NWA Hollywood Thoughts & Review [airdate: Dec 31, 2010]


First off Happy New Year from Fighter Hayabusa!

This show was broadcast last Friday, December 31. I apologize for the lack of a Smackdown review. That should be coming soon if time permits. On with the show. Also, there are no fancy gifs this week since the fine folks at NWA Hollywood haven’t uploaded this particular episode.

Jeff Resnick starts the show and announces the main event.

–Nice touch to begin the episode.

Famous B. defeats Ray Rosas via sunset flip off the top rope.

  • Famous comes out talking on his cell. Because he’s just cool like that you know.
  • Very cool lucha inspired roll ups and counters to start the match. The audience responded nicely. Very sick side-russian legsweep from the top rope by Rosas. Rosas also hits an excellent release German Suplex.
  • Famous B. executes a textbook sunset flip off the top rope for the win.

–Good match to start the show. It’s good to see Famous B perform a match longer than six minutes. He certainly showed he can go. Rosas got the majority of offensive spots and probably bought Famous B a beer or two for making him look so good in this match. Both men gave their best for the crowd to leave them yearning for me.

They show highlights from last week’s Natural Selection title win.

Natural Selection interview

  • Natural Selection respond to cheating allegations.

–All promos or interviews should start off with “Ya know…”. Cage was solid and Rickers brings it.

Austin Aries taped promo

  • Aries discusses Scorpio Sky. He also discusses his own impact since coming to NWA Hollywood and his career in general.

–Aries rocks it. It could have ended with him saying “I’m afraid of no man – including Scorpio Sky”. They went a little longer than needed on this but it was got the point across. Remember NWA, less is more.

I don’t read dirt sheets but I’ll always wonder why Aries isn’t wrestling for Vince. He can cut a great promo and he can wrestle. What more do you want?

Lucky O’Shea *with Mikey O’Shea defeats Thunderkitty

  • Thunderkitty controls most of the match with counters and power moves.
  • Mikey trips Thunderkitty, which allows Lucky to hit “Rocky Road to Dublin” (jumping clubbing forearm?) for the victory.

They place “AUDIO DIFFICULTIES” at the bottom of the screen as someone interviews Lucky and Mikey with bad sound quality.

–Decent match. Thunderkitty is a joy to watch. She’s a throwback that makes you wish it was the 70’s and 80’s again. Lucky was solid and played the crafty heel very well here.

Scorpio Sky interview

  • Sky says he isn’t intimidated and that he’s focused on beating Austin Aries.

–Solid promo by Scorpio. It was short and to the point, which is what most interviews should be when they’re promoting a match.

They show a tribute video of the all the folks involved in the wrestling business who’ve past away in 2010. An acoustic version of the Beatles “In My Life” is the soundtrack. Touching.

–Amazing video. What it lacked in production value it made up for in poignancy.

The Man in the Black Hat Adam Pearce comes out for an in-ring interview/promo with David Marquez.

  • “AUDIO DIFFICULTIES” appears at the bottom of the screen again. Pearce talks loud enough so the TV audience can hear him.
  • Marquez reveals the stipulation to be a Hollywood Street Fight.
  • Pearce acts upset, takes off his jacket and says they can “fight right now”.

Colt Cabana comes out and the Street Fight is on.

Adam Pearce retains his title after injuring Colt Cabana

  • Cabana dominates early and hits a nice pescado onto Pearce on the outside. They go to the back for a moment but return with Pearce in a headlock. Pearce gains momentum by sending Colt’s gut in to the guardrail with a slingshot.
  • Pearce gets his heel on and controls Colt with wear down holds and old school dirty tactics. Huge “This is Awesome!” chant from the crowd. Pearce even spits at the ref’s face. Cold as ice.
  • Cabana regains control, hits the “Flying Asshole (Apple)” and a sick lariat. Pearce is bumping for his life here. Great stuff.
  • Pearce piledrives Colt through a table from the ring apron! The crowd chants “Please don’t die!”. Wha-? Is this PWG? Pearce walks away with his title.
  • Paramedics come in as officials are surrounding Colt.

Adam Pearce post match interview with David Marquez

  • Pearce basically says “I told you so”. He says the ‘people’ shouldn’t have given him free reign to do anything he wanted in the street fight. He says the blood is on people’s hands.
  • He says that Cabana has one week to get better so they can continue their match.

They end the show with Colt being assisted by a few refs as he walks away from ringside.

–Brutal main event here. Colt and Pearce put on a show and the crowd ate every minute of it up. They played the ending off really well and it reminded me of that old WCW sense of urgency when someone got injured or spike piledrived by Arn and Tully.

What I like about this program is that sometimes you get to see up and coming wrestlers just getting their feet wet in the business. It was cool to watch Famous B and Ray Rosas work on their craft in the opening match.

It’s also nice to see a women’s division that focuses on wrestling and not tits, ass and more ass. I don’t mind the eye candy of Divas or Knockouts but watching cookie cutter, enhanced chicks working meaningless 3-minute matches gets old. But yeah, I can watch Kelly Kelly baking cookies for half an hour so whatever. Overall, this was another entertaining show from NWA Hollywood.

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2 Responses to “NWA Hollywood Thoughts & Review [airdate: Dec 31, 2010]”

  1. D-Gellybean Says:

    This is the ONLY website that my cellphone will work to get RAW, NXT, & Smackdown Reviews (I do NOT have cable 😦 )….so I was shocked and disappointed there was no Smackdown Review Friday night….I love your reviews….especially your comments….keep up the good work!!

  2. Mascara De Fuego Says:

    Sorry about that D-Gellybean, we’ll try and keep up the consistency.

    Thanks for following us, we appreciate it!

    – MDF

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