!
  • Ramos with a nice spinning heel kick into a kip-up.
  • Ramos with a high cross body form the top for two.
  • Jason Watts, a wrestler from Central California, interferes and destroys both guys.
  • Watts hits a huge Razor’s Edge power bomb on Ramos.
  • Watts throws up a fist. NOD?!?

Joey Ryan Promo

  • Ryan says he’s been friends with Willie Mack a long time.
  • He says they’re motivated to defeat Avalon and KAOS.

–Woah. Double promo time for Ryan to hype the main event.

Texas Tornado Match
Joey Ryan & Willie Mack defeat Joey KAOS & Peter Avalon

  • The match starts outside.
  • Mack hits a 619 on KAOS.
  • Mack with a sick T-Bone suplex on KAOS.
  • Mack drops Avalon with a very interesting RKO/Cutter variant from the Spinebuster position. Dope!
  • Mack and Ryan hit a cool double team on Kaos. Ryan held Kaos in a bearhug while Mack hit him with a flying knee. Very nice.
  • Kaos and Avalon do a double team of their own on Ryan. Kaos pushes Avalon into the air like a flap jack and then Avalon comes down with a press/splash.
  • Ryan busts a suicide on Avalon on Kaos. Mack follows up with a somersault plancha! Big man flyin’!
  • Ryan superkicks a kneeling Avalon for the victory.

–Good match with an excellent build up to the finish. Ryan did an excellent job of keeping his intensity throughout the match. Mack never fails to impress me with his innovative offense. I’m officially a fan. Kaos and Avalon held up their end of the match and did a great job.

Good show overall. Out of the three debuts, I think Jason Watts looked the most impressive. Hopefully, Colt Cabana will get back into the fold in the near future.


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