WWE Tag Team Champions Santino w/Tamina & Kozlov come out for their title match when they get jumped by the Nexus and their new t-shirts. It’s a combo of the newest Punk shirt with the Nexus “N” on the sleeves. Punk said that match has now been postponed to a later date. Haha. Punk then talks about what Nexus has done and what they can do with him. He then talks shit about their former leader Wade Barrett and taking out John Cena. He said Cena will give a farewell speech tonight. Punk his in all black and wearing skater shoes with yellow fat laces which looks dope.

Punk then says Nexus has to prove they deserve to be in the new Nexus and if they pass they will not only take over RAW but the entire WWE. Otunga says they would all be honored to be considered for the new Nexus. Punk said the honor is all his and wants to start this off. He calls McGillicutty out of line and tells him his initiation is to take a Nexus beat down. Hennig is a little startled by this Punk tells Husky to start it off but Otunga jumps in and his a Uranage. Slater hits his move, then Harris, then he is set up for the 450 which Gabriel reluctantly hits. Punk then takes a knee and Nexus puts Hennig on Punk’s shoulders for the G2S. Punk then exits the ring, followed by Nexus who drag Hennig out and carry him out in the Jesus Christ pose.

Interesting intro to RAW, I hope they really put some force behind Punk’s Nexus where no one in the WWE is safe.

R-Truth vs. Alberto Del Rio

-We have another ADR sighting on RAW! I’m telling you, they are doing this for a reason and that reason is because he is going to be the 2011 Royal Rumble winner!

-Truth starts off heavy with a series of clothelines, one of which sends both over the top onto the arena floor.

-The ref is counting and Ricardo Rodriguez distracts Truth saying “wassup, wassup” who punches him, ADR climbs into the ring and makes the count.

Winner: Alberto Del Rio via countout.

ADR gets on the mic after the match and said he is going to headline WrestleMania. He then clowns Nashville where RAW is at tonight. He said us “silly Americano’s” don’t know anything about music and cuts down a few artists and country music. He said in Mexico they know music and culture. He then wants to play Mariachi music for us, he then asks Rodriguez to sing but he’s selling Truth punch. He then does “la cucaracha”! HAHAHA! Oh my god, that’s funny especially if you grew up with that song like I did.

After the break we get footage of the Miz beat down on Jerry Lawler from 2 weeks ago. They cut to Lawler who says he’s still recovering for his ass kicking. Cole and Lawler bicker about Miz until we get an email… The crowd is chanting “we want JR” while he reads the email and how the GM supports Michael Cole even though he’s a stuck up, pretentious jerk. Cole then says the GM was joking and how we need more people like him and then goes on and on about Michael Cole. Lawler stops Cole and he said he’s just received a message from the WWE Universe for Michael Cole to shut up! He’s not believing any of this shit and calls Cole a coward. Cole reminds Lawler that he will be fired if he touches Cole and Lawler slams the laptop shut. This of course brings in another email, which Cole opens the laptop and reads that “Michael Cole is not a coward” and that Miz & Riley will take on Orton and Lawler tonight.

Punk is in the back, he said Hennig is in and that Husky is next. Punk is holding a leather strap and wants him to take three lashes from everyone in the room and of course Otunga takes the belt. Harris accepts willingly but Punk tells him to take the shirt off. Otunga goes and Harris is in pain but stands back up. Gabriel goes next who is still reluctant and then Slater who is also showing remorse but does it anyway. Harris takes a knee and Punk wants Nexus to hold him up. Punk then goes and hits Harris over and over again with the belt. Gabriel and Slater look stunned while Lawler comments that this is the stupidest shit he’s ever seen. Haha

Mark Henry & Daniel Bryan w/The Bella’s vs. Ted DiBiase w/Maryse & Tyson Kidd

-WWE Superstars rematch here, no Jackson Andrews.

-Fast tags by Ted and Kidd, keeping Bryan in their corner.

-Bryan makes the hot tag to Henry who takes out Kidd with a couple of headbutts before missing in the corner and taking the double dropkick.

-Henry fights back and hits the World Strongest Slam on Kidd for the pin….what!?

