It is the date of my birth and there is nothing more than I would want to do but to be here reporting on this… is that sad? 😉

Video package starts of f the show with a rock version of a Christmas song that I cant name. It was cool.

Three man team tonight with Cole, Striker and Lawler and we are starting with the IC title match.

Triple Threat Ladder Match for the Intercontinental Championship

Kofi Kingston vs. Jack Swagger vs. Dolph Ziggler

Match starts off quick with Ziggler the first to try and get the IC title down, unsuccessfully. Ziggler puts a ladder in the corner only to have Kofi end up doing a leg drop onto it and Swagger uses it on Ziggler with the catapult in the corner. Ziggler then comes back and hits Swagger with the ladder, while the ladder is on Swagger he hits the Fame-asser on Kofi onto the ladder. Vicki is now on the ladder trying to get the title and Kofi almost send her to the outside when Swagger hits Kofi with the smaller ladder, he then uses the ladder to get rid of Ziggler. Swagger puts the ankle lock on Kofi while he is on the ladder, Ziggler climbs over both and has the title but he cant unhook it! Kofi fights off Swagger and its Kofi and Ziggler fighting on top of the ladder. Ziggler gets the sleeper on the top of the ladder! Kofi fights off and tries to get the title but Ziggler is back in it to stop him, Ziggler falls off the ladder and Kofi looks to win but Swagger is back and quick up the ladder and the IC title falls while Kofi and Swagger fight at the top of the ladder and Ziggler grabs the title from the mat to retain. Lame.

Winner: Dolph Ziggler

Nexus in the back, Barrett is sending out Gabriel and Slater to win the tag titles back tonight. He says they are ending Cena tonight.

Diva’s Tag Team Tables Match

LayCool vs. Diva’s Champion Natalya & Beth Phoenix

I’m surprised this match is on so early as this would usually be before the main event. Shortly after the match starts Natalya and Phoenix bring the LayCool painted table into the ring and Phoenix teases putting both of them through the table with a fireman’s carry. LayCool recover and throw Phoenix out of the ring HARD, it looks like she lands on the back of her neck, fuck! LayCool then focuses on Natalya trying to do the Styles Clash off the top rope through a table until Phoenix recovers and tries to press slam McCool through the table. She fights back to save her ass. Layla trying to suplex Phoenix into the table but Phoenix keeps her center of gravity, Natalya helps her get Layla up in a press slam position but McCool makes the same. Natalya goes for the DOUBLE Sharpshooter on Laycool!!!! They both tap out but it doesn’t matter they both have to go through the table. Beth takes the table and sets it up in the middle of the ring. Laycool fights back and sends Phoenix to the outside. LayCool double team Natalya and try to put her through the table. They set her up on the top rope while they center the table. LayCool go to the top and try for the double superplex but Beth makes the save. Layla runs her off to the corner post and try again for the double suplex. Natalya sends them to the table but it doesn’t break. She then dives off with the splash and LayCool has gone through the table for the win.

Winner: Natalya and Beth Phoenix

Kane cuts a promo in the back in front of the Xmas tree saying how alone he is this year but how he’s getting a tables, ladders and chairs match for Xmas and how he’s going to enjoy his gift. He then he then wishes his opponents a Merry Christmas while taking out his frustrations on the Xmas tree. Good shit.

WWE Tag Team Champions Santino & Vladimir Kozlov vs. Nexus w/Harris & Hennig

Before the match Santino cuts a promo to which he thanks the thesaurus for giving him big words tonight. Off the bat the match starts with Gabriel and Santino doing a little chain wrestling. Both teams making frequent tags until Nexus corners Kozlov in their corner. Slater gets a “Wendy’s” chant. Kozlov finally fights off Slater for the hot tag, he goes into his split then stunner on Gabiel. Hennig runs in for the DQ for the tag champions. Nexus then jumps the Champions. Barrett comes down to the ring with a chair and takes out the champs as Nexus hold them for their chair shots. At least Nexus looks threatening here as they gang up on Kozlov & Santino. Wade then leads his team to the back.

