They start with Foley trying to talk Anderson out of his match with Morgan because of his concussion. This brings out Morgan and Hardy respectively. Hardy sets up matches for them both later. I thought Foley was done with TNA? Sorry, I haven’t been following this shit lately.

Eric Young dressed up as Moses or Father Time. Orlando is dressed as baby new year… fuck.

Solid match between TNA Tag Team Champion Chris Sabin and Robert Roode. Roode got the win with the spinbuster. It’s the only thing TNA does right, their tag team division.

Young and Jordan in the back role playing. Stone Cold Shark Boy comes to finally get TV time. Young makes a joke about him drinking like a fish. Har. Har.

RVD gets a mystery opponent tonight in Robbie E. He beats him.

Kazarian comes out to cut a promo on Jay Lethal, he fucks up can calls Lethal the TNA Champion. After talking shit about his mama, Lethal comes out only to get bitched right out.

Foley walks in on Bischoff and Flair. He’s the goody-goody for Anderson and Morgan, they don’t give a shit.

Serita and Velvet Skye in a…Strap Match. Serita wins then beats Skye’s ass until Angelina makes the save.

Young and Jordan are having a party with Shark Boy and Kendrick. Man this is fucking stupid. TBP argue after this which leads to Angelina beating on Serita in the back later on. Winter Lea Burchill saves Angelina and they make out. Ok that didn’t happen… or did it?

Another Jeff Jarrett MMA challenge… this brings out Amazing Red and his “brother” who shows up Jarrett until the ref calls for the bell when this shit breaks down with the Red’s showing up JJ and his crew.

AJ Styles and Rob Terry take on the British Invasion. Styles comes out in his regular gear ditching the Flair style robe, thank god. Styles pins Magnus with the Chaos Theory. Ok for what it was and they kept Terry to a minimum.

Generation ME shows up to this “party” which ends up in a brawl with Jordan and Young.

Madison Rayne is doing a female Flair type thing. Christ her voice is annoying as fuck. Mickie James comes in and beats her ass then rips her dress off. Bitch wears just as much as wearing her underwear yet runs off like she was naked…

What the fuck is up with all the commemorative money commercials tonight?!

Michael Vick The Pope wants to adopt dogs for “the kids” in the neighborhood.

God dammit Mick, its 2010 cut your fucking hair already! He comes out for commentary.

Anderson’s mystery partner is Brother Ray, Morgan gets Brother Devon. Mick ends up fighting with TNA security during the match but the get the best of his ass, handcuff him and escort him out. IMPACT! then ends and we’re on Reaction now which I’m only watching until this match ends. Morgan hits a discus clothesline to the back of Anderson’s head for the pin. Morgan looks all sad faced cause he didn’t mean to hit Anderson as he was going for Ray. Anderson is all pissy about getting hit in the back of the end.

Ok the end, not watching Reaction. And that ends the crappiest year TNA has had thus far.

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