Last RAW of the year and the decade, let’s see if they actually try to end with a bang… but most likely not.

Not a good start, at least for me personally when you start a show with John Cena. He makes “jokes” about the shit that happened last week when CM Punk jumped his ass. We get a “CM Punk” chant, awesome. Cena finally admitted slighting Punk and spilling his soda. What an asshole, soda’s are not inexpensive! Geez! Cena then calls Punk out.

Punk calls Cena thoughtless, heartless and dishonest. Punk says this goes way farther than a spilled soda. Punk brings up his speech about going away and being a man of his word but instead he kept showing up. He then says Cena’s word is worthless. Punk then brings up what he did to Barrett at the ppv with the steel chairs. Punk brings up Cena ending Batista’s career. He calls Batista his friend… interesting. He brings up Cena name calling Vicki. Cena gets defensive about Batista then goes to make fun of Cole and himself. Punk says Cena isn’t funny. He said he is standing up to him and his bowlshit. Punk says this will all stop. Cena wants to settle this right now. Punk calls him predictable and how this is happening under his terms and how HE will call Cena out. Punk has a surprise…? Hmm.

Punk was solid here and its very interesting how all of a sudden the faces are doing more heel tactics like all the shit Punk called Cena out on and Punk (the heel) is the man of reason.

Ted DiBiase w/Maryse vs. Santino w/Tamina

-Santino throws karate kicks, all of which don’t land.

-Ted keeps the advantage until Santino sidesteps Ted and rolls him up for the pin.

Winner: Santino

Afer the match Santino has a gift for Tamina, she opens the box and it’s the cobra. Ted and Maryse attack but Santino and Tamina fight back hitting double diving head butts then they hit the double cobra. After that their “cobras” kiss. Reptile porn.

In the back, WWE Champion The Miz is talking to Riley about him teaching Morrison a lesson. Miz says pinning Morrison isn’t good enough, he needs him to take him out. Miz says he’s going to match Lawler beg for mercy tonight. Morrison comes in and said that if he beats Riley he wants to name the stip and when the match happens. Morrison says if Riley wins, he will forfeit his #1 contender spot. And it’s a deal.

John Morrison vs. Alex Riley w/WWE Champion The Miz

Morrison has the advantage until Miz causes the distraction.

-Riley is getting a lot of good experience week in and week out with the guys he wrestles. Too bad they couldn’t have done something similar for Kaval Lo-Ki.

-Morrison fights back but when he tries to land the 2nd rope springboard kick the Miz pulls his leg. The ref sees it and instead of DQ’ing Riley he sends Miz to the back.

-Morrison hits the springboard kick then lands a stiff kick to Riley’s face while he was in the seated position for the pin.

-Morrison wants his match next week, falls count anywhere… why not the Rumble?!

Winner: John Morrison

Miz yells at Riley in the back. Riley tries to argue back but Miz shuts him down. Yeah bitch do as your told.

Punk is in the back telling one of cameramen to catch everything tonight because this is going to be bigger than Snookie being dropped from a new years ball.

Daniel Bryan in the back with the Bella’s when Tyson Kidd and Big Daddy Cool 2010 interrupt. Kidd says he will be the next US Champion with the help of Jackson Andrews. He tells Bryan to watch his match later on with Mark Henry.

Randy Orton is in the back, he looks like he is pondering something important. Like how the fuck he is going to get home with blizzard that’s going on back east. Josh comes in to ask questions. He asks him about his history this year with Sheamus then brings up The Miz winning the title. Orton says he hope Miz wins next week so he can beat him up to get his title back. Josh corrects Orton about Sheamus bring King Sheamus. Surprisingly they don’t have Orton beat up Josh for that and instead Orton tells us that tonight his reign will end.

Tyson Kidd w/Jackson Andrews vs. Mark Henry

-Josh is now on commentary, replacing Lawler.

-Off the bat Henry over powers Kidd.

-Henry goes for the butt splash but Kidd rolls out of the way and hits a baseball slide dropkick to the face of Henry.

-Henry goes for the splash in the corner but is kicked in the back.

-Kidd then gets caught in the World Strongest Slam for the pin…?!

Winner: Mark Henry

After the match Andrews and Henry go nose to nose. Andrews kicks Henry but then Henry gets the World Strongest Slam on Andrews!??! Way to put over Kidd and Andrews by having them jobbed back Henry who’s basically be a jobber for the better part of this year.

The Miz comes out for his match. He says we are all intimidated by him and how he is the must-see WWE Champion. He says no one compares to him in the WWE. He repeats this fact 3 times. He said people like Thesz, Gagne and Race cant hold a candle to him. The crowd gives him the “what” chant to which he plays it up. He then says he’s going to destroy Lawler in front of all the what-people in the arena tonight.

The Miz w/Alex Riley vs. Jerry Lawler

-Lawler comes into the ring in street clothes. Josh explains that his luggage got lost with the bowlshit weather issues.

-Lawler gets the best of Miz with a series of shoulder tackles.

-Miz fights back clowning Lawler while he beats on him.

-Cole is at ringside bitching about Lawler when Josh brings up how Cole got involved a few weeks ago.