Winners: Santino & Kozlov via DQ

#1 Contenders Ladder Match

Sheamus vs. John Morrison

Funny sign in the crowd saying it’s a high school photo of Sheamus, it’s a blank white page. The crown on Sheamus’ head looks different again, looks like they are still trying to find the right one. Did Lawler just clown the Slammy’s? Match starts off quick (the theme of the night) and already these two are fighting on the outside, trying to hit each other with the ladder. Sheamus looks like he is bringing the first ladder in the ring but Morrison comes off the barricade, takes the ladder and makes the first attempt to the contract! Sheamus comes in and stops this and both fight for the ladder. Morrison the jumps OVER the ladder with a spinning splash off the top!!! Morrison tries to climb up again but Sheamus pounds the shit out of him and Morrison is hanging upside down on the ladder with her leg caught. Sheamus then takes the ladder and turns it over ONTO Morrison, advantage Sheamus working on the injured leg of Morrison. Sheamus then had Morrison’s injured leg in the ladder and bends Morrison’s leg while its IN the ladder. Nice! Sheamus has his focus on Morrison’s let and has his leg caught in the ladder while he attempts to climb the ladder to the contract. Morrison recovers and throws a ladder at Sheamus knocking him down. Both brawl until Sheamus takes out Morrison again with a leg whip over the shoulder! Morrison continually fights back while favoring the leg, he then hits a stiff kick to the face of Sheamus. It doesn’t matter as Sheamus hits the back breaker to the knee. Both end up with ladders and bump ladders with Morrison getting the best of this exchange. John then props a ladder in the corner horizontally which Sheamus takes to the head and then gets an atomic drop onto a propped up ladder in the ring, Sheamus rolls to the outside and John THROWS a ladder on top of him. Morrison sets up a ladder in the middle of the ring and tries to climb up it selling the leg injury. He’s got the contract with his finger tips but Sheamus bro-kicks the ladder and Morrison rolls to the outside. Sheamus then climbs up but the contract is swaying. Morrison fights back and tries to climb up, he has the contract but Sheamus stops him again. This has been pretty decent so far with both fighting back and forth. Morrison takes a bump to the outside onto the injured leg, he still fights back as Sheamus tries to set up the ladder. Morrison and Sheamus fight on the ladder while its set up close to the ropes and there is another ladder set up horizontally from the ring apron and announce table and Sheamus goes through the horizontal ladder!!!! Morrison is back up and climbing the ladder towards the contract! Sheamus starts to crawl back into the ring and he tries to turn over the ladder again but Morrison puts his foot on the top rope to stop him then kicks the shit out of the face of Sheamus. MORRISON PULLS OFF THE CONTRACT! Solid victory for Morrison!!! Well this gives up who’s winning the WWE Title match tonight. 😉

Winner: John Morrison

Josh in the back with WWE Champion The Miz. Josh brings up how Morrison is now the #1 contender and who will be the WWE Champion after tonight. Miz doesn’t like that shit as he thinks its obvious it will be the Miz. He will kill the legend that is Orton, how he is the new face of the WWE. good stuff.

Wade doing the walk with Harris when Grisham tries to stop them. They go into their locker room and ALL of Nexus has been taken out. Yeah all of them. Sigh. Harris is sent to close the doors of the locker room.

Tables Match for the WWE Title

WWE Champion The Miz w/Alex Riley vs. Randy Orton

Orton is in control off the bat. Miz fights back and sets up to hit Orton with the steel steps and lands them. Miz then sets up a table at ringside, puts Orton on top of it, goes to the top but Orton rolls off the table. Both end up brawling on the outside again til Miz sends Orton face first to the other ring steps. Miz slides another table into the ring for future use. Orton hits the Angle Slam! Orton goes for the superplex onto the table but Riley MOVES the table out of the way. Table is set in the middle of the ring and Orton is setting up for the RKO but Riley in again! Accidental ref bump and an RKO to Riley! Powerbomb to Riley threw the table! Miz is back in and hits the SCF onto Orton. Miz them moves Riley off the table and puts Orton over the table. Miz grabs the knocked out ref and he notices Orton and calls for the bell, the Miz retains!

