TLC Preview: The Undercard!


Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler vs. Kofi Kingston vs. Jack Swagger (Triple Threat Ladder Match)

Mascara De Fuego
Winner: Jack Swagger
Its time to make the Intercontinental Title feel special again, feel like the stepping stone to the World Title and I think Swagger could be the right guy to do this. Ziggler’s run has been average at best with a few shining moments which can only be praised because of the talent he was facing, guys like Daniel Bryan who made those series of matches. Its time to move on. As much as I enjoy Kofi giving him the title isn’t going to do anything for him until the company gets behind him again which I just feel they wont. Yeah Swagger should be in the World Title picture but I think he can do a lot here by having great matches with those mid card guys which would help bring this title back up. Right now the Tag titles and the secondary titles just feel like props and I hate that shit.

Great Puma
Winner: Kofi Kingston
Anybody but Ziggler. He’s had his run with Vicky Guerrero and I don’t think he capitalized on the opportunity. His promos have remained stale and his in-ring ability has not improved like his opponents.

Swagger would be a fine choice but I feel like his style is better suited for the major titles. His last few matches with Kofi on Smackdown have been pretty spectacular. He has a lot to offer here in this match and the possibility of the match ending with his ankle lock always adds interest.

Kofi Kingston is usually treated as the bridesmaid on most pay per views. However, the WWE has probably noticed that the fans still root for him regardless of his won-loss record. Kofi’s matches are always solid and I don’t think the WWE can deny his fanbase any longer. A Kofi Kingston IC Title reign would only provide some of the best title defenses in months to come.

John Morrison vs. Sheamus (Ladder Match)

Great Puma
Winner: John Morrison
This is a marks’ pick for me. Logic and history say that Sheamus will win this match. I say screw WWE booking logic and just go with the guy that deserves to win. Morrison has picked up a lot of steam since they’ve featured his parkour talents. He’s been getting more than decent pops and his career highlight reel will be entering Jeff Hardy territory if he keeps up the pace. Hopefully, Morrison will come out on top via finisher.

Mascara De Fuego
Winner: John Morrison
Before this was made a #1 contenders match I was going with Sheamus but with that much on the line, it just screams that something is up. Unfortunately that “something” is the return of Triple H. As I see it going down, Triple H shows up at the pay per view causing the distraction and leading to Morrison getting the victory. This then sets up Miz vs. Morrison and Triple H vs. Sheamus, both at the Royal Rumble. I do think it is too early for both sets of matches but seeing as how the WWE has been rushing things lately don’t be surprised if this is the case.

Miz vs. Morrison is something that if it was done right could have been built up to a big 4 ppv like SummerSlam especially with that event here in Los Angeles, Morrison’s home town. Sheamus vs. Triple H should be built up with no match happening until WrestleMania, no tag matches, no singles matches just teasers. Something like Triple H continually stalking Sheamus which Sheamus trying to avoid HHH and trying to ignore his threats. Shit like, he’s too busy being King to deal with a commoner like Triple H kind of angle. Anyhow, should be a decent match but mostly because of Morrison.

Divas Champion Natalya & Beth Phoenix vs. Team Lay-Cool (Divas Tag Team Tables Match)

Mascara De Fuego
Winners: LayCool
I feel the same way as Puma, LayCool are the only Diva’s getting any sort of focus in the WWE. Rightfully so, the Beautiful People of the WWE are the only ones in the women’s division that get that kind of reaction from the crowd lately. Everyone else right now is just being used at filler, Diva’s like Maryse, Melina and Eve aren’t being pushed properly so why would/should we care about them? We don’t. The only diva’s we’re told to care about are all in this match at the ppv. I do think all this will lead to Phoenix vs. Natalya at WrestleMania but I don’t think we’ll start seeing the rift until the Rumble.

Great Puma
Winner: Team Lay-Cool
Since the title isn’t on the line, giving LayCool the win doesn’t hurt the champion’s mojo. LayCool seems to be the center of the Diva’s Universe despite Natalya holding the title. I smell a heel turn for Beth Phoenix. I hope they don’t do it but I could totally see it happening. The only other female wrestler who can give Natalya a run for her money is Eve Torres and it doesn’t look like she’s in the hunt for the Diva’s title. Beth Phoenix vs. Natalya is probably the best Diva’s title match for Wrestlemania 27.

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