Smackdown Thoughts & Review [12. 31. 10]


Happy New Year! I apologize for posting this late. I mean, this show took place on New Years Eve after all. Anyways, on with the show.

New Years Eve Smackdown

Rochester, NY

Dolph Ziggler comes out with a distraught looking Vicky Guerrero. Vicky grabs a mic.

  • She discusses her traumatizing incident with John Cena on last Monday’s Raw.
  • She says she now has vertigo from being lifting up into the Attitude Adjustment.
  • She states that now she can’t be lifted two feet up from the ground.

Kofi Kingston comes out with the worst t-shirt in the universe not affiliated with John Cena. He enters the ring with a mic as well.

He tells Vicky to chill out and give the people a break.

  • Kofi says her vertigo is a crock and mentions her ladder climbing at TLC.
  • He says he has a problem with not winning the IC title at the TLC match.

Jack Swagger comes out and joins the get-together.

  • Swagger says he should have won that match.
  • Ziggler interrupts and a melee breaks out. Ziggler and Swagger end up outside of the ring.

Teddy Long comes out and invites them to his New Years Holla Holla Holiday Party.

  • He says that Dolph is defending his title in a Triple Threat Rematch to the crowd’s delight.

–This episode is off to a good start. It’s sort of refreshing to start Smackdown off with a segment to promote a feud for the Intercontinental Championship instead of a kidnapping angle or Kane cutting a promo with an eerie horror soundtrack.

Big Show vs. Dashing Cody Rhodes

  • Show kills Rhodes early with Flair-chops to the chest and a massive biel toss.
  • Comedy spot out of nowhere – Show smothers DCR’s face with his giant ass in the corner.
  • DCR hits his Beautiful Disaster Kick to regain momentum. But it didn’t last long after a HUGE shoulder block.
  • DCR has had enough and walks towards the back. The ref makes the ten count.

WINNER: Big Show via Countout

–Good match for what it was. This makes you want to see more matches between them.

Show does an excelling job of looking pissed. I miss this version of the “Don’t f*ck with me” Big Show.


We get a peak into Teddy Long’s Holla Holla Holiday Party.

  • Alberto Del Rio disses his NXT rookie, who needs to get the hell off my TV screen, and he calls Hornswaggle a “thing”.
  • Drew McIntyre says he’s going to be a better person.
  • Chavo calls everybody ignorant and self-centered jerks. He blames it on the alcohol but Teddy says the champagne is non-alcoholic. Moded!

–For some reason I actually eat this shit up. I always enjoy seeing wrestlers acting in a non-wrestling capacity.

Drew McIntyre vs. Trent Barretta

  • No contest. It’s sad that Barretta is being fed to one of HHH’s homeboys.
  • Sick counter to a side-headlock by Barretta.
  • Barretta hits an unusual leg-drag? Think Japanese/Lucha arm drag but he used his leg. Wow.
  • Barretta kills himself and takes a somersault plancha bump to the outside floor.

WEINER: Drew McIntyre via Barretta can’t continue

–I’m a Trent Barrett mark and this was booked similarly to most of Kaval/Low-Ki’s WWE matches. I’m over it.

The headlock counter

The legdrag


  • Chavo is spilling his guts to the Soaring Eagle. It’s always been said that Chavo was the Eagle but not in this case. Teddy Long gives Chavo a look. Classic.
  • LayWhores LayCool interrupt and talk loads of shit about Beth Phoenix and Natalya. Beth and Natalya enter the conversation and Teddy makes a match between the two Diva tag teams.

Edge & Rey Mysterio vs. Alberto Del Rio & Kane

  • Rey comes out in primary colors, looking like a pre-school playground. Awesome.
  • Edge and Rey hit a nice double dropkick on Kane, which leads to Rey moonsaulting from an Edge powerbomb onto ADR and Kane on the outside. Very dope!
  • ADR drops Edge’s neck on the ropes while Edge was slugging Kane’s face in the corner.
  • Kane hits a sick right hand to Rey’s face after a springboard cross body attempt.
  • ADR hits a huge gutbuster and a nice tilt-a-whirl on Rey Rey.
  • Rey hits a 619 on ADR, who runs into an Edge spear.

WINNERS: Rey Rey & Edge

–This was a nice little glimpse of what tag team wrestling should look like in the WWE. I wish the finish was on Kane but I guess they’re still protecting him.


  • Chavo is talking to Kaitlyn. Chavo tries to do the helium voice thing but Kaitlyn tells him that the balloon he sucked off didn’t have helium.
  • Chris Masters teaches Hornswaggle how to flex his little titties.
  • Show is talking to Kelly Kelly about Drew. He tells her to be careful. Cockblocking 101, son.
  • Dashing Cody Rhodes gets on the mic. He complains about Big Show trying to break his nose.

Teddy Long interrupts and announces the following matches for the next Smackdown:

  • Alberto Del Rio vs. Rey (2 out of 3 falls)
  • Kane vs. Edge (last man standing match)

–Push Chavo now! That is all.

LayCool vs. Beth Phoenix & Natalya

  • Beth dominates early with power moves.
  • Layla puts Natalya in a body scissors. I’ve never been envious of Natalya until this moment.
    Natalya does this odd pause and celebration after clotheslining Layla. Funny.
  • Wow. Natalya slaps on the Sharpshooter from being on the ground. Cool.
  • Beth hits the Glam Slam and it’s over.

WINNERS: Beth Phoenix & Natalya

–Good match! I love Beth Phoenix’s polish hammers.

Beth Phoenix vs. Natalya is a Wrestlemania Divas match waiting to happen.


  • Teddy says that he’s proud that this is the first Smackdown party didn’t end up in a brawl.
  • Chavo says this is the lamest party he’s ever been to.
  • Big Show dowses Chavo with the bowl of punch.
  • Chavo smashes Hornswaggle’s face in a cake, which splatters on the other wrestlers.
  • A mini-brawl breaks out. Hornswaggle gets the laugh last and drops some cake on Chavo’s face. Yay!

Kofi Kingston vs. Jack Swagger vs. Dolph Ziggler ©

  • The heels team up on Kofi.
  • Huge “KOFI” chant.
  • Kofi gives a textbook monkeyflip to Swagger.
  • Sick suicide dive by Kofi on Swagger and Dolph!
  • Swagger intercepts a Trouble In Paradise attempt, catches Kofi, knocks Ziggler’s head with Kofi and gives Kofi a release German suplex.
  • Swagger hits a huge powerbomb on Ziggler but is greeted with a high cross body from Kofi. Two count.
  • Swagger counters a Ranhei and hits Kofi with a chop block.
  • Ziggler hits the ZigZag on Swagger while he had Kofi in an Anklelock. Cool.
    Kofi breaks up the pin attempt.
  • Swagger catches Kofi off the top rope but is DDT’d in the process. Very cool.
  • Kofi drops out of a Swagger gutwrench, hits Trouble in Paradise on Swagger, but is rolled up and pinned with a handful of tights by Ziggler.

WINNER: Dolph Ziggler

–Good match with some good moments. I thought the first main event was better but I was glad the WWE gave Swagger and company to headline the last episode of 2010.

This was a satisfying show overall. I’m basically waiting for Alberto Del Rio to be given the opportunity to run with the title. The WWE can’t go wrong with that decision.

Hopefully, they’ll add Swagger and Kofi to the main event scene to make things interesting. After all, you can’t have a show revolve around a Deadman who wrestles four months out of the year and an injury prone masked luchadore.

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