The Debut of Y2J


There are few moments in wrestling that give me goose bumps over and over again but this here is still one of those classic moments.

The song starts….<i> Break the Walls DOWN</i>… then “JERICHO” comes up on the screen which makes the crowd erupts out of their seats and loses their shit… before Jericho insults them! ha!

Why do I bring this up? Well, I am home sick and finally had time to watch the Chris Jericho DVD which is by far the best WWE produced documentary of 2010.

In this day and age where the WWE thinks they can get away with making docu-DVD’s on people and not have the centric person in the DVD at all, it was refreshing to see Jericho himself not only on the documentary telling his story but also doing alt commentary on some of the matches and bringing footage out of his own library.

Good shit and a must see!



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