NWA Hollywood Thoughts & Review [airdate: Dec 24 2010]


Here’s a review of NWA from Hollywood that aired on Friday, December 24, 2010. You can watch the whole episode on nwahollywood.com.

The Tribe battle Rasche Brown & Slymm to a Double DQ

–Sort of a mess. The Tribe actually did a better job being cowardly heels than Brown and Slymm being the fired up faces.

Colt Cabana Interview

  • Colt says the fans get to choose the stipulation of his title match against Adam Pearce.
  • He talks about starting 2011 with bringing home the NWA World Title.

–If there’s anybody who can cut an awesome promo like it’s 1985, it’s Classic Colt Cabana. Great promo.

Rico Dynamite defeats Ruben Iglesias via tapout.

  • They had a groupie stand at ringside with a Flip Mino. Dynamite actually stepped outside for a moment to autograph her breast.
  • Dynamite makes Iglesias tap out with a “Rico Death Clinch” (Texas Cloverleaf) after a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker.

–Okay match. I’ve always felt that you had to be extremely talented to rock Ultimate Warrior tassels on your wrestling boots. Rico Dynamite has a lot to live up to.

David Marquez hypes up their next TV taping on January 8.

Joey Ryan defeats Ryan Ramos via pinfall

  • Ramos has a Filipino flag symbol on his right shoulder and tights. Filipinooooo!
  • Ryan hits the superkick and it’s over.

Ryan gets some in-ring interview time.

  • He gets some Foley-esque cheap pops with a few ‘Hollywood, California’ references.
  • He says it’s Willie Mack and himself vs. KAOS and Avalon in a Texas Tornado Match.

–Decent promo. I can’t help but think of Scott Lost whenever I see Joey Ryan. Why, Scott, why?

Adam Pearce interview

  • Pearce complains about the fans having the power to choose the stipulation.

–Okay I take it back. Pearce also cuts an awesome promo like it’s 1985. Another great promo from the NWA champ.

Andrew Hellman defeats Cedrick the Hitman

  • Cedrick works on Hellman’s back for the majority of the match.
  • Hellman wiggles out of a fisherman’s suplex and rolls Cedrick up with a bridge for a pin.

–Good match. You can tell both guys are students of the game. Hellman hit a nice Arn Anderson-like spinebuster and Cedrick hit a textbook neckbreaker. There’s some potential here.

NWA Heritage Tag Team Title Match
Natural Selection defeat RockNES Monsters and become the new NWA Heritage Tag Team Champions

  • Natural Selection take the fight to the outside.
  • The Monsters regain momentum with some high spots on the outside.
  • Selection control the middle of the match with power moves.
  • Johnny Goodtime hits a nice somersault tope to the outside on Brian Cage.
  • Goodtime hits a splash on Ricker for a close two count.
  • Cage DDTs Yuma on a title belt for the win and the titles!

–Wow. This was a solid tag team match. It’s sad that wrestling fans have to look to the indies to see great tag team battles based off the old school formula of quick tags and innovative double team moves. This had everything and would certainly hang with any tag team match TNA or WWE have to offer.

Both teams delivered and I expect to see great things from them in the future. The RockNES kids are a hybrid of Generation Me and early Hardy Boyz, while Natural Selection wrestle like young and chiseled Brain Busters with power moves.

This was an okay show with an excellent main event. I applaud NWA Hollywood for its great continuity and storylines. They’re simple yet very effective in getting the wrestlers involved over with the audience. TNA can certainly learn a thing or two from NWA Hollywood’s straightforward booking.

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