The show starts with a recap of Cena, Nexus and CM Punk from last week. They cut to Michael Cole who explains that Cena wont be at the show and bring up his possible injury at the house show. He puts over the WWE Title match which is starting off the show and how “rare” it is for the WWE Title to be defended on RAW. Cool to put over this match but so not true. I kind of like this recap intro thing Cole just did.

Jerry Lawler isn’t on the show as they are putting over the beat down Miz gave him last week, thank god we get Josh Mathews.

Falls Count Anywhere match for the WWE Title

The Miz w/Alex Riley vs. John Morrison

-Match starts off quick on the ramp way. Riley tries to help Miz but gets accidentally hit by him.

-Riley gets involved again but Morrison throws him head first into the huge WWE sign. He then climbs it and jumps off of it and onto Riley and Miz!!! Cool visual.

-Both fight back to the ring which leads Morrison to hit a top rope drop kick.

-Solid second rope spin kick and stiff knee by Morrison. Riley stops the count which leads to Morrison beating him up at ringside.

-Morrison puts Riley on the ring side barricade and lands a jumping knee to Riley taking him out of the equation. Miz watches in shock.

-We come back from break and they’ve fought to the side of the stage and Miz back body drops Morrison onto a steel barricade!!

-Close 2 count by Miz after beating on Morrison on the stage.

-Beal toss my Miz onto the ramp way for another 2 count, followed by a few more 2 counts.

-Morrison fights back, goes for Starship Pain but Miz rolls out of the way but Morrison lands on his feet.

-Miz hits his backbreaker/neck breaker combo for another 2 count.

-Miz sets up for the SCF but Morrison counters out which ends up with Miz landing shoulder first in the corner, STARSHIP PAIN…1…2…..2 ½!!!!

-Morrison hits the back kick sending Miz to the outside, Miz is set up on the table at ringside. STARSHIP PAIN FROM THE TOP!!!! MIZ MOVES AND MORRISON GOES THROUGH THE TABLE….1….2….2 ½!!!!!!! HOLY SHIT!

-SCF at ringside…1…2..THREEE!

-Great match and a great way to start off 2011!

Both stare while Morrison crawls up the ramp and Miz holds his title on his shoulder.

Winner: The Miz

We’re getting an update on Cena’s condition tonight. whoopee.

Scott with The Miz in the back, Miz cuts him off saying he is STILL WWE Champion. He says his reign will go down in history as he’s the best technical wrestler and brawler. Ha.

Melina, Alicia Fox & Maryse vs. Natalya, Eve & Bre Bella

-Bre and Maryse brawl to start this shit fest.

-Good neckbreaker by Maryse when Bre was trying to come back into the ring.

-Bre gets kicked to the outside leading to “twin magic”.

-Alicia makes a horrible save to break the count.

-A lot of hits to the back of the head in this match…

-Good double arm suplex by Natalya.

-Eve hits Melina with a spinning neck breaker for the win.

-Strange that you have the #1 contender lose here.

Winner: Natalya, Bre and Eve

The Uso’s vs. WWE Tag Team Champions Kozlov & Santino w/Tamina

-Good Greco roman take down my Kozlov.

-Quick tags by the Tag Team Champions.

-Uso’s get a forearm from the top rope onto Kozlov, they keep him in the Uso corner.

-Kozlov finally makes the hot tag for the Santino splits, diving head butt.

-Kozlov gets stuck in the ropes when trying to get thrown over, it was awkward.

-Santino goes for the Cobra but they hit the Samoan Drop for the pin on the Tag Champs.

-Kozlov makes the save after the match which leads to a double Cobra from Santino and Tamina on one of the Uso’s.

Winners: The Uso’s

The New York Times covers the return of Tough Enough?! Wow, job well done getting them to cover this. They acknowledge Josh being part of the first series. He puts it over and life changing.

Punk does the walk in the back… sporting the Nexus armband.

CM Punk comes out to the ring after the break, slowly and with a shit grin on his face. Punk says he loves being in Phoenix. He says he searched for Cena when he got to the area and he says “he cant see John Cena” while waving his arm in front of his face. Haha. He says Cena isn’t there tonight because of him. He said he delivered his huge surprise last week and reminds us is a three-time World Champion. He says Nexus begged him to be their leader. He then screams out “hustle, loyalty and respect” and says these are three words he lives by but it’s a phony catch phrase for Cena. He said he expects this from himself and from Nexus. He says Cena is watching from home and to stay at home because he cant win this battle. Punk then says he will take over Monday Night RAW. All of a sudden Wade Barrett comes out, he doesn’t look happy. He says he is the reason Cena isn’t there tonight. He then says Punk isn’t the lead of Nexus, he is. Punk tells him to wake up because Nexus needs new management. Barrett calls Punk a hypocrite and a waste of skin. He says he lies about being Straightedge. Punk wants to ask Nexus who the liar is. The rest of Nexus then comes out to the ring and lines up between Punk and Barrett. Otunga gets on the mic and says they both make good points… then we get an email…the GM brings up the triple threat tonight for the #1 contender spot… the three opponents are… Sheamus, Randy Orton and Barrett OR Punk. Barrett says that spot is his. Punk gives up the spot and says he’s a talker he doesn’t want to fight Barrett. Thus proving he is the leader of Nexus but if he loses he is OUT of Nexus… Punk extends his hand and Barrett shakes it… interesting!