Winner: The Miz

The ref notices what happened on the Titantron and RESTARTS the match! Orton is beating up on Miz on the outside. Orton tries to come into the ring after rolling Miz into it but Miz pushes Riley which causes Orton to go through the table at ringside for the win…again.

Winner: The Miz

In the back Rosa is admiring Alberto’s car. They have an exchange in Spanish before she bounces and he’s looking at her. Edge is in the back seat of the convertible. Alberto says if Edge is there to abduct his ring announcer, he doesn’t care. Edge is trying to tell ADR that they need to focus on Kane. Alberto doesn’t need his advice and clowns Christian for being injured still. ADR says just like Edge’s song says, “you don’t know me”. Edge warns him saying he will leave tonight as a 10 time champion.

Are you fucking kidding me with putting the World Title match on now?!!?!

Fatal Four Way Ladder Match for the World Championship

Kane vs. Rey Mysterio vs. Edge vs. Alberto Del Rio

Rey comes out looking like Gene Simmons of KISS, I’m not kidding. Rey looks like one of the dudes in Mini-KISS. Haha ADR and Rey start the match brawling in the ring with Rey landing a baseball slide in the corner on ADR while Kane and Edge fight on the outside. Rey is the first to set up the ladder and he is up quick trying to get a hold of the title but ADR pushes Rey off the ladder and he splashes Edge and Kane on the outside!!! Rey is back in, he stops ADR from climbing the ladder and lands a drop toe hold to ADR onto the ladder in the corner. Rey then hits a seated senton onto ADR with the ladder! Kane finally comes in and takes out Rey. Edge comes in and he’s got the ladder in hand but Kane kicks the ladder taking out Edge. He then throws the ladder onto Rey and ADR on the outside. He goes back to focus on Edge but gets hit with an Impaler DDT. Kane has the advantage now focusing on Kane on the outside, he sets up a table at ringside. Kane hits a stiff uppercut and sends Edge to the announce table head first. Kane boots ADR in the head right after and pounds on Rey as well. Advantage Kane, he goes to choke slammed ADR and Rey but Edge stops it and all three gang up on Kane to take him out. After Kane is out Edge and Rey take out ADR! Kane is back up but Edge takes him out with the ring post. Rey and Edge double team Kane and set up a table. They place Kane on the table while they continue to pound on him. Edge rolls into the ring and sets up the ladder closer to the ring ropes Edge then comes off the ladder with a splash onto Kane!!!!!! Another table fucked up! Rey then rolls into the ring and tries to climb the ladder but ADR stops him and hits the kick to the back of Rey’s head in the corner. ADR goes to hit Rey with a chair but get gets caught in the ropes, 619! NOO ADR moves, Edge is back in SPEAR TO REY! SPEAR TO ADR! Edge climbs but Kane is back in and throws the ladder over and Edge catches the top rope with his nuts! OUCH! Rey and ADR try to take out Kane but he pound on both of them. All four start to fight up the ramp way and Kane takes a chair to Rey and ADR. He then goes for Edge on the top of the ramp but all three fight Kane off. Rey climbs a table that is set up as a prop and lands a shitty seated senton on Kane. Rey runs back into the ring but ADR and Edge are not far behind. 619 on ADR! 610 on Edge…NO edge holds up a chair!!! Dope! Edge sets up the ladder and he is starting to climb, here is Alberto climbing the other side. Rey pulls up a little ladder and starts to climb too. ADR is down and Rey and Edge fight at the top of the bigger ladder now. Edge lands a faceplant on Rey and both are off the ladder. Ricardo Rodriguez is out and he’s trying to get ADR up. Rodriguez then climbs the ladder towards the title but Kane is back… Kane pulls him off and chokeslams him and then chokeslams ADR and one more for Edge but Edge takes his off the ring apron through a table. Rey then fights off Kane and he is all alone in the ring he sets up the ladder and slowly starts to climb! He’s finger tips to the belt when ADR pulls him off the ladder. ADR goes for the armbar! ADR breaks it and looks up at the title but then puts the hold back onto Rey. ADR smirks then starts his climb up to the title! He’s finger tips away, he’s got it but Rey pushes the ladder over and ALBERTO DEL RIO GOES THROUGH THE TABLE AT RINGSIDE! HOLY SHIT!!!  Rey puts the ladder back up and slowly climbs up favoring the arm, Kane comes back in and tries to Rey, Rey gets hit with a tombstone piledriver!!! Kane laughs while he bleeds from the top of his head. Kane then starts to climb up the ladder to the title but Edge makes the save by hitting Kane from behind with the steel chair! Edge hits the spear to Kane on the apron and HE goes through a table. Edge then starts his climb to the top of the ladder, he’s close! HE’S UNHOOKED THE TITLE! Edge wins! Enjoyable match even though I thought they were going to really shake things up here.

