NWA Hollywood Thoughts & Review [airdate: Dec 17 2010]


This episode is old in ‘internet time’ but a review had to be done regardless. You can see the episode in its entirety nwahollywood.com.

Show starts off with Adam Pierce cutting a promo.

  • He talks about himself and the Standard, his new posse (Austin Aries, Peter Avalon and KAOS).
  • Pierce says that they’re going to beat Team Cabana (Colt, Joey Ryan, Scorpio Sky and Willie Mack) in the main event.

“The Skullkrusher” Rasche Brown and Hawaiian Lion wrestle to a no-contest.

  • Navajo Warrior interfered and then Slymm came in to make the save.

–Decent opening match. Hawaiian Lion got a lot more offense than I thought he should have. You’d think they’d book Rasche Brown as a monster for a little while. He didn’t really dominate in this match. Watching “The Skullkrusher” is like traveling back in time. He busted out some Dusty Rhodes punches and a discus clothesline. You can’t get better than that.

They show footage from a cage tag match that took place at an NWA in Australia show. It was between the Real American Heroes against Team Australia. They show a highlight of Shane Haste doing a high cross body from the top of the cage. Haste also hits a splash off the top of the cage on Joey Ryan for the win.

–Good match from the portion that they played. It looked brutal and very old school. I felt like I was watching footage from old World Class Championship Wrestling. I was expecting to see an Iron Claw.

Colt Cabana Interview/Promo

  • Colt calls his team “Practice” as in Standards and Practice. Get it?
  • He goes on to hype up their main event standoff.

-Colt was gold as usual. It’s really a shame the brother ain’t in the WWE.

They show a video package of the main event feud between Pierce and the Standard versus Colt and the gang. Survivor’s No Easy Way Out plays in the background. Holy Shit – they went there. Perhaps they want to give us that retro feeling, but it feels more like a parody…or perhaps it was both? I’m confused.

–Come on, guys, at least show some of the promos that they cut on each other. You can’t just play cool wrestling clips with no rhyme or reason, ESPECIALLY with Survivor blasting in the background. Amateurs.

Colt survives the tag team war and Team Cabana defeats the Standard.

  • Match starts off like a battle royal and then everybody spilled out to the outside.
  • Scorpio does a nice somersault suicide over the ropes to the outside.
  • Avalon eliminates Scorpio Sky via pinfall (rollup with tights pull). Standard, 4-3
  • Aries eliminates Willie Mack via submission (Aries Lock/Figure 4 Knee Bar). Standard 4-2.
  • Ryan eliminates Peter Avalon via pinfall (superkick). Standard 3-2
  • Colt with a nice Asai Moonsault on the Standard.
  • Joey Ryan and Austin Aries are both eliminated via countout. Standard 2-1
  • Colt eliminates KAOS via schoolboy. Tied 1-1
  • Colt slaps on the Billy Goats Curse and Pierce taps!

–Great main event. It had a big time feel to it and it was booked perfectly. Nothing came off cheap with the exception of Avalon’s tight pulling pinfall. Colt and Aries came off looking very strong. Hopefully, the NWA will allow Colt a decent little run with the title.

Decent show with an awesome main event. It’s always nice to have a heel who can talk on the mic and deliver good matches. Pierce was great as usual and I look forward to his reaction to Colt making him tap next week.

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