Winners: Bryan and Henry

The Big Show is here on RAW, he does the walk backstage. He’s got a letterman style jacket on with his logo on the back. Better than the stupid Knucklehead shirt… He comes out to the ring all smiley n shit. He starts off on Wade Barrett and how he is going to knock Barrett out like Nexus did to his ass. He puts the WWE on notice about the Royal Rumble. This of course brings out Nexus, well at least four of them. Otunga all of a sudden head to the ring alone. He stops before hitting the ring and looks back but then heads into the ring. He SLAPS Show, then turns his head waiting for his beat down which comes! Show beats on Otunga and takes him to the outside when he chops the shit out of him on top of the announce table. Show keeps telling him he isn’t someone to play with while he’s slamming him on the outside and sends him into the steel steps. The crowd chants “knock him out” but then hits him with a chokeslam. Show then sits him up and knocks Otunga out! Punk, Slater and Gabriel throw their fists in the air while Show’s music plays.

They say Cena will address what happened to him at the hands of Nexus and Punk… who wants to bet that since Punk has taken all of Nexus out with their initiation that Cena will attack Punk with no one to save him…

John Morrison vs. Sheamus

-Before the match they show footage of all the crazy shit Morrison did in his match with the Miz last week.

-We get another match between these two. Last last few were good but everything has been rushed tonight in regards to matches so lets see how this one goes.

-Quick headlock take down by Sheamus.

-Sheamus with a hight knee on Morrison and he takes the advantage first in this match.

-During the match Lawler comments that he knows what the GM is up to by putting him in a match tonight but Cole tries to defend the GM.

-Sheamus gets a couple of 2 count pins.

-Morrison fights back with spin kicks to Sheamus but then gets kicked in the gut by Sheamus.

-Morrison with a kick to the head of Sheamus and goes for Starship Pain but gets sent over the top rope and we’re at the commercial break.

-We’re back and Sheamus is landing stiff elbows to Morrison on the ring apron.

-Rear chin lock by Sheamus which gets the crowd chanting for Morrison. He finally fighting out and gets Sheamus riling in the corner.

-Missed flash kick off the ropes but Sheamus is sent to the outside.

-Morrison comes over the top rope in a stiff knee kick by Sheamus! ouch!

-Front suplex onto the steel steps by Sheamus.

-Sheamus goes for the superplex but Morrison sends Sheamus into the ringpost head first!!!

-Stiff flying knee to the head of Sheamus…1….2..THRREEE!

Winner: John Morrison

Obviously not as good as their previous matches but they must be getting serious about Morrison by having him beat Sheamus continually.

Punk in the back with Singapore canes! He reminds who’s in so far. He said he’s not going to beat them with the kendo sticks, they are going to beat each other until he says to stop. They look like Jedi’s holding these things while they stand in front of each other. They hesitate and Punk reminds them that if they are not in they are out so to swing for the fences. They hesitate again and look like they are going to turn on Punk!! Punk closes his eyes and tells them to do it! They put the kendo’s down and walk off….!? Big mistake!

Jerry Lawler is in the ring after the break, he brings up bring inducted into the Hall of Fame. He says that now a lot of people get to wrestle in that ring and even less of those people are in the Hall of Fame. He said this inductee deserves to be in the Hall of Fame… Shawn Michaels!!!!! Fuck yeah! I don’t care what anyone says about this man he IS the WWE and deserves to be in this Hall of Fame. We will never again see a performer like this man in the WWE…. and I just saw myself in the footage when he superkicks Bret Hart at WrestleMania 12! Awesome! We get an HBK chant from the crowd.

WAIT!??!?! THE MUSIC HITS AND SHAWN MICHAELS IS HERE IN NASHVILLE!!!!!!!!!! He comes out to the stage and poses while the crowd pops! He’s coming down to the ring! God damn I miss this motherfucker!!! He poses in the ring some more, we get HBK chants as he stands in the middle of the ring. He claps for the crowd and they clap back. We get “one more match” chants. Before he can say anything ALBERTO DEL RIO comes out! Crowd is pissed! ADR kisses up to HBK, then says the people use to cheer him and they chant even louder! He said these people cheer him now which gets boos! He said he is the present and the future of the WWE and HBK is just history. He said he’s going to win the Rumble then the World Title or WWE Title and will be known as Mr. WrestleMania. SWEET CHIN MUSIC TO ALBERTO DEL RIO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Music hits and HBK dances around and poses!!! Michaels then puts ADR’s scarf on and walks off. Great surprise in Nashville!!! Thanks for saving this chatty show Shawn!

