Hello all this is Mascara De Fuego stepping in for the Great Puma who I believe is at a Swedish knitting convention in Kentucky. For those of you who are use to the NXT review on Tuesday night, I will be taking care of that tomorrow night… now on with the show!

Our commenter’s for tonight are Cole, Josh and Striker.

Randy Orton vs. WWE Champion The Miz w/Alex Riley

-Orton gets a solid pop to start the show

-Orton is officially Stone Cold as he’s using the Thesz Press

-Miz spends most of the time running from Orton

-Stiff European uppercuts from Orton

-Match finally evens out when Miz hits a running knee to the stomach of Orton.

-I just noticed that Orton throws bitch ass clotheslines.

-Riley gets involved when Orton was on the ring apron sweeping the leg. This leads to Miz sending Orton into the steel steps

-Solid superplex from Orton for a 2 count

-This is the closest Orton has seemed like “Orton” in months, wrestling an aggressive match here

-Orton ducks the kick from Miz and lands a great standing drop kick

-Orton finally hits his vertical 2nd rope DDT and hits the RKO! 1….2…ALEX RILEY stops the count!

-Best match Orton and Miz have had thus far. Good shit here.

Winner: Randy Orton by DQ

After the match Orton see’s Miz in the corner and sets up for the PUNT!! Riley runs in to stop it and gets hit with an RKO! Miz bounces quick and crawls up the ramp way while keeping his eyes on Orton who celebrates in the ring.

Santa Show is in the back giving out gifts with Hornswoggle dressed as an elf and Eva Mendez… ugh. They make their way to the ring throwing out gifts. Didn’t we did get enough of this bowlshit yesterday cause I did. In the ring there is a Xmas tree and a table with cookies and milk. Show tries to sit on a steel chair in the ring and breaks it. (HAR HAR) Even Cole is asking for this to finish, this time I agree. He reads some stupid WWE-centric Xmas story about the TLC ppv and shills the Knucklehead DVD. Waste. Of. Time. FINALLY Dashing Cody Rhodes jumps Hornswoggle, punches Show when he was trying to come into the ring and knocks over the tree, table and gifts. Thanks Cody .

They show footage of the massive heel heat Vicki was getting last night. That shit was awesome.

Poor Todd Grisham is on backstage interviewer duty. He’s talking to Beth Phoenix about that nasty bump she took at the ppv when Santino and Kozlov come in. Santino brings up their previous relationship and how he was concerned about her condition. Sounds like Santino is missing Phoenix and wants to kiss Phoenix because he says what happens on Smackdown stays on Smackdown. Phoenix puts the mistletoe Kozlov was holding over Santino over Kozlov and kisses him instead. Santino isn’t happy about this shit and storms off. Looks like Santino’s got pimp-status competition.

WWE Tag Team Champion Santino w/Kozlov vs. Chavo Guerrero

-Chavo starts off aggressively on Santino

-Nice belly to back suplex by Chavo

-Chavo goes for the 3 amigos suplex but Santino counters before the 3rd and hits his Stunner

-Santino hits the Cobra then quickly rolls up Chavo for the three count

-Kozlov is still wiping the lipstick off his lips

Winner: Santino

The new World Champion Edge comes out to the ring. Cole plays up the fact that Edge is now a 10-time champion. He says everything he did to Kane and Paul Bearer was worth it because he’s now champion. He said he envisioned himself winning the World Title but never 10 times. This brings out Kane and he’s fucking pissed. They bicker back and forth until Edge challenges Kane right now for the Title. Kane looks like he’s going to go to the ring but said he isn’t going to be manipulated by Edge but he will get the World Title back but on his terms. So this feud isn’t over, fuck.

Drew McIntyre vs. Kaval

-It’s a dog house match, lets see who’s in a bigger one here

-Drew jumps Kaval before the match even starts and he wants to continue

-Stiff kick by Drew followed by the Future Shock DDT for the pin in minutes

-Looks like Kaval is in the bigger dog house. Fucking bullshit

Winner: Drew McIntyre

Alberto Del Rio & Jack Swagger vs. Rey Mysterio & Kofi Kingston

-Del Rio starts off aggressively on Rey, even trying to pull the mask off his face. Frequent tags by the heels

-Rey gets the tilt a whirl for then makes the tag and now Kofi and Rey with the frequent tags

-Hard landing on the outside by both Swagger and ADR which leads to double splashes off the top rope onto the heels! Great spot!!!

-During the commercial Swagger pulls Rey’s leg while he was on the top rope, advantage heels.

-Rey makes the hot tag to Kofi who comes in like a house of fire until Swagger lands the stiff kick in the corner to the stomach of Kofi

-Hot tags to both Rey and ADR and Rey hits an awesome spinning DDT for a 1…2…and a half!

-Another 2 count by Rey after a stiff kick to the head of ADR

-Spinning back breaker by ADR for a 2 count

-Rey goes for the 619 but Swagger makes the blind tag and runs over Rey like a bulldozer

-Rey goes to hit the double 619 on ADR and Swagger but ADR ducks out


-Great high paced match!

Winners: Kofi Kingston & Rey Mysterio

McIntyre is in the back hitting on Kelly Kelly telling her he would never hurt her. Man this totally sticks out as a big fuck you to the former Tiffany aka Mrs. McIntyre.

Vicki is in the back stretching. Ziggler comes in and she gives him an ear full about defending her honor. Ziggler then is forced to help her stretch.

Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler & Vicki Guerrero vs. John Cena

-The bell rings and Vicki is trying to go after Cena, Ziggler has to hold her back. Ha!

-This starts off with a rest hold head lock?!

-Ziggler takes Cena with a series of punches which leads to Vicki making the tag.

-She steps on his head until he lifts her feet off her face, cool looking spot. Ziggler tags back in after that

-Cena finally fights back and hits his running bulldog

-Vicki sucks chant

-Cena tries for the AA but Ziggler counters with the DDT for a 2 count

-Ziggler knocks Cena off the apron and he hits hard. Ziggler then bounces Cena’s head off the announce table but Cena fights back bouncing Ziggler’s on the steel steps

-Standing dropkick by Ziggler

-Cena goes for his shoulder block but Ziggler side steps that, Cena ends up on the outside. Vicki goes down and kicks Cena behind the refs back

-Lets go Cena/Cena sucks chants

-Ziggler gets Cena down and Vicki makes another blind tag. She give him the “you cant see me” hand gesture and goes for a splash but Cena moves. She tags out.

-Cena with his SOS moves which leads to the knuckle drop.

-AA by Cena…NO! Ziggler is out and lands the Fameasser leg drop for a 2 count

-Cena locks in the STF but Vicki is in and yells at Cena. Cena kisses her, hits the AA on Ziggler and gets the three count

Winner: John Cena

Vicki goes to smack Cena but he gets her up in the AA, CM PUNK MAKES THE SAVE and takes out Cena with a steel chair!!! Punk the casually walks to the back. They play Cena’s music while he sells the chair shots and we are OUT!

I thought this was a great fast moving show. Miz vs. Orton was good shit, the tag team match was great and even the main event was good. Ziggler is growing on me. Did I just say that!?

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