It’s elimination night folks!

Striker opens the show with the rookies on the stage. He says the winner will get a title shot but then says it will be a WWE Tag Team Title match with their pro… this is new. The Pro’s are having a battle royal and the winner can trade his rookie is they want to. Well this is already an interesting show already!

Before Alberto Del Rio leaves the stage Ricardo Rodriguez says ADR doesn’t need to do this and wants to step up for ADR and show him he is better than his rookie.

Pro Battle Royal

-Off the bat Rodriguez is put into an airplane spin by Bryan that goes on forever! WOW! Truth then throws him over the top. Awesome and a great way to protect ADR.

-Chop fest by DiBiase, Bryan and Masters.

-Masters holds Ziggler for a Truth punch then both try to get him over the top unsuccessfully.

-Bryan is eliminated when I had to answer the door, fuck!

-Truth is out by Ted.

-Masters almost has Ted over when Ziggler comes over and dumps both over to win the match.

Winner: Dolph Ziggler

Ziggler wants a round of applause for winning the match fair and square then cuts down his rookie and dumps him! He wants to train a winner and ends up wanting Byron Saxton! Novak is pissed and is making his way to the ring when Striker plays match maker and makes Saxton vs. Novak tonight.

I hear this Bobby Heenan DVD is bad. It’s a shame, this guy deserves a proper documentary done for him. I know he’s not feeling well but they don’t even try to put him on the DVD at all!

Jacob Novak w/Chris Masters vs. Bryon Saxton w/Dolph Ziggler

-Good series of boot shots from Novak which gets Ziggler complaining why he didn’t do that when he was training him. Ha.

-Novak keeping the advantage thus far but he needs to hide his in-ring instructions more, he just had an obvious exchange with Saxton in the corner.

-Saxton fights back with an elbow to the face of Novak for a 2 count.

-Side slam by Novak for a two count and we’re back into a headlock rest hold.

-Bad slingshot by Saxton but a good couple of clotheslines by him.

-Saxton gets the pin with a sleeper hold drop.

-Novak looked more consistent in this match, more so that Saxton.

-Ziggler shows his approval for his new rookie.

Winner: Bryon Saxton

Curtis and Truth in the back and Truth giving him advice when Curtis goes off about a two man wolf pack off to win the WWE Tag Team Titles…!?

They cut to footage of earlier tonight with Bateman practicing submissions when Bryan comes in. Bateman wants to go on a double date with Bryan and the Bella’s. Bateman’s a goofy fucker who’s had a lot of sugar.

Saxton all happy n shit in the back with Ziggler, talking about being Tag Team Champions. Ziggler tells Saxton to stay away from Vicki and how he just had to put it out there. Saxton says for sure and how he is going to show up Novak in the Mic Challenge later.

Mic Challenge is next. Striker shows up the standings with Curtis leading with immunity points. This challenge is worth 4 points. Crowd is the judges.

Curtis vs. Brodus

-Clay brings up putting Curtis threw a table while he laughs, and that’s it.

-Curtis said its funny when he punched him in the mouth then punches Brodus in the mouth.

Winner: Curtis wins.

Bateman vs. Saxton

-Bateman says Saxton’s voice destroyed ECW and how he is the love child of Carlton Banks.

-Saxton says the reality is Saxton or Banks he is always better.

Winner: Bateman

Novak vs. O’Brian

Novak says Connor cuts the cheese cause he stinks.

-Connor asks if that’s his nose or a banana?

Winner: O’Brian

Curtis vs. Bateman vs. Curtis

Curtis says Bateman spends $250 on his perm and says he likes rats.

Bateman says he likes Curtis but he’s a mustache away from To Catch A Predator. He says there is no cheese for Connor at the end of NXT.

Connor says does momma jokes on Bateman and says Curtis is so stupid he sits on the TV and watches the couch.

Challenge Winner:…. Connor O’Brian…. Wow this town is fucking stupid for cheering mamma jokes from 15 years ago.

Brodus Clay w/Ted DiBiase & Maryse vs. Johnny Curtis w/R-Truth

-Clay isn’t happy about getting slapped earlier in the challenge and starts off stiff.

-Curtis fights back and sends Clay to the outside.

-Nice t-bone suplex by Clay.

-Shoulder submission by Clay but crowd gets behind Curtis, he fights out.

-Dropkick to the knee of Clay and a spin kick to his head.

-Curtis with a top rope clothesline for a two count.

-Curtis tries to hit DiBiase which leads to a chokeslam for the pin by Clay.

Winner: Brodus Clay

Striker asks Clay what motivates him, he says his anger that has been bent up for years.

Elimination is next!

Striker asks Curtis who should go home, he picks Clay then talks shit to him. Not smart man.


Striker gives him the mic, he says it’s a crushing blow but that this will change his life. Ziggler is on the stage clowning him. He walks off with a sad face clown. Ziggler laughs at Masters and Masters almost gets the Master Lock on Ziggler. At ringside the rookies are holding Clay and Curtis back.

I had a feeling Novak was done when he got traded. Something tells me the WWE didn’t want this to be the end of Ziggler on NXT and figured he’d have a better run on the show with Saxton as his rookie. Honestly, I thought Connor O’Brian was headed home before the show started with his dated promo stylings but Novak was my second choice.

Another elimination in two weeks!

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