WWE Champion The Miz comes down to the ring all suited up han solo. He’s in a good mood about still being champion. Riley comes out as the “ghost of Christmas past” wearing what looks like The Repo Man’s coat and sounding like a ghost. Haha He shows footage of when the Miz beat Lawler a couple weeks back. Miz said he’s proud about beating a Hall of Famer and doesn’t regret it. Michael Cole comes out as the “ghost of Christmas present”. Punk calls this the greatest start to RAW!

Haha Miz doesn’t regret what he did to Orton. They then put Miz Girl on the screen but have someone mouthing what she says and she’s the “ghost of Christmas future” and brings up having to wrestle Morrison, the #1 contender. Miz does his “I’m awesom-mah” line which brings out smiley face John Morrison. Morrison says this was stupid even for Miz. Brings up what he did at the ppv and how he’s beat Miz in the past, present and will do so in the future. Miz goes on how he’s better than Miz and Riley sticks his nose in his business which gets him punched! Sheamus comes out and lays out Miz and Lawler takes a shot at Riley! We then get an email… 6 man tag team match tonight.. Riley, Miz and Sheamus vs. Lawler, Morrison and Randy Orton. Orton then comes out of nowhere and clotheslines Miz off his feet on the stage. Good opening segment.

They show stills of Cena from last night with the caption “Cena is back”… bitch he never went ANYWHERE!!!

Natalya is a commentary for the next match…

#1 Contenders Triple Threat match for the Diva’s Title

Melina vs. Alicia Fox vs. Eve

Punk is trying to bang Natalya. Cole is trying to start shit saying Natalya didn’t check on Phoenix when she took that nasty spill last night. Eve’s improving, Fox still sucks and Melina… well she won. She was going for a superplex on Eve when Fox came up and put Melina on her shoulders, Melina rolls through to get the pin while Eve misses the splash off the top. Natalya comes into the ring to congratulate Melina but gets bitch slapped for it instead.

Winner: Melina

The Bella’s are taking about Daniel Bryan and how they are fighting for him. He comes in and they take an arm each and head to the ring. Just focus on the fact the kid is dope god dammit.

Cole announces that Nexus will probably not going to be here tonight making it sound because they got bitched out by Cena last night… great.

United States Champion Daniel Bryan w/The Bella’s vs. William Regal

FUCK YEAH! PLEASE GIVE THIS MATCH TIME!!! Match starts off with a chain wrestling exchange which is nice to see in 2010! Oh man this is good so far! Cole is talking about Cena and Punk stops him and tells him to focus on both these dope dudes in the ring! well done Punk! Bryan gets the advantage landing stiff kicks to Regal. Regal then gets on a rear chin lock and although Bryan floats over Regal keeps it on, nice! Stiff forearm by Regal for a 2 count. Full Nelson by Regal that gets the crowd behind Bryan he breaks out and we have a European Upper Cut fest between these two! Regal tries for the STF but Bryan fights it off, he reverses and locks in the La Bell lock for the tap out victory. Nice match, short but nice. If all WWE matches could be like this.. sigh. After the match Regal claps for Bryan while he leaves. The Bella’s then exchange kissing Bryan and he’s in boner-city.

Winner: Daniel Bryan

Morrison in the back when Orton walks in. He doesn’t look happy about Morrison being #1 contender and how he will come after Morrison if he wins the title. Orton says not to trust me, well this Orton is like the old one.

Santino is getting Tamina to walk on his back Maryse comes in and both end up arguing while standing on Santino’s back…

Mark Henry is trying to spit at Gail Kim. They talk about how its nice without Nexus on the show. Vicki and Ziggler show up to ruin their happy moment.

WWE Tag Team Champion Santino & Tamina vs. Maryse & Ted DiBiase

Santino is still selling his back. They try to pretty up Tamina with pig tails. Ted and Santino start the match and Santino threatens the Cobra but that doesn’t phase Ted who pounds on Santino. Santino misses the punch and gets a dropkick to the face for his troubles. Santino chant from the crowd. He fights back and sets up the Cobra but Maryse is tagged in and smacks Santino. Tamina supericks the shit out of Maryse and hits the Superfly splash off the top rope for the pin. Tamina carries Santino out…

Winners: Tamina & Santino

Cena in the back kissing up to people as usual.

