Johnny Curtis w/R-Truth vs. Dolph Ziggler w/Vicki & Jacob Novak

-Ziggler takes the advantage quick in this one, staying one step ahead of Curtis.

-Novak is scolded by Ziggler for being too close to Vicki. I guess we’re really doing the same angle two seasons in a row.

-Curtis makes the comeback but misses the leg drop off the top rope which got him a zigzag for the Ziggler pin.

-Josh on commentary is starting to sound like Michael Cole, please not Josh…

Winner: Dolph Ziggler

Derrick Bateman w/Kofi vs. Connor O’Brian /Del Rio

-Kofi is subbing for Daniel Bryan. Maybe he was banging on Bella’s?….sigh.

-Decent back and forth action so far.

-Good rolling neck breaker from Bateman.

-O’Brian gets the win after a full nelson slam.

-Del Rio makes Ricardo Rodriguez announce Connor the winner.

Winner: Connor OBrian

Ted and Maryse argue when Brodus Clay comes in, he’s thankful for Ted as his coaching but Ted isn’t having it and tells his ass to go take notes during his match. This shit ends with Ted saying Maryse has a shopping problem. There’s an angle… I wrestle so I can shop.

Its challenge time, the punching bag and to raise the stakes if they beat AlexRiley’s record they’ll get has 3 immunity points.

Bateman = 750

Curtis = 814

Saxton = 625

O’Brian = 530

Novak = 720

Clay = 636 (Brodus gets a chant!)

Curtis wins two point.

Byron Saxton w/Chris Masters vs. Ted DiBiase w/Maryse & Brodus Clay

-Yup Josh Mathews is now the new Michael Cole, god dammit.

-Maryse is carrying a purse at ringside, great place for brass knuckles, roll of quarters, angry birds or a dildo. Wait what!?

-Saxton isn’t looking too bad so far in the ring.

-Good standing dropkick by Ted.

-Solid sunset flip by Saxton, you don’t see that move anymore!

-Saxton goes to the outside which leads to Brodus shoulder blocking him for the DQ.

-Ted and Maryse yell at Brodus and Ted makes Maryse smack him. Clay and Ted stare down until Ted and Maryse leave.

Winner: Bryon Saxton by DQ

Curtis in the locker room when Truth comes in. He says its not about the wins…? Curtis brings up the fact thatTruth hasn’t been around the last couple weeks. Then excuses himself.

Talent show is next, yippy. And we have our first elimination next week.

-Bateman’s talent, he’s doing poetry called Cheap Pop. They play it up beatnik style. This doesn’t go well nonetheless.

-Curtis’ talent, he’s twirling badly. But even his “bad” wasn’t good.

-Saxton’s talent… he’s reading a fair tail. He sounds like Carlton when he’s reading this shit. This goes on too long. Crowd turns on him bad.

-O’Brian’s talent… jokes. Stupid.

Striker wants Clay to destroy the talents and shits on the rookies when Novak tells him he’s going to do something the other rookies cant do, and Striker says “wrestle?” Damn!

-Novak’s talent is looking good.

-Clay’s talent is making someone look “hood cool”… this brings out Michael Cole. He shits on the crowd and this show saying it stinks. Cole says he’s only there for Clay tonight. Clay puts a beanie on Cole and has him cut a promo while he plays Flavor Flav to this. Cole shits on on the crowd more then Kaval! Damn dude what the fuck!? Cole was feeling his hate tonight, this dude was not acting. Some talent Clay…

Johnny Curtis….wins…?

Curtis and Clay start a brawl which leads to all the rookies fighting. Clay wins this exchange hitting a stiff suplex on Saxton. He then throws Curtis into the announce table, comes back into the ring and poses to end the show.

Well that was a definite sign on who’s leading in the WWE’s eyes.

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