Winner: Edge

Military types are at ringside and they push Tribute to the Troops on Wednesday.

Dashing Cody Rhodes all decked out in a black suit. He says Christmas has come early to Houston and how he is going to stuff out stockings with his Dashing tips. He then says Houstoners are carriers of IJS, irritable jowl syndrome. Neck fat. He tries to tell the crowd not to stuff their faces this holiday season when they are on the list of fattest places in America. The Bella’s come out dressed as elves throwing out gifts and we have Big “Santa” Show… sigh. Santa Show comes into the ring and stops Cody from giving out tips. Cody clowns Show for being in his tighty-whitey’s in Knucklehead. Show tells him to run around in his underwear, its liberating… what the fuck!? Cody says he looks more like a movie star that Show does. He calls Show a “vanilla Shrek”. Show snaps and gives Cody a spinebuster. Show rips the suit off of Cody, leaving him in his unders and a tie. Glad this shit is over but I guess they just built to a new feud, that’s good right??

Wade walking in the back with Harris when Harris goes to walk through a door and Cena hits him with a chair to the head… well I think the door got most of the shot but still…

All the chairs are set up at ringside for the next match when all of a sudden CM Punk comes out in his sports coat, tonight’s t-shirt is his own. Dope shirt none the less.


Chairs match

Wade Barrett vs. John Cena

They start off wrestling which is strange considering how this all came to be. We get a “lets go Cena/Cena sucks” chant. They finally end up brawling on the outside. Wade ends up with a chair first and Cena tries to avoid being hit. Cena ends up with his own chair and they circle in the middle of the ring. They both swing and drop the chairs but then Cena gets his bulldog on Wade onto the chair. Wade quickly recovers after using the ref as a shield, he then hits jorts with a pump handle slam and a series of punches. Both fight up the ramp and Cena puts Wade on rolling chair and rolls his ass down the ramp onto the propped up steel steps, great spot. Wade fights back and puts Cena’s head through part of a chair and ramps him into the steel post. At this point Great Puma and I get into a conversation on Title Shift photography which was more interesting to me. I finally come back to this shit and Cena is trying to his an AA but Wade turns it into a side slam. Cena goes for the STF but Wade sends him into a propped up chair in the corner, he goes for a cover but only gets a 2 count. Wade goes for a chair drop from the second rope but jorts moves. Cena lands a top rope leg drop with a chair. Cena then lines up 6 chairs and AA’s onto them for the 3 count, jorts wins anticlimactically.

Winner: Cena

The music stops as Wade is crawling out of the arena. Cena follows him and hits him from behind with a chair. Punk is pissed off at this. Wade is on the side of the stage crawling when Cena hits him again. Cena puts staging over Wade and is directing something… he pulls one of the chairs that are hanging over Barrett and 10 chairs plus come raining down onto Barrett.

Good ppv until the John Cena show started.

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