Riley and Miz in the back, Riley is bantering about the match. Riley wants to know what’s up with Miz. Miz says the only thing people are talking about is Orton winning his #1 contender match last week not the dope match he had with Morrison last week. His problem is that people think Orton will beat him for the title. He doesn’t just want to beat Orton and Lawler tonight he wants to demoralize them. Miz stops Riley from saying the Miz is awesome because “catch phrases are for closers” and that will come after their match.

Cole is in the ring and talking about John Cena. CM Punk stops Cole who’s on top of the TitanTron. Punk says that they are through talking about Cena, it’s the CM Punk show. He wants to talk about the new Nexus. He says Otunga, Harris and McGillicutty have proved themselves tonight. He said he is prepared to do the same. He said his initiation tonight will prove that not only was he a member of Nexus but that he was their leader. This is making me uncomfortable ala Owen Hart. He asks the crowd if he should dive off and these asshole chant “YEAH”…!? Cole is begging him for this not to happen. Punk stops and has one more question, he says “how gullible are you people!?” and he says he is wearing a harness and that he’s got two guys spotting him. He says what kind of an idiot jumps off the Tron!? Haha He then says Nashville should consider themselves initiated. Haha He laughs it off while his music plays and Otunga, Harris and McGillicutty come out to the ring. Punk is lowered while they show what happened to these three men and he comes to the ring. He gets on the mic again he says that if any of us thought he was going to jump, we are stupid. He shows us his yellow safety harness. He said he isn’t mentally challenged but mentally superior. He doesn’t need initiations because he is the leader of the new Nexus. We get a Cena chant to which Punk says he got rid of John Cena. Asshole Cena shows up on the screen, he calls Punk a phony and makes jokes of course which are not funny. He said he has given Nexus initiations except for “CM Sucks”, he’s still trying to get this over. Punk says he isn’t afraid of Cena and Cena challenges Punk for next week which he accepts. Cena said if he is provoked he is blah blah blah and you get dealt with and he’s whoopin’ Punk’s ass. Whatever man.

WWE Champion The Miz & Alex Riley vs. Randy Orton & Jerry Lawler

-Josh Mathews is on commentary now.

-Lawler starts strong beating the shit out of Miz, sending him into the commentators table then the steel steps.

-Miz finally makes the tag but Riley gets a back body drop and Randy Orton who’s beating on him in the corner.

-Miz is tagged in by he gets caught by Orton and stomped on.

-Lawler is in back Miz get the best of him and gets in the head lock.

-Back from break and Riley is in and Lawler is trying to fight him off. Riley takes the corner and Riley is trying to keep Lawler from making the hot tag. Miz keeps the ref from seeing the tag!


-Orton is in hitting his move set on Riley, finishing with the vertical DDT.

-He sets up for the RKO but stops when he notices Miz trying to come into the ring. Riley comes up and gets HIT BY THE RKO! Miz stands in the corner and doesn’t come in.

-Lawler is tagged in while Orton keeps Miz at bay and hits the 2nd rope fist for the 3 count.

Winner: Randy Orton & Jerry Lawler

Orton and Miz stare at each other while Miz walks up the ramp.

Cena and Punk next week? We shall see, I call bullshit.

Maybe Slater and Otunga are Smackdown bound and will end up back with Barrett…?

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3 Responses to “01-10-11 WWE RAW REVIEW”

  1. zank Says:

    It was just amazing how HBK stole the whole f’ing show without saying a single word.

  2. D-Gellybean Says:

    I think you meant Slater & Gabriel are Smackdown bound….Why would Punk want Otunga?? He hasn’t like ever won a match, the guy SUCKS!!! ….I’m hoping HHH inducts Michaels….

  3. Mascara De Fuego Says:

    oops sorry! Yeah I did mean Slater and Gabriel. I think it would make sense for them to go to SD and back Barrett up. Maybe a new three man stable?

    It’s a shame Flair isn’t around (TNA ugh), I would have liked to seen him induct him but I think you’re right on this one, its going to be Triple H.

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