Smackdown Thoughts & Review [1. 14. 11]


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Birmingham, AL

Ricardo Rodriguez announces Alberto Del Rio. Rodriguez is gold as usual right before he speaks on the mic.

Alberto Del Rio grabs the mic:

  • ADR reiterates that it’s his destiny to win the Royal Rumble.
  • He calls Shawn Michaels a dog.
  • He says he will be known as the new Mr. Wrestlemania.

R-Truth comes out with a mic:

  • Truth says ADR has lost his mind.
  • He calls ADR ‘Poncho’ and says he has a very creepy ring announcer.
  • Truth says that ADR can’t win the Royal Rumble because he has fancy cars.

Dashing Cody Rhodes joins the discourse:

  • DCR says that he’s in and that everybody else is out.
  • He says that he’s the one that’s going to main event Wrestlemania.

Rey Mysterio comes out:

  • He says that winning the Royal Rumble isn’t about being a diva.
  • He says he’s been beating the odds his whole entire life.

ADR blows him off. Rey says he’s actually won one already.

Cody says that Rey’s out of style and says, “That’s what’s up”.

A brawl starts to set up the eventual match making opportunity.

Teddy Long comes out on cue and makes the match.

Alberto Del Rio & Dashing Cody Rhodes vs. R-Truth and Rey Mysterio

  • Rey gives a killer running dropkick to DCR’s mouth in the corner.
  • Rey hits a textbook high cross body from the top on DCR.
  • Rey executes a beautiful Asai Moonsault on the heels outside.
  • Truth drops DCR with an Electric Chair. I haven’t seen that in a long time!
  • Rey hits the 619 and a West Coast Splash on DCR and it’s over.

WINNERS: Rey Rey & Truth

–Good match but any interaction with ADR was kept at a minimum. It was almost felt like a handicap match. Hopefully this is a sign that ADR wins it all at the Rumble.


Wade Barrett interview:

  • Barrett says he was like Julius Caesar, a conquering hero, on RAW.
  • Now he’s on a Smackdown to own it.
  • He attacked the Big Show because he respects him and that Show is like Smackdown’s John Cena.
  • He only goes after the biggest and the baddest of the Smackdown Brand.

–Excellent promo from Barrett. I wish his in-ring style was as compelling as his promos. And no, I’m not saying he sucks – I’m saying Barrett wrestles well but his promos are great.

Trent Barretta sighting!!!

Trent Barretta vs. Drew McIntyre

  • Damn it. Just when I thought they were giving a little push to Trent, they put him in with Drew.
  • Drew dominates early with power moves, wear-down holds and a standing dropkick out of nowhere.
  • Barretta gains momentum and hits a very sick running Kenta Pump Boot.
  • Barretta falls out of a Gorilla Press and rolls Drew up for 3!

WINNER: Trent Barretta

–Okay match but I felt like I was watching Trent Barretta super imposed on Kaval/Low-Ki’s body. It’s as if the WWE really doesn’t want the audience to buy into average sized guys who can wrestle their asses off. Who knew having actual wrestling experience and skill was a bad attribute to have?


Drew ambushes a stoked Trent Barretta.

Kelly Kelly interrupts and Drew apologizes and gives her a load of bullshit.

Kelly tells his ass to grow up. Drama!

–If there is someone in the world who gives a shit about this ‘love angle’ please kill yourself. Smile!

Big Show vs. Wade Barrett

  • Are Slater and Gabriel going to show up? Hmmm.
  • Barrett attacks Show with intensity.
  • Ha! Called it. Gabriel and Slater come out to interfere. Nexus 2? Smaxxus?
  • Ezekiel Jackson stands on the ring apron while SMAXXUS go after Show.
  • Jackson clotheslines the hell out of Show and the rest of Smaxxus attack.
  • Jackson picks Show up, holds him for a WHILE and slams him HARD into the mat.
  • Justin Gabriel gives Show the good ol’ 450.
  • The members of Smaxxus stand together and raise their hands.

–Awesome. This gives Show someone interesting to feud with and it gives Ezekiel Jackson, Slater and Gabriel a mouthpiece (even though Jackson needs to be given a chance to speak on the mic).

Interesting. I haven’t seen Barrett this intense in a match ever during his Raw tenure. I think this new faction is a welcome addition to the Smackdown brand. I look forward to seeing them feud with the Punk-led Nexus down the road.

