Just finished watching WWE Superstars, crowd loves Bryan! Too bad the WWE doesn’t. Can’t wait to see Bryan vs. Kidd, its going to be good shit. Anyhow onto the TNA rant…

A full year of the Bischoff/Hogan TNA… let’s see what year two brings.

Immortal starts off the show in the ring, Bischoff calls out all TNA Tag Team Champions Motor City Machine Guns, X Division Champion Jay Lethal and TNA TV Champion Doug Williams. Bischoff assures them everything is on the up and up, sets up matches for tonight then Immortal jumped the champions while Bischoff pretends not to be in on the beat down. RVD makes the save then bitches about wanting to know his “mystery opponent” is at the ppv Sunday. Oh man, sounds like a full job night for the champs…

Bully Ray is in the back all mad n shit and wants Devon in the parking lot. No homo.

Jeff Jarrett does another “MMA challenge”. Takes too fucking long for Jarrett to pick out an opponent. He finally picks out the plant and beats his ass and makes him tap. Guy looks like a poor man’s Tyler Black. Angle runs off Jarrett then signs Double J’s contract for an MMA exhibition at the ppv. Another segment that could have been cut shorter.

Not only does it suck donkey balls that Natalie Portman made a movie with Aston Kutcher but you can clearly see they filmed some of this crap in downtown Culver City. Bowlshit.

Solid match between the MCMG’s and Styles & Kazarian which the Guns won. It’s a really a damn shame that tag team wrestling isn’t where it use to be, the only good thing TNA does. The Guns get jumped by Beer Money after the match to the surprise of no one. Styles is in Bischoff’s dog house for losing this shit too.

The Pope is all mad cause someone has been stalking his ass and recording him. Jason Hervey? He ain’t got shit to do after Reaction got cancelled.

Bischoff and Style argue in the back. Flair plays voice of reason.

Pope comes out wanting to know who the fuck is recording him on his own time. Samoa Joe comes out and calls Pope out on his bowlshit song and dance. Pope gets defensive before he bounces. I was entertained but not sure how I feel about Joe being put in this position considering he got bitched out by Jarrett and got no revenge on his loss.

Devon is out back waiting on Ray.

In a crappy match, Sarita & Madison Rayne beat Mickie James & Velvet Skye. Velvet Skye is nice on the eyes but holy shit her ring skilled looked butt ass ugly here. Sarita needs new gear, she’s not a face anymore.

RVD and Bischoff bicker backstage. Its not good, more awkward.

Rob Terry vs. Doug Williams is a wash when Styles jumps Williams. Immortal beat down #3… same ol’ bullshit.

In TNA fashion the brawl between Devon and Ray doesn’t happen, instead the TNA security hold back Devon until Ray lands a kick to the face of Devon.

Bischoff wants Jarrett to take care of RVD tonight. He gets talked into this shit.

Abyss gets DQ’d against Lethal. Kazarian then comes out and clowns the downed Lethal on the mic.

They cut to a Mike Tenay interview in the middle of the ring with Morgan and Anderson.  Over dramatized shit mostly because of Anderson. This guy really needs a leash, bullet points give him too much freedom. I’m not shitting on the guy, I was a big fan of his in the WWE and pulling for him but in TNA… yeah man, too much. Less is more.

And in the main event Jeff Jarrett beats RVD in a No DQ match when TNA Security and Jeff Hardy beat his ass. Morgan makes the save, Anderson accidentally hits Morgan with a chair and this shit is over on time!

R.I.P. TNA Reaction

Peace out!

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2 Responses to “01-06-11 TNA IMPACT! RANT”

  1. D-Gellybean Says:

    Are one of you guys gonna review this Sunday’s TNA Genesis ppv?? please let me know…thanks

  2. Mascara De Fuego Says:

    Unfortunately we won’t be doing TNA ppv reviews, we just don’t have the funding for it.

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