-Riley gets involved when the ref’s back was turned trying to make shit up to Miz.

-Miz continually beats on Lawler and the mood in the arena is changing when John Morrison’s music hits. He comes out which causes the distraction in the corner.

-Lawler fights back with a series of punches while the crowd chants “Jerry”

-Three consecutive dropkicks by Lawler for a two count.

-Miz misses in the corner again but Miz pulls Lawler’s head with the tope rope.

-Lawler fights back and Miz ends up on the outside.

-Riley tries to get involved again but Morrison takes advantage of this and kicks Miz in the chest causing the count out victory for Lawler.

Winner: Jerry Lawler

Sheamus in the back when Punk comes in and bows to the King. Punk brings up how many times Cena has gone out of his way to embarrass him and how his surprise tonight is for all of the people Cena has ridiculed. Punk wishes Sheamus luck tonight but he says he doesn’t need it.

Natalya comes out for commentary. Lawler is back at the desk, he and Cole argue about bowlshit.

Eve & Gail Kim vs. Melina & Alicia Fox

-They recap Melina bitch slapping Natalya.

-Eve goes for the standing moonsault but Fox gets up her knees.

-Solid dropkick off the top rope by Gail Kim.

-Melina hits her crappy split legged drop for the pin.

-Natalya comes into the ring after the match and Melina sticks her hand out. Natalya shakes it but catches Melina’s punch and delievers her own.

Winner: Melina & Fox

In the back Punk is telling WWE’s training crew to be prepared tonight as he wont be responsible for what happens later.

United States Champion Daniel Bryan w/The Bella’s vs. Zack Ryder

-They cut right to the middle of this match when they come back from break. We don’t even get intros!? What the fuck!?

-Not too long before we get the LaBell lock for the tap out.

-Thanks for the match WWE.

Winner: Daniel Bryan

While the Bella’s and Bryan are celebrating we get an email… the GM says (through Cole) that this next year will be huge. All of a sudden Miz jumps Lawler and beats the shit out of him. He then sends Lawler into the steel steps before hitting the SCF on the floor. Miz walks slowly to the back to finish off this segment.

After the break Cole recaps the beat down on Lawler saying he cant condone this. And Josh is back out, he says Cole’s full of shit and doesn’t feel bad about this.

King Sheamus vs. Randy Orton

-Match breaks out into a brawl shortly after starting.

-Pretty much a same ol’ bullshit style match. Nothing new here, it’s the same song and dance they’ve done all year.

-Sheamus pushes Orton on the outside into the steel post. Orton plays up the back of the head.

-Sheamus begins to frustrate when he cant pin Orton.

-Why in 2010 are people still painting their faces like Insane Clown Posse!? Sorry but there is a dude in the arena painted up and fuck I just don’t get it!!?

-Orton hits a superplex for a close two.

-Better clotheslines from Orton this week. They still suck.

-Angle Slam by Orton

-Bro kick avoided as is an RKO attempt.

-Orton fights out of the Razors Edge and hits his backbreaker

-Sheamus goes to hit the shoulder block from the ropes when Orton catches him and hits the RKO for the pin. Cool spot but not the Evan Bourne spot.

Winner: Randy Orton

Cena does the walk in the back.

After the break Cena comes back out to the ring, he gets on the mic recapping what happened earlier and keeps calling Punk “CM Sucks”. Punk’s music hits but he doesn’t come out. Cena keeps trying to get “CM Sucks” over, its not working. Cena says he’s going to looks for Punk but then the Nexus comes out but no Barrett. Otunga is the only one to come into the ring, he says after what’s happened to them the last couple of weeks Nexus is under NEW management now. I hope he don’t mean him..? Otunga wants to offer Cena a truce. Cena says Otunga isn’t “genuine” so their wont be no moving forward. Cena wants him to leave or brawl but Otunga shakes his head and leads Nexus back up the ramp way. They then turn quick and jump Cena again. Dude should have taken the truce. Nexus then takes turns on Cena ending with Gabriel’s 450. Necus then bounces but then Punks music hits. Punk walks through Nexus and into the ring. Punk gives Cena the G2S. Punk then takes a steel chair and is about to swing when he stops!? Punk then sits in the chair over Cena. Punk then picks up the Nexus armband that Otunga left in the ring AND PUTS IT ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  CM PUNK chant! Punk and Nexus throw up the black fist as they stand their while Punk’s music plays. And the show ends!

Just when you think Punk can’t save another RAW… he does. How do I feel about him taking on Nexus? Honestly I’m not sure yet. This could be good and bad. I’ll have to think about this one.

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2 Responses to “12-27-10 WWE RAW REVIEW”

  1. D-Gellybean Says:

    Gonna be interesting when Barrett comes back…will he team up with Cena to go against Punk & Nexus??

    • Great Puma Says:

      That will be interesting, D-Gelly. I’m actually looking forward to the promo battles between Barrett and Punk on the mic. Of course Punk will tear him to shreds but it will be fun to see it happen.

      I’m glad they’re keeping Barrett off TV for a while since the chair drop beating. It’s a shame they didn’t do that with Cena’s ‘retirement’. Thanks so much for stopping by!

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