Ol’ jean shorts comes to the ring with his shit grin. He goes to ringside and hugs the “we hate Cena” guy. He goes on about Nexus not being on the show and does a white guy dance and kisses Texas’ ass by trying to sing. Asshole then plays the footage of Barrett getting buried under the chairs from all different camera angles. Punk is hating this shit like the rest of us. He said now he can focus on winning the Rumble and going to WrestleMania. Vicki comes out yelling her signature like with Ziggler. The crowd is booing Vicki out of the building, she keeps trying to talk and the crowd is drowning her out. Vicki is THE heel on this fucking show! This is awesome, go Vicki! Wow they are SO not letting her talk! This crowd is HOT! Cena tries to calm them down but the crowd just keeps shitting on her. She’s trying to make her point but you cant hear her. Cena finally fills in the blanks. She goes to play the footage of Ziggler’s match but instead the Slammy’s footage with Lawler is shown instead. Vicki wants an apology from Lawler or Ziggler is going to beat him up. Lawler gets up and says her bathtub has stretch marks. All of a sudden this turns into a bagging contest between Lawler and Cena talking shit on Vicki. Ziggler gets butt hurt and tries to defend her. Vicki finally slaps Cena in the face and that makes him serious… then we get an email… Ziggler vs. Cena tonight.

Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler w/Vick vs. John Cena

They actually wait until the break was over instead of starting the match during the break. Ziggler starts strong my stomping the shit out of Cena. Cena recovers quick with his same ol’ shit, this time it’s the bulldog. Crappy fisherman’s suplex by Cena for a 2 count. Crowd is heavily into this one yet I am over it. Cena goes for the AA but Ziggler fights off and lands the X-factor and we’re off to a commercial break. We come back to Cena hitting a crappy side slam. Is it just me or is match getting more fucking time than Bryan vs. Regal… bullshit. Cena goes for the AA but Ziggler goes for the sleeper, Cena fights off and locks in the STF. Vicki is up on the ropes and the ref misses Ziggler tapping! Ziggler hits the Fame-asser!!! 1…2…KICKOUT. FUCK! L I’m Miz Girl’ing that shit right there. Ziggler tries to hit Cena with the title but he ducks, gets the AA and pins Dolph. Well at least the crowd enjoyed it.

Winner: Cena

WAIT!!!! CM PUNK JUST ATTACKED CENA WITH A CHAIR!!!!! Punk then bounces and Cena looks like he’s about to turn green and rip through his jorts.

After the break Josh stops Punk before he leaves to ask him why. He said he gave Cena a taste of his own medicine after what he did to Barrett last night.

Lawler is in the back getting ready when Sheamus comes in and says he’s the only king.

Vicki is yelling at Ziggler for not getting her an apology from Cena. Ziggler wants a rematch tomorrow on Smackdown and Vicki makes it a handicap match Cena vs. Ziggler and Vicki…!?

WWE Champion The Miz, Alex Riley & Sheamus vs. Randy Orton, John Morrison & Jerry Lawler

Before the match they show Miz on Jimmy Fallon with The Roots doing his theme music! Good shit man this kid is the perfect poster boy for the WWE right now. Josh is now on commentary since Punk bitched out Cena and Lawler is in the match. Lots of quick tags so far with Lawler getting the best of Riley and even hitting him with a standing dropkick. Miz is tagged in and when Lawler tags in Orton, Miz bounces out of the ring. We’re at commercial again… we’re back and Sheamus is covering Lawler for a 2 count. Crowd with a “lets go Jerry” chant. Lawler side steps Sheamus who then hits the corner post, Lawler makes the hot tag to Morrison who brawls with Sheamus before hitting the second rope kick. He goes for Starship Pain but Sheamus takes out his injured leg. Sheamus then tags in Miz and he continues to work on the leg. Riley is now in to continue to work on the leg of Morrison. The heels keep Morrison in their corner making frequent tags punishing him. Morrison makes the super hot tag to Orton who comes in like a house of fire hitting his move set on Miz which included the middle rope DDT. Orton readies the RKO for Miz but Riley catches it! Lawler makes the blind tag and Miz was going to hit him with the SCF but Orton hits Miz with the RKO for the Lawler cover and the win!

Winners: Orton, Lawler and Morrison

We get an email after the match?!… the GM adds to Smackdown tomorrow night, Orton vs. Miz. After this announcement Miz tries to jump Orton but Orton is too quick for him. Miz then runs up the ramp way for the stare down to end the show.

Good fast moving show tonight with a HOT crowd in Texas! Let’s hope they are this HOT tomorrow night for Smackdown!

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