Justin Roberts intro’s Ricardo Rodriguez who of course intro’s Alberto Del Rio, he comes into the arena in a Shelby Roadster. Cole puts over ADR as the future of Smackdown.

ADR reminds us what his name is and mentions his Mexican heritage and how he’s going to be World Champion. How his destiny is to destroy everyone on Smackdown. How his destiny is to win the Royal Rumble. This brings out R-Truth…He wants ADR to go back from where he came from and he’s just the dude to send him there, he then smacks ADR!

Smackdown’s Alberto Del Rio vs. R-Truth

-Very fast paced match off the bat leading to ADR getting clotheslined over the top rope and a dive by Truth to Del Rio.

-We’re back from break and Truth has ADR in the corner landing the classic 10 punches from the ropes then a powerslam for a 2 count.

-Del Rio with an arm breaker onto his knee for the advantage in the match.

-Arm bar rest hold by Del Rio but Truth fights out but Truth sells the arm as injured which cost him the advantage in the match.

-ADR misses Truth who was in the ropes and lands hard on the outside. Rodriguez is trying to coach ADR back into the ring. He makes it back before the 10 count.

-Truth hits his move set until he’s caught in the ropes and ADR takes Truth’s shoulder into the steel ring post.

-ADR locks on the cross arm bar and Truth fights before finally tapping out.

Winner: Alberto Del Rio

Nexus is in the back with Wade Barrett. He is telling them that he is the true leader and how he’s made them. Otunga wants Wade and Punk to work things out but Wade is convinced that Punk is only going to use them. Punk comes in and wishes Wade luck. Wade then takes off and Punk shakes the hands of all the Nexus members.

Scott in the back with Randy Orton. Orton says last year meant nothing to him and recounts Miz taking his title. He says he was “too nice” last year but it’s a new year. He finishes off the segment saying nice guys finish last. Good, if they are really going back to Orton being more aggressive and less smiley.

The tease John Cena being back next week in Nashville.

#1 Contenders Steel Cage Match

King Sheamus vs. Randy Orton vs. Wade Barrett

-Wade is the first to try to escape over the cage but is stopped and double teamed by Orton and Sheamus.

-While Orton is concentrating on Wade, Sheamus tries to escape the cage but Orton stops him as well.

-Orton then tries to escape the cage and has one foot over before he is stopped by both his opponents.

-A lot of near escapes by all three men but its Orton who tries to go to through the door first. He notices Sheamus and Wade behind him and changes his mind.

-We come back from break and Orton is hanging from the outside of the cage while Sheamus holds him from falling. Wade comes up to the top of the cage and helps bring Orton back into the cage.

-Drop kick by Orton to Sheamus who’s between the cage and ropes. He then tries to go for him second rope DDT but Wade is trying to escape on the other side who he ends up stopping instead.

-Double team suplex on Orton.

-Cena chant?

-Orton stops Wade from going over the top of the cage and hits a superplex on him.

-Sheamus sends Wade into the cage head first numerous time then goes for the door, he’s almost out when Orton holds onto his ankle.

-Sheamus then tries the top of the cage but is stopped by Barrett.

-Wade then returns the favor by sending Sheamus into the cage head first.

-Pump handle slam by Wade on Sheamus then a side slam to Orton. Barrett then tries again but is stopped by Sheamus. They brawl at the top rope until Sheamus falls to the mat.

-Wade then tries to land an elbow off the top but Sheamus gets the knees up.

-Angle Slam by Orton on Sheamus followed by a second rope DDT to Barrett.

-Sheamus and Orton fight on the center of the top rope. Wade then comes in and both Sheamus and Orton take the top rope to the nuts before both getting their heads kicked in by Barrett.

-Wade starts to climb the cage with Sheamus and Orton laid out. Punk comes out and climbs to the top of the cage and offers to help Wade over. Wade then offers his hand but Punk pulls off the Nexus armband off of Wade and kicks Barrett in the head sending him crashing to the mat!!!

-Sheamus asks for the door to be open before he kicks Wade in the head. Sheamus then walks into an RKO! Orton then walks out of the cage for the win.

Winner: Randy Orton

Orton looks back at the cage as the show ends.

I thought this was a great show which got over the point that the WWE Title IS a big deal by having a solid WWE Title match start the show and a hard hitting #1 contender’s match ending it.

Not sure what this means for Barrett now that he is out of Nexus. I think its too early for a face turn. I think I want to see him go to Smackdown and start up another group which eventually leads to Punk’s group vs. Barrett’s group. Not sure they’ll go that route seeing as they played up that it was in fact Barrett who injured Cena.

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