Michelle McCool w/ Layla vs. Beth Phoenix

  • McCool controls early and works on Beth’s left leg.
  • Beth hits a sick Slingshot Suplex for a two count.
  • Beth busts the Glam Slam, McCool counters with a forward roll up, Beth rolls it back, holds the legs and gets the pin. Very nice finishing sequence!

WINNER: Beth Phoenix

–Great match for what it was. McCool wore her wrestling shoes tonight. That was one of the better finishes I’ve seen in a long time in the Divas division.


Vicky Guerrero and Teddy Long are bickering. Teddy says she was out of line last week. Dolph warns Vicky that Edge is going to try to play mind games. He apologizes for their heated argument last week. Vicky says they have nothing to worry about.

Kofi Kingston comes out to the ring. He grabs a mic:

  • HUGE KOFI chant!
  • Kofi says he finally has gotten his IC Title back.
  • He says it feels good and that the WWE Universe was in his corner when he won the title. Whatta kiss-ass.

Jack Swagger comes out to confront him.

  • Swagger says that 2011 is the year of the All-American.
  • Swagger gives a public service announcement for the Ankle Lock.

Kofi tells him to shuddap and demands a match. The ref makes it official and rings the bell.

Kofi Kingston © vs. Jack Swagger

  • Swagger destroys Kingston early with power moves, including dropping his chin on the announcers’ table.
  • HUGE “Let’s go Kofi” chant. Do you hear that, WWE???
  • Both men trade Ranhei and Gutwrench attempts. Kofi misses a Trouble in Paradise.
  • Another pro-Kofi chant breaks out.
  • Kofi gets the Ranhei out of nowhere and makes the pin…barely.

WINNER: Kofi Kingston

–Good match. I think these two men are still feeling their way around each other’s ring style. Their chemistry is good but I think they can be great.


  • Edge reminds us all that he’s still World Heavyweight Champion.
  • Edge calls Vicky a monster.
  • Vicky says that Dolph is going to beat Edge.
  • Edge gets some digs in.
  • Ziggler says that Vicky breathed life into Edge’s career.
  • Ziggler says Edge’s career is going to flat line to a finish.

Vicky plays a clip of Edge hitting on Alicia Fox back in the day.

Edge plays an old clip of Edge making out with Kaitlyn.

Dolph attacks Edge. Vicky reminds Edge it was their wedding day and slaps the shit out of Edge over and over.

Edge teases a Spear. Dolph pulls him out of the ring and drops Edge’s head on the steel steps with a release Zig Zag.

Dolph and Vicky make out and the show ends.

–This is probably the best mic work Dolph has done since he’s been in the WWE. I look forward to seeing more of this feud and this segment was a great start. However, the whole insulting Vicky Guerrero thing is old. She’s the most compelling heel the WWE has right now and should be rewarded for her efforts.

Entertaining show overall. I could do without the Drew-Kelly angle but I guess any buddy of HHH needs to stay busy in the company. The new Smackdown Nexus should provide tons of new possibilities for the show. I exceptionally like the way the show focuses on the World Title scene and keeps everyone involved looking strong and relevant.

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5 Responses to “Smackdown Thoughts & Review [1. 14. 11]”

  1. Mascara De Fuego Says:

    Digging Barrett’s new group although a little part of me would have liked to have seen Sheffield in Jackson’s role but I think this is good for Jackson. He needs to be part of a group like this.

    Hoping they give them a decent name and logo.

    Nexus vs. Barrett’s crew @ the Survivor Series!

    • Great Puma Says:

      I dunno. I think Sheffield is going to break out in a good way on his own. He already has a nice angle waiting for him and that clothesline is the best in the biz. I’m excited to hear the name of the new nexus.

      • Zank Says:

        I’m excited to wear a Nexus shirt one day day and the SMAXXUS (another great name creation :P) the other to work. 🙂

      • Great Puma Says:

        I hope they go with “The Empire” or something alluding to Wade’s ‘Julius Caesar’ promo, Zank. Which Nexus shirt do you have? I’m digging the CM Punk yellow uprising one. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Zank Says:

    The original shirt. Although I wanted to buy the 2nd “dirty” shirt, I’m really diggin the uprising shirt the most atm.

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