Matt Hardy: All Talk No Results


*** Please note this image is uncredited as I could not find the source ***

For months Matt Hardy would tweet about how he was ready to move on from his WWE career and how he was going to evolve not only his character but himself physically. The WWE finally let Hardy go and we all figured it was just a matter of time before he joined Shannon Moore and Jeff Hardy in TNA.

Well, at the TNA Gensis pay per view Matt Hardy did debut and he was right… his character and his physique looked totally different… just not what we were told or expected….

As you know Matt debuted as the mystery opponent to Rob Van Dam looking more like Raven now a days than this evolved character he kept talking about. In a long trench coat, hair braided and a pot belly, Hardy’s debut was dead even before he got to the ring. Something that could have been done properly and built up to was not only done WAY too early but before Matt was even ready.

Now Matt joins a LONG list of talent that have gone to TNA only to be in a worse spot that they were in the WWE… forgotten.


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One Response to “Matt Hardy: All Talk No Results”

  1. Great Puma Says:

    C’mon Matt! Make us proud and give us the best version 3.0 